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Forced Exposure New Releases for 9/15/2014

New music is due from Anjou (Bobby and Mark from Labradford), Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers, Battle Trance, and Black Rain, while old music is due from Elia and Elizabeth Fleta, Brigitte Fontaine, Frozen Ducks, and Muslimgauze.


Merzbow, "Duo"

cover imageAt first I was not sure how this box set slipped by me when it was released last year, but then I remember this is Merzbow we are talking about.  He puts out more boxes in a year than most artists do single albums.  This is one, however, that should not have gone overlooked.  As indicated by the title, this is Masami Akita not alone, but with Kiyoshi Mizutani, and consists of ten discs of raw improvised sessions recorded between 1987 and 1989.  Deeply entrenched in the Akita’s junk noise phase, it a sprawling, yet captivating document of the best years of Merzbow.


Masami Akita/John Duncan, "The Black Album"

cover imageThe title of this (surprisingly first) recorded collaboration between Akita and Duncan certainly conjures images of similarly titled works that are regarded for their brilliance (Prince), or drastic shifts for the worst (Metallica).  Other than the fact that it is the first work between these two legendary artists, it does not carry the same monolithic weight sonically.  It is, however, still a powerful collaboration that reflects both artists’ strengths quite well.


Ensemble Economique, "Melt Into Nothing"

cover image

Although I absolutely loved 2011's Crossing the Pass, By Torchlight album, I had a hard time keeping up with the flood of divergent releases Brian Pyle has unleashed over the last year or so.  As far as I can tell, however, Melt Into Nothing continues along Fever Logic’s path towards darkwave and '80s goth, which is a very curious move.  As noted by Denovali, that arguably makes this Pyle’s most accessible album, but only because it has some vocals and occupies a niche that some people are interested in right now.  In a broader sense, however, I think Brian's weirder, more abstract material is much more attention-grabbing and rewarding than any of the mostly forgotten bands that he is paying homage to here.  That said, Pyle is not one to go for mere pastiche and he still managed to strikes gold with at least one piece.


Pinkcourtesyphone, "Description of Problem"

cover imageWhat began as a lighter side project to Richard Chartier’s more academic work under his own name has evolved into its own distinct entity.  Featuring some high profile vocal collaborations, including William Basinski, Cosey Fanni Tutti, and Kid Congo Powers, Description of Problem has Chartier expanding his kitchy project even further, into a dark, sexy album that adds another glittering jewel into his discography.


Moon Zero, "Loss"

cover image

Although released concurrently with Tombs by Denovali, Loss is actually London engineer/musician Tim Garratt's second effort as Moon Zero.  While it shares Tombs’ unique approach of being composed and recorded entirely in an empty church, Loss is the fruit of Garratt's attempt to transform his aesthetic into something that he could perform live, resulting in a much more muscular, rhythmic approach without sacrificing much of the ghostly ambience that made his earlier compositions so compelling.  At its best, Loss resembles something like a rawer and more spontaneous Tim Hecker with a few very cool tricks up his sleeve.


Ziguri, “Kölsch-Schickert-Erdenreich”

Ziguri’s debut album, produced by Schneider TM, blends smooth and powerful motorik monotony, babbling vocals, and also dares to set Thomas Pynchon lyrics to music.


Everall By Everall Everall's name will be familiar to many long-time readers of Brainwashed. He was first known to many of us as a contributing writer to The Wire (see Obscure Mechanics interview with Coil), he operated the Sentrax record label since 1992 (featuring releases by Lull, Final, God, and others), and has been making music mainly as Tactile. John was diagnosed recently with terminal stomach cancer. A compilation has been arranged to help with expenses. Everall By Everall features Stephen Thrower, Drew McDowall, Christoph Heemann, Andrew Liles, Irr.App.(Ext.), Hoor-Paar-Kraat, and many more. All funds received will go to paying for John's funeral expenses when he passes on. Donations are accepted and the compilation can be found at


Richard H. Kirk, "The Many Dimensions of Richard H. Kirk"

cover imageWith the reissue of the Cabs' mid-period work last year and Richard H. Kirk's revival of the name for some upcoming performances, this boxed set arrives at just the right time to help brush up on his voluminous solo projects.  Compiling three albums released digitally in the past few years, it does an exceptional job at capturing at least part of his multiple personalities, and if nothing else demonstrates just how relevant he continues to be.


Nurse With Wound/Graham Bowers, "ExcitoToxicity"

cover imageExcitotoxicity is an unwanted process where neurons become over-activated from a surplus of the neurotransmitter glutamate, resulting in cell death and, ultimately, tissue damage and degeneration. Essentially, neurons receive too much stimulation causing the usually well-balanced internal physiology of each cell to become off-kilter and produce excessive levels of harmful molecules that break the neuron down from the inside-out. It is believed to be an underlying part of a number of serious neurological diseases including motor neuron disease, a disease that Graham Bowers has become a victim of. This album is partly a musical diary, an artistic interpretation of neurophysiological processes and a very human response to an unfathomable loss of control.


The Eye: Video of the Day


YouTube Video

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Review of the Day

Kiss or Kill
Bonny and Clyde or maybe Love and a .45 brought to US viewers with an Australian twist. The film tells the story of two Australian 20-somethings who involve themselves in a world of crime by enticing with sex, drugging, and then robbing, married businessmen who run into trouble when one of their victims dies and all that is left is a videotape of an Australian football star having sex with adolescent boys. The film is done in a somewhat cut-up style with many different camera angles and cuts of the same scene and is definitely not done with mainstream audiences in mind. If you ever are wandering through Blockbuster without a clue on what to get, pick this up. -
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