8/28/2011 - 9/3/2011

Look for new stuff this week from Rivulets, Beirut, Beequeen, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Alias, as well as a 2xCD+DVD box from Cabaret Voltaire.

*Cabaret Voltaire, "Johnny Yesno Redux" (Mute) 2xCD+2xDVD
Gedichterbe, "AGF Various" (AGF Production), CD

Aerosol, "All That Is Solid Melts Into Air" (n5MD) CD
Alias, "Fever Dream" (Anticon) CD/LP
Balam Acab, "Wander/Wonder" (Tri Angle) CD
Beaters, "White Hate" (Zoo Music) 7"
Beequeen, "Port Out Starboard Home" (Important Records) CD
Beirut, "The Rip Tide" (Pompeii) LP/CD
Big Troubles, "Sad Girls" (Slumberland) 7"
Black Lips, "200 Million Thousand" (In The Red) LP
Black Lips, "Good Bad Not Evil" (In The Red) LP
Black Lips, "Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo" (In the Red) LP
Bleached, "Carter" (Art Fag) 7"
Cymbals Eat Guitars, "Lenses Aliens" (Barsuk), LP/CD
Depth Affect, "Draft Battle" (Autres Directions In Music) CD
Dirty Beaches, "Badlands" (Zoo Music) CD/LP
Dirty Beaches, "True Blue" (Zoo Music) CD
Dissecting Table, "Nothingness != Null" (UPD) CD-R
DJ Diamond, "Flight Muzik" (Planet Mu), 2xLP/CD
Dunes, "Old Souls" (Art Fag) 7"
Essendon Airport, "Palimpsest" (Chapter) CD
Marcel Fengler, "Berghain" (OstGut) CD
Flight, "Lead Riders" (Zoo Music) 12"
Freescha, "Babies In Your Body" (Attack 9) 7"
Future Shuttle, "Water's Edge" (Holy Mountain) 12"
Great Hella, "Tripper" (Sargent House), LP/CD
Heavy Hawaii, "Teen Angel" (Art Fag) LP
Jacuzzi Boys, "Glazin'" (Hardly Art) LP/CD
Jolts, "8%" (Sudden Death) CD/LP
Erkin Koray, "Meçhul: Singles and Rarities" (Sublime Frequencies) CD/LP
Las Robertas, "For Crying Out Loud" (Art Fag) CD/LP
Limes, "Tarantula" (Goner) CD/LP
Lucas Santtana, "Sem Nostalgia" (Mais Um) CD
Male Bonding, "Endless Now" (Sub Pop) LP/CD
Pink Playground, "Sunny Skies" (Zoo Music) 7"
Plateaus, "Beach Coma" (Art Fag) 7"
Pyrolator, "Neuland/2" (Bureau B) 12"
Old News 6 / Jim O'Rourke, "Old News No.6", 2xLP, (Editions Mego)
Oneohtrix Point Never, "Rifts" (No Fun) 2xCD
Reading Rainbow, "Restless" (Zoo Music) CD
Rivulets, "We're Fucked" (Important) CD
*Roedelius, "Wasser Im Wind" (Bureau B) CD
Omar Souleyman, "Haflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts" (Sublime Frequencies) CD/2xLP
Solyst, "Solyst" (Bureau B) LP
Spectator, "Nice" (Underwater Peoples) CD
Swiftumz, "Don't Trip" (Holy Mountain) LP
Thundercat, "The Golden Age of Apocalypse" (Brainfeeder) CD
Tinariwen, "Tassili" (Anti) CD
Vieo Abiungo, "And The World Is Still Yawning" (Lost Tribe Sound) LP
Devon Williams, "Euphoria" (Slumberland) CD/LP
Woven Bones, "Minus Touch" (Zoo Music) 12"
Yacht, "Shangri-La" (DFA) CD