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Buzz Bin

This is a somewhat freeform area for record labels, bands, and publicists post press releases about their releases or news items.These are not reviews and they are not criticisms published by Brainwashed but a place for readers to get more information directly from the sources.

Please note:

  • is not responsible for the opinions expressed in this section.
  • The copyrights for these documents are not owned by Brainwashed Inc.
  • These items are dated and may refer to material no longer available.


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# Article Title Author Hits
51 Reynols, "Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018" Pica Disk 387
52 Maryanne Amacher, "Petra" Blank Forms 290
53 Michael Morley, "Heavens Idleness Awaits" Thin Wrist 420
54 øjeRum, "Nattesne" Eilean 346
55 Motion Sickness of Time Travel, "Subterranean" Motion Sickness of Time Travel/Adversary 346
56 Sarah Davachi, "Pale Bloom" W. 25th 442
57 Yannick Franck Presents Mt. Gemini, "Just Like A River" (Orphan Swords) Sub Rosa 358
58 Cruel Diagonals, "Pulse of Indignation" Drawing Room 372
59 Muslimgauze, "Azzazin" reissue Staalplaat 392
60 Gramm, "Personal Rock" reissue (Jan Jelinek) Faitiche 425
61 Black Zone Magick Chant, "Voyage Sacrifice" Shelter Press 387
62 Deaf Center, "Low Distance" Sonic Pieces/Miasmah 388
63 Stephen Vitiello and Taylor Deupree, "The Fridman Variations" 12K 421
64 Nodding God, "Wooden Child" House of Mythology 446
65 Keith Fullerton Whitman, "Late Playthroughs" Keith Fullerton Whitman 396
66 Alberich, "Quantized Angel" Hospital Productions 307
67 William Ryan Fritch, "Deceptive Cadence: Music for Film Vol. I & II" Lost Tribe Sound 499
68 Marisa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky, "Droneflower" Sacred Bones 410
69 Maja S. K. Ratkje, "Sult" Rune Grammofon 394
70 Tavishi, "Voices in My Head" Chinabot 387
71 Caterina Barbieri, "Ecstatic Computation" Editions Mego 496
72 Benoit Pioulard/Sean Curtis Patrick, "Avocationals" Beacon Sound 534
73 Carla dal Forno, "So Much Better" Kallista 486
74 Celer, "Xièxie" Celer 522
75 Michael Gira, "What is This?" Handmade CD/New Swans Album Fundraiser Young God/Michael Gira 668
76 Tim Hecker, "Anoyo" Kranky 611
77 My Disco, "Environment" and "Environment Remixes" Downwards/Nice 779
78 Julia Reidy, "Brace, Brace" Slip 463
79 Kyle Bobby Dunn, "From Here to Eternity" Past Inside the Present 710
80 Nivhek, "After its own death/Walking in a spiral..." (Grouper) Yellow Electric 769
81 Chasms, "The Mirage" Felte 633
82 Akira Rabelais, "CXVI" Boomkat Editions 652
83 Nihiloxica, "Biiri" Nyege Nyege Tapes 640
84 Andrew Liles, "The Geometry of Social Deprivation" Andrew Liles 579
85 Tim Linghaus, "About B. (Memory Sketches B-Sides Recordings)" Sound In Silence 588
86 The Gentleman Losers, "Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter" Sound In Silence 566
87 Umber, "This Earth To Another" Sound In Silence 527
88 Amp, "Entangled Time" Sound In Silence 610
89 Letha Rodman Melchior, "Mare Australe" Feeding Tube 550
90 Jos Smolders, "Spaces" Moving Furniture 349
91 FEAN (Machinefabriek/Sylvain Chauveau) Moving Furniture 376
92 MAAT, "The Next" Pacific City Sound Visions 353
93 Lionel Marchetti/Cat Hope/Decibel, "The Last Days of Reality" Room40 424
94 Geneva Skeen, "A Parallel Array of Horses" Room40 415
95 Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant / Karkhana with Nadah El Shazly, "Carte Blanche" Unrock 505
96 Thighpaulsandra, "Practical Electronics" Editions Mego 591
97 Richard Youngs, "Dissident" Glass Modern 478
98 Dome, "Dome 1" reissue Editions Mego 470
99 Martina Lussi, "Diffusion is a Force" Latency 438
100 Jay Glass Dubs, "Epitaph" Bokeh Versions 416
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