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Episode 500: January 10, 2021

Ice formations by Katy Episode 500 is now live

Sorry but there's nothing fancy about this landmark episode. We just bring you some new music from The Body, Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt, Knxwledge., Dean McPhee, and A Winged Victory for the Sullen, as well as some older music from Prefuse 73, Dan Boadi and the African Internationals, Lenny White, Edward Ka-Spel, and Mika Vainio.

Ice formations in Goshen, Massachusetts photo by Katy.

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Forced Exposure New Releases for the Week of 1/11/21

New music is due from Marcia Bassett and Thomas Dimuzio, Cristian Vogel, and Russell Haswell, while old music is due from Frank Bretschneider and Taylor Deupree, Jim Haynes, and Starfuckers.



2020 Readers Poll: The Results

The staff nominates, the readers add to the nomination list, the readers vote, and we write some comments back. That's how it is. The Brainwashed Annual Readers Poll is a snapshot of what our readers and staff were listening to for the year. As always there are some rankings that are surprises along with others that come as no surprise.

This year we decided to get rid of the "worst album of the year" category (2020 was harsh enough). We also decided to add honorable mentions to the Lifetime Achievement Recognition category because it seems like there's so many people who we cherish that it's an injustice not to give a nod to musicians who have left a lasting impression on music as a whole.

Thanks again to all who participated and we wish you all a safe and healthy 2021.



Dennis Young, "Bella"

cover image Compared to the funk tinged sound of the seminal Liquid Liquid, founding member Dennis Young’s solo trajectory has been notably different in sound, and extremely difficult to compartmentalize.  While some of his previous works have continued the use of rhythm and percussion, Bella is a substantially different beast from start to finish.  There are no beats or loops or even electronic instrumentation here, it is entirely a work of solo guitar excursions that feature enough pedal usage to give it variety, but never losing focus on the instrument at hand.



cover image With three albums in as break_fold, Tim Hann’s approach to complex, yet catchy electronic music has become even more diversified.  Sure, the dense production and processing alongside heavy programmed rhythms can be found throughout these eight compositions, but there seems to be an expansion to the ambient elements of his work, balancing the more aggressive and commanding moments adeptly with space and mood.


Nari Mann

Nari MannWords cannot describe how devastated we are about the unexpected sudden loss of Nari Mann.

She was one of those music fans who just got it, had impeccable taste, was a classically trained pianist, a fantastic photographer (, a local hero (Keep Austin Warm), a writer ( who just recently became a contributor to brainwashed, and a friend for decades.

Here's her pictures from Brainwaves 2008.

Our hearts go out to all her friends and family.

She is loved and is dearly missed.



Simon Scott, "Apart"

Cover of Simon Scott - ApartCOVID-19 has torn people apart and brutally impacted lives. Having lost his father to the disease in April, Apart is Scott’s musical release of his grief entwined with the natural tumult of a much-loved nature preserve spent traversing in youth with his father. These protected wetlands house species that are slowly disappearing, comprising a distinct sonic environment that changes with its inhabitants’ demise. By capturing his current environment as part of his grieving process, Scott harnessed his awareness of temporality in all things as a musical expression to allow him to heal. Scott captures ten representations of this ephemeral world through field recordings centered around a piano, with electronic treatment to achieve an expressive and emotional musical ride.


Harold Budd, 1936-2020 world is a much more bearable place thanks to Harold Budd.

While he began composing in the 1960s, teaming up with Brian Eno in the late-1970s brought him greater acclaim through more widespread album releases. Collaborations with acts such as Cocteau Twins, Andy Partridge, and Brian Eno may have put him on the radar for people who would not normally be listening, and those who explored more were almost always rewarded by his aural treasures.

His influence is immeasurable.


LD Beghtol, 164-2020

Singer, musician, art director LD Beghtol one of those people who kept you laughing. He released five full-length albums as Flare, but is most famously known for singing in The Magnetic Fields and authoring 69 Love Songs, A Field Guide for the 33 1/3 book series.

He was also one of the first contributors to when we began writing about music in the late '90s.

He will be sorely missed.


Cabaret Voltaire, "Shadow of Fear"

Cover of Cabaret Voltaire, Shadow of FearA lot can happen in 26 years, including the return of industrial/noise pioneers Cabaret Voltaire. While now pared down to solely Richard H. Kirk, Shadow of Fear is still a very much a worthy release in the band's canon of dystopian paranoia, hearkening back to the inventiveness of Red Mecca with the rhythms of 2x45, and further improved by rich, expert production. Kirk drags all of the band's musical past into the future, encouraging the listener to dance with boundless abandon as a panacea from the "shadow of fear." The result? Kirk succeeds in injecting a new freshness into Cabaret Voltaire, sounding more energized than like-minded artists a fraction of Kirk's age.

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