7/10/2011 - 7/16/2011

New music is due this week from Z’EV & Nick Parkin, Photek, and Zomby as well as old music from Death In June, Alien Sex Fiend, Dead Can Dance, and Tones On Tail.


*Alien Sex Fiend, "The Singles 1983-1995" (Esoteric) 2xCD
Amon Tobin, "Surge" (Ninja Tune) EP
Basement Jaxx, "Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest" (Atlantic Jaxx) CD
Dadavistic Orchestra, "Dokument .02" (Dust Science) CD/3xLP
Z’EV & Nick Parkin, "Ascending Scale" (Soleilmoon) CD

Aladdin, "The Sun Is On Fire EP - Inc. I:Cube / Bot'Ox / Gilb'R Remixes" (Versatile) 12"
*Georges Arvanitas Quintet, "Soul Jazz" (Vadim) LP
*Blackman Akeeb Kareem, "Blackman" (Hot Casa) LP
Borden Ferraro Godin Halo & Lopatin, "Frkwys Vol. 7" (RVNG) CD/LP
Butane & Someone Else, "Dink Touching" (Foundsound) EP
Caboladies, "Renewable Destination" (Students of Decay) LP
Chllngr, "Haven" (Green Owl) LP
Cool Kids, "When Fish Ride Bicycles" (Green Label) LP/CD
Crystal Antlers, "Two-Way Mirror" (Recreation) CD/LP
*Dead Can Dance, "Box Set II" (Vinyl 180) 4xLP
Dead Moon, "In the Graveyard" (Mississippi) LP
*Dead Moon, "Unknown Passage" (Mississippi) LP
*Death In June, "Nada Plus" 2xCD+DVD/2xLP/USB
Eleanor Friedberger, Last Summer (Merge) CD
Grooms, "Prom" (Kanine) CD/LP
Simon Fisher Turner, "The Great White Silence" (Soleilmoon) CD
*Hammock, "Raising Your Voice...Trying to Stop An Echo" (Hammock) CD
Harkin & Raney, "Shakes On" (Throne Of Blood) 12"
Interpol, "Try It On Remixes" (Matador) 12"
Momus and John Henriksson, "Thunderclown" (American Patchwork) CD
Horrid Red, "Silent Party" (Soft Abuse) 7"
Little Dragon, "Ritual Union" (Peacefrog) CD
The Masonics, "In Your Night Of Dreams & Other Foreboding Pleasures" (Dirty Water) CD/LP
MellowHype, "BlackenedWhite" (Fat Possum) LP/CD
*The Melton Brothers Band with Ms. Alfie Moss, "Livin' In The City" (Favorite) LP
Mitzi, "Vinyl Versions - Inc. Revenge / Joakim / LTJ Remixes" (Future Classic) 12"
Naked Truth, "Shizaru" (Rarenoise) CD
Nerve, "The Distance Between Zero And One" (BNS Sessions) CD
*Janko Nilovic, "Funky Tramway" (Vadim) CD/LP
*Janko Nilovic, "Soul Impressions" (Vadim) CD
Owls, "The Night Stays" (Rarenoise) 2xLP
Panda Bear, "Surfers Hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns Extended Mix)" (Kompakt) 12"
*Jean-Claude Pelletier, "Streaking!" (Vadim) CD/LP
Pikacyu*Makoto, "OM Sweet Home: We Are Shining Stars From Darkside" (Riot Season) CD
Photek, "Closer (Pinch Mix)" (Tectonic) 12"
Psychologist, "Propellor" (Not Even) EP
Robots In Disguise, "Happiness Vs Sadness" (President) CD
Jannick Schou, "Act of Shimmering" (Experimedia) LP
Sog, "Fremde Hände" (Profan) 12"
Sons and Daugthers, "Mirror, Mirror" (Domino) LP/CD
Southern Shores, "Atlantic" (Cascine) 12"
Jensen Sportag, "Gentle Man (A Song Commissioned – J to P)" (Cascine) MP3
Street Eaters, "Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons" (Bakery Outlet) CD/LP
Joe Jack Talcum, "Home Recordings 1984 - 1990 Vol. 1" (Happy Happy Birthday to Me) LP
*Tones On Tail, "Weird Pop" (Beggars Banquet) 2xLP
Washed Out, "Within and Without" (Sub Pop) LP/CD
Wiley, "100% Publishing" (Big Dada) LP/CD
William Elliot Whitmore, "Field Songs" (Anti) CD
Yes, "Fly From Here" (Frontiers) CD
Zomby, "Dedication" (4AD) LP/CD
[V/A], "La Nouvelle Vague : The Films Of The French New Wave" (El) CD
[V/A], "Psychedelic Jumble Volume One: What's The Rush Time Machine Man?" (Rev-ola) CD
[V/A], "Riders In The Sky - Scenes From The American West" (El) CD
[V/A], "Secret Part 3" (Ostwind) 12"
[V/A], "Social Experiment 002" Vinyl Sampler (No.19) 12"