8/14/2011 - 8/20/2011

New music is due this week from Fennesz, Battles,Wooden Shjips, Lotus Plaza, and Her Space Holiday while old music is due from Animal Collective, Nino Rota, and Zounds.

Amen Dunes, "Through Donkey Jaw" (Sacred Bones) CD/LP
*Animal Collective, "Sung Tongs" (FatCat) 2xLP
Battles, "My Machines (ft. Gary Numan)" (Warp) silver 12"
Boats, "Cannonballs, Cannonballs" (Kill Rock Stars) CD
Botany, "Feeling Today" (Western Vinyl) CD/LP
The Bottle Rockets, "Not So Loud" (Bloodshot)
Braid, "Closer to Closed" (Polyvinyl) EP
Danny Brown, "XXX" (Fool's Gold)
Chairlift, "Amanaemonesia" (Terrible) 7"
*Count Vertigo, "I Am A Mutant" (Mississippi) 7"
DMZ/LYRES "Radio Demos/Live at Cantones, Boston 1982" (Munster) CD
Baxter Dury, "Happy Soup" (Regal) CD
*Bob Dylan, "Oh Mercy" (4 Men With Beards) LP
Veroinica Falls, "Bad Feeling" (Slumberland) 7"
Fool's Gold, "Leave No Trace" (Iamsound)
Fennesz "Seven Stars" (Touch) 10" EP
Matthew Friedberger, "Cut It Out" (Thrill Jockey) LP
Reinhold Friedl, "Inside Piano" (Zeitkratzer) CD
Gold Leaves, "The Ornament" (Hardly Art) CD/LP
*Grateful Dead, "American Beauty" (Grateful Dead Production) LP
*Grateful Dead, "Anthem of the Sun" (Grateful Dead Production) LP
*Grateful Dead, "Aoxomoxoa" (Grateful Dead Production) LP
*Grateful Dead, "Grateful Dead" (Grateful Dead Production) LP
*Grateful Dead, "Workingman's Dead" (Grateful Dead Production) LP
Grave Babies, "Pleasures" (Hardly Art) 7"
Hadrami Ould Medeh, "Kamlat" (Mississippi) 7"
*Hard Skin, "Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts" (Broken Rekids) LP
Her Space Holiday, "Her Space Holiday" (No More Good Ideas) CD/LP
Hotel Lights, "Girl Graffiti" (Bar None) CD
*Remi Kabaka, "Black Goddess" (Soundway) CD
Abdul Karim Khan, "Abdul Karim Khan" (Mississippi) LP
Las Kellies, "Kellies" (Fire) CD/LP
Natalia Kills, "Perfectionist" (Interscope) CD
Kinder Scout, "The Writing Life" (Preco) CD
Mark Kozelek, "Mark Kozelek On Tour" (Caldo Verde) DVD
Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler, "Live Double Séance [Antaa Kalojen Uida]" (Mego) LP+DVD
Limes, "Tarantula" (Goner) CD/LP
Lotus Plaza / Odonis Odonis, split 12" (Palmist) 12"
The Masonics, "In Your Night of Dream…and Other Foreboding Pleasures" (Dirty Water)
Fred McDowell, "Alan Lomax Recordings" (Mississippi)
Miminokoto, "Hitoyogiri" (Important) CD
Mirror Mirror, "Interiors" (RVNG) LP
Mister Heavenly, "Out of Love" (Sup Pop)
Hans Nieswandt, "Hans Is Playing House" (Bureau B) CD
The Parson Red Heads, "Yearling" (Arena Rock) CD
*Rail Band, "Orchestre Rail-Band" (Mississippi) LP
The Routes, "Alligator" (Dirty Water) LP
*Nino Rota, "Fellini's 8 1/2" (Get Back) LP
*Nino Rota, "Fellini's Amarcord" (Get Back) LP
*Nino Rota, "Fellini's La Dolce Vita" (Get Back) LP
*Scream, "Complete Control Sessions" (Side One Dummy) EP
S√∏lyst, "S√∏lyst" (Bureau B) CD
Tame Impala, "Interspeaker (Collector's Edition)" (Modular) CD
Maria Taylor, "Overlook" (Saddle Creek) CD
Luke Temple, "Don’t Act Like You Don't Care" (Western Vinyl) CD/LP
The R's, "Mr. Hide" (Nat Geo) 7"
Three Mile Pilot, "Na Vucca Do Lupu" (Hi-Speed Soul) LP
Three Mile Pilot, "The Chief Assassin To The Sinister" (Hi-Speed Soul) LP
Toddla T and Roots Manuva, "Watch Me Dance" (Ninja Tune) 12"
Tropics, "Mouves" (Planet Mu) 12"
Tunnels, "The Blackout" (Thrill Jockey) LP/cassette
Peter Van Hoesen / Reagenz / Vril, "Berghain 05" (Ostgut Ton) 12"
War on Drugs, "Slave Ambient" (Secretly Canadian) CD/LP
Wooden Shjips, "West" (Thrill Jockey) CD/LP
Yellow Ostrich, "The Mistress" (Barsuk) CD
*Michael Yonkers, "Microminature Love" (Sub Pop) LP
*Zounds, "Singles & Eps 1980-1984" (Broken Rekids) 5x7"
*Zounds, "The Curse of Zounds!" (Broken Rekids) LP
[V/A], "50 Weapons Of Choice #10-19" (50 Weapons) CD
[V/A], "BLNRB: Welcome To The Madhouse" (Out Here) CD
[V/A], "Fanafody: A Collection of Recoredings and Photography from Madagasikara Volume II" (Missippi) LP
[V/A], "Street Music of Yogyakarta" (Mississippi) LP
[V/A], "Total 12" (Kompakt) CD/LP
[V/A] Chicas: Spanish Female Singers (1962-1974) (Vampisoul) CD
[V/A], "Wim Wenders' Pina: Original Motion Picture Sountrack)" CD (Wenders Music)

Carla Bozulich, "In Animal Tongue" (Constellation) LP/CD