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Interviews and Features

This features both interviews and in-depth features on musicians and musical topics.

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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Celebrating Their Corpse-Strewn Future: Welcome to Night Vale Anthony D'Amico 111796
2 Michael Pisaro: A Conspiracy Against the Ordinary Lucas Schleicher 33532
3 Chris & Cosey: Different Hurdles To Tackle John Kealy 22937
4 Michael Begg: The evolution of a voice. John Kealy 14555
5 Haley Fohr: A life's worth of living in 20 years Justin Spicer 15798
6 Stephen Thrower, Little Annie, and Danny Hyde on Love's Secret Domain Jon Whitney 19178
7 Nigel Ayers: Viral Emissions Justin Patrick 16413
8 Ben Chasny: Dawn, Running Home Stephen Bush 13378
9 I Would Be Nothing Be Without Bob Braun Justin Patrick 11507
10 Robert Haigh: Discipline and Space Lucas Schleicher 38881
11 Mugstar: Total Assault on the Senses John Kealy 10609
12 Brian McBride: Beyond the Buzz Jon Whitney and Anthony D'Amico 13364
13 Natural Snow Buildings: Between the Real and the Shadow Anthony D'Amico 15884
14 Cyclobe: Happy Hauntings Daniel McKernan 14670
15 Little Annie & Baby Dee: Strange Angels Jon Whitney 12255
16 The Legendary Pink Dots: 30, Seconds, and Counting Jon Whitney 11265
17 Christoph Heemann: Fußgänger im Bewegung Jon Whitney 12371
18 Music from Sirius: The Dreams of Karlheinz Stockhausen Justin Patrick 57984
19 JG Thirlwell: Hide and Seek Anna Station 38419
20 A Brief Exchange with Benoît Pioulard Lucas Schleicher 15363
21 To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie: Destroy Yourself Lucas Schleicher 18198
22 Alex Neilson: Pronouncements on Inspiration Scott Mckeating 17518
23 Drew Daniel: In Praise of Vagueness Jonathan Dean 18591
24 Andrew Liles: Reporting the Hideous Lucas Schleicher 24858
25 Peter Christopherson: The Million Dollar Altar Grant Regnaert and Paul Ferguson 97065
26 Michael Wells David Bellard 13331


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