"Invocation of Almost: The Art of David Tibet" in Fullerton, CA

Friday, 25 January 2019 21:00 CSUF Begovich Gallery News & Events - Shows

Invocations Of Almost & Stapleton-Tibet Reissues & Archaeological Discovery!

Invocation of Almost is a new exhibit opening at the CSUF Begovich Gallery in Fullerton, CA this March 9, running until May 25, 2019. Showcasing a large selection of "past, present, and future paintings and drawings" by David Tibet, the British poet, artist, and founder of the group Current 93. There will be many new sculptures and installation pieces - all previously unseen works. Some of these unique artworks include, or have been inspired by, Coptic and Akkadian texts, languages that Tibet has studied for many years. In David's own words, these works "Channel Cartoon Imaginings of Apocalypses, Hallucinatory Scribble Myths, and Sidereal Dream PickNicks."

Also on display will be original hand-written lyrics by Tibet, as well as ephemera from Tibet's aforementioned ParaMusical group, Current 93. A 59-minute InstallationHallucination LongSong, "Invocations Of Always", has been created by Current 93 especially for The CSUF Begovich Gallery.  In addition, this exhibition will flicker AlephFilms by the video artist Davide Pepe, David Tibet's long-term collaborator and the FilmSaint for C93.

An extensive full-colour exhibition hardbound book will be produced in conjunction with this exhibition, with texts and essays on David Tibet and his work written by: Anohni, Nick Blinko, Henry Boxer, Jacqueline Bunge, Nick Cave, Shirley Collins, Michel Faber, Gef!, Norbert Kox, Thomas Ligotti, Hugo Lundhaug, Seth Sanders, Ola Wikander, Daniel Wojcik, and Martin Worthington.

Watch the trailer by Davide Pepe here.

More information can be found here and here.

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