6/12/2011 - 6/18/2011

It's a huge week for music with new stuff due from Skullflower, Marissa Nadler, Matt "MV" Valentine, Thisquietarmy + Yellow6, and Venetian Snares and old stuff due from Roedelius, Nurse With Wound, and Sebadoh.

Emme Ya, "Atavistic Dreams & Phallic Totems" (Cold Spring) CD
Badawi featuring Sensational, "No Schnitzel / More Schnitzel" (The Index) 12"
*Blank Dogs, "On Two Sides" (Captured Tracks) LP
Dub Taylor, "Concrete/Synthesized Music " (Sub Rosa) CD/LP
*James Ferraro, "On Air" (Underwater Peoples) LP
Fink, "Perfect Darkness" (Ninja Tune) CD/LP
Anni Hogan, "Mountain" (Cold Spring) CD+DVD
Francisco Meirino, "My Voice Is Unique" (Antifrost) Ltd tape
This Morn' Omina, "L'Unification Des Forces Opposantes" (Ant-Zen) 2xCD
*Roedelius, "Piano Piano" (Bureau B) CD/LP
Skullflower, "Fucked On A Pile Of Corpses" (Cold Spring) CD
[V/A], "Variables II" (Mordant) 12"

Peter Bradley Adams, "Between Us" (Mishara Music) CD
Alestorm, "Back Through Time" (Napalm) CD
Bitches/Yuppies, Split (Palmist) 12"
The Books of Knots, "Garden of Fainting Stars" (Ipecac) CD
Botanical Bullets, "We Bleed Fluorescent" (self release) EP
Comus, "East Of Sweden : Live At Melloboat Festival 2008" (Dirter/Rise Above) CD/2xLP
Controlled Bleeding, "Odes to Bubbler" (Soleilmoon) CD
CYNICS, "Don’t Need Much" (Kind of Like) CD/LP
The Dear Hunter, "The Color Spectrum" (Triple Crown) CD/LP
Diskjokke, "Sagara" (Smalltown Supersound) CD
Elysian Fields, "Last Night on Earth" (Ojet/Diluvian) CD
Emily’s Army, "Don’t Be A Dick" (Adeline) LP
Expo '70, "Inaudible Bicoastal Trajectory" (Aguirre) LP
Daniel Thomas Freeman, "The Beauty Of Doubting Yourself" (Home Normal) CD
Herbcraft, "Ashram to the Stars" (Hello Sunshine) LP
Is Tropical, "Native To" (Kitsune/Co-op) CD
Junior Boys, "It’s All True" (Domino) CD/LP
*Light Asylum, "In Tension" (Mexican Summer) 12"
The Mattson 2, "Feeling Hands" (Galaxia) CD/LP
Chrissy Murderbot, "Women’s Studies" (Planet Mu) CD/2xLP
Marihiko, "Credo" (Home Normal) CD
Marissa Nadler, "Marissa Nadler" (Box of Cedar) CD/LP
Millimetrik, "Mystique Drums" (Make Mine) CD
Momus, "The Thunderclown" (Tona Serenad) Ltd 10"
Niki and the Dove, "The Fox" (Sub Pop) LP
No Surrender, "Medicine Babies" (ZerOKilled) CD
*Nurse With Wound, "Who Can I Turn To Stereo" (United Jnana) remastered 2xCD
Of Mice and Men, "The Flood" (Rise) CD
A Pale Horse Named Death, "And Hell Will Follow Me" (SPV) CD/LP
Radical Dads, "Mega Rama" (Uninhabitable Mansions) CD
*Sebadoh, "Bakesale" (Sub Pop) CD/LP
Smoke Fairies, "Through Low Light and Trees" (453 Records) CD/LP
Son Lux, "We Are Rising" (Anitcon) CD/LP
Sons and Daughters, "Mirror, Mirror" (Domino) CD/LP
Southerly, "Champion of the Noisy Negativists" (Greyday Records) CDEP
Stuyvesant, "Fret Sounds" (Dromedary Records) CD
Terakraft, "Aratan N Azawad" (World Village) CD
Thisquietarmy + Yellow6, "Valley" (Basses Frequences) LP
*The Trophy Fire, "Armor" (Greyday Records) CD
Two People In A Room, "Two People In A Room" (Home Normal) CD
Matt "MV" Valentine, "What I Became" (Woodist) LP
Venetian Snares, "Cubist Reggae" (Planet Mu) 12"
Donato Wharton, "A White Rainbow Spanning The Dark" (Serein) 10"
The Wonder Years, "Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing" (Hopeless) CD/LP
Wu Lyf, "Go Tell Fire To The Mountain" (LYF) LP
Yacht, "Shangri-La" LP/CD (DFA)
[V/A], "Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story (1971–1973)" (Light In The Attic) CD/2xLP

Proyecto Mirage, "Slaves Of Capital" (Ant-Zen) CD