5/29/2011 - 6/5/2011

New music is due this week from Battles, Astral Social Club, Manorexia, and Benoit & Sergio while old music is due from Death In June & Boyd Rice, Giant Sand, and Tangerine Dream.


Astral Social Club, "Snaefell / Mocne" (Trensmat) 7"
Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori, "FRKWYS Vol. 6" (RVNG)
Battles, "Gloss Drop" (Warp) CD/2xLP
Benoit & Sergio, "Let Me Count The Ways" (Spectral Sound) 12"
The Black Swans, "Don't Blame the Stars" (Misra) CD/LP
*Boris, "Heavy Rock" (Sargent House) 2xLP
Broker & Dealer / Psychonauts, "Dig Deep / World Keeps Turning" (Immer) 12"
Evan Caminiti "Distant Lights" (Trensmat) 7"
*Controlled Bleeding, "Odes to Bubbler" (Soleilmoon) CD
A Dancing Beggar . Follow The Dark As If It Were Light (Audiobulb) CD
*Death In June & Boyd Rice, "Alarm Agents" (Soleilmoon) CD
Eleven Twenty-Nine, "Eleven Twenty-Nine" (Northern Spy) CD/LP
Eloq, "Galactic Neckbreaks Ep" (Hobby Industries) 12"
Emptyset, "Demiurge" (Subtext) CD
Expander / Tadeo, "The Waggler / The Wiggler" (Soniculture) 12"
Fireworks, "Gospel" (Banquet) LP
Flogging Molly, "Speed of Darkness" (SideOneDummy) CD/LP
Futurisk, "Lonely Streets Remixes" ft. mixes from Chris Carter, Tom Furse etc... (Cititrax/Minimal Wave) 12"
Garotas Suecas, "Codinome Dinamite / Ghostwriter" (Vampisoul) 7"
*Giant Sand, "Black Out" 25th Anniversary Edition (Fire) CD
*Giant Sand, "Glum" 25th Anniversary Edition (Fire) CD
*Giant Sand, "Goods and Services" 25th Anniversary Edition (Fire) CD
Good Dangers, "So Unkind" (Cosine) Digital
The Head and The Heart, "The Head and The Heart" (Heavenly) CD/LP
Sven Kacirek, "The Kenya Reworks" (Pingipung) 10"
King Crimson Projekct (Jakko Jakszyk + Robert Fripp + Mel Collins), "A Scarcity of Miracles" (DGM) CD/LP/CD+DVD-A
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, "Smoking In Heaven" (Sunday Best) 2xLP/6x10"
James Kumo, "Walking Into Space" (Falkplatz) Digital
Manorexia, "Dinoflagellate Blooms" (Ectopic Ents) CD+5.1 DVD
Melvins, "Sugar Daddy Live" (Ipecac) CD
Thomas Mery, "Les Couleurs, Les Ombres" (Own) CD
Mikkel Metal / Resoe, "The Copenhagen Split Ep" (Echocord Colour) 12"
Nhar, "Thelema" (Correspondant) 12"
Ohayo, "The State We Are In" (Häpna) CD
Charlie Parr, "Cheap Wine" (Tin Angel) CD
Slime, "Increases" (Tough Love) LP
Seapony, "Go With Me" (Hardly Art) CD
Sebastian, "Total) (Ed Banger) CD
A Second Of June, "Psychodrama" ((Herzfeld) CD
Shenoda, "Shots" (Hypercolour) Digital
Mr. Statik, "Even Giants Have A Soft Spot" (Bpitch Ctrl) 12"
*Suede, "Reissues" (Edsel) 2xCD+DVD
*Tangerine Dream, "Poland - The Warsaw Concert" (Esoteric) 2xCD
Three Trapped Tigers, "Route One Or Die" (Blood & Biscuits) LP
The Travelling Band, "Screaming is something" (Cooking Vinyl) CD
Vast Aire, "Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey" (Man Bites Dog / Fat Beats) CD
Volt In Music, "Volt In Music" (Pstcard) 12"
Donato Wharton, "A White Rainbow Spanning the Dark" (Serein) 10"
*You, "Electric Day" (Bureau B) CD/LP
*You, "Time Code" (Bureau B) CD/LP
[V/A], "Jumping The Shuffle Blues -Jamaican Sound System Classics 1944 - 1960" (Rhythm & Blues) 3xCD
[V/A], "Anniversary Edition Pt 2" (Trapez) Mp3-320/Wav/Flac

Aka, "Hard Beat" (Strawberry Rain) CD/2xLP
Franz Auffray / Carl Heinz Schaeffer, "Original Popcorn" (Vadim Music) CD
Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine, "Enhanced Methods Of Questioning" (Alternative Tentacles) CD/12"
Bobby Boyd Congress, "Bobby Boyd Congress" (Vadim Music) CD
Friedrich Burkhard, "Citta Utopica" (Ahornfelder) CD
bvdub & Ian Hawgood, "The Truth Hurts" (Nomadic Kids Republic) CD
Keith Canisius, "The Oceanic Voyage 2: 2009-2011" (Darla) MP3
Cola Freaks, "Cola Freaks" (Douchemaster) LP
Dark Castle, "Surrender To All Life Beyond Form" (Profound Lore) CD
*Dog Faced Hermans, "Those Deep Buds" (Alternative Tentacles) LP
Drone Compendium, "Drone Compendium (1-7)" (Beta-Lactam Ring) 7xLP series
E*Rock, "The Clock & The Mountain" (Audio Dregs) CD
Haruki, "Falling" (Nomadic Kids Republic) CD
*Jeff And Jane Hudson, "Flesh" (Captured Tracks / Dark Entries) CD/2xLP
I Am A Vowel, "Body Curves" (Fang Bomb) 7"
Jasper TX, "The Black Sun Transmissions" (Fang Bomb) CD
Kids On A Crime Spree, "We Love You So Bad" (Slumberland) CD/12"
Kogumaza, "Kogumaza" (Low Point) LP
Korperschwache, "A Fistful Of Nihilism" (Crucial Blast) MP3
Lefolk, "Intermitter" (Nomadic Kids Republic) CD
*The Legendary Pink Dots, "Atomic Roses" (Beta-Lactam Ring) LP
Loss, "Despond" (Profound Lore) CD
*Janko Nilovic, "Soul Impressions" (Vadim Music) LP
Offthesky, "Subtle Trees" (Nomadic Kids Republic) CD
Jim O'Rourke & Carlos Giffoni, "Japan Tour 2011" (No Fun Productions) CD
The Pattern Theory, "The Pattern Theory" (Valeot) CD
Robert Pollard, "Lord Of The Birdcage" (Guided By Voices) CD/LP
Reatards, "Teenage Hate / Fuck Elvis Here’s The Reatards" (Goner) CD/2xLP
Scumbag Philosopher, "It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing" (Words On Music) CD
Ten and Tracer, "Friendless Now" (Nomadic Kids Republic) CD
U.S. Christmas, "Valley Path" (Neurot Recordings) CD
Vastum, "Carnal Law" (20 Buck Spin) CD
Verticle Smile, "Sex, Drugs & Leisure" (Malicious Damage) CD/3xLP
Woods, "Sun And Shade" (Woodsist) CD/LP

FM Belfast, "Don't Want To Sleep" CD
Lali Puna, "Move On / After All Stop" (Morr) 7"