New music this week is due from A Winged Victory for the Sullen, HTRK, Ladytron, Neon Indian, and Tarwater as well as a reissue from Twinsistermoon.09/13/2011
Charlatan, "Triangles" (Digitalis) LP
"Clams Casino, "Instrumentals" (Type) 2xLP
Cosmic Trg, "Simulat" (50 Weapons) CD
Emuul, "The Drawing of the Line" (Digitalis)
Hecq, "Avenger" (Hymen) CD
Holiday Shores, "New Masses for Squaw" (Twosyllable) LP
Golden Serenades, "Hammon Pops" (+3db)
Gui Buratto, "III" (Kompakt) CD
The Cambodian Space Project, "2011: A Space Odyssey" (Metal Postcard) CD
Cavalier (AKA Agnes) "A Million Horses (Drumpoet Community) CD
Partick Chardronnet, "Pleasant Day" (Audiomatique) 10"
John DeRosa, "Anchored" (Silber) CD
Cosmin Trg, "Simulat" (50 Weapons) CD
Dixon, "Live at Robert Johnson Vol. 8" (Live at Robert Johnson) CD
A Winged Victory for the Sullen, "A Winged Victory for the Sullen" (Kranky) LP/CD
Bvdub (translations of ´Morketid´), "I Remember" (Glacial Movements) CD
Cymbals Eat Guitars, "Lenses Alien" (Barsuk) LP/CD
Jon DeRosa, "Anchored" (Silber) CDEP
R.S. Gjertsen, "Grains" (3db) CD
Greie Gut Fraktion, "Rekonstruktion (Baustelle remixe)" (Monika) CD
*Grim, "Works 83-89" (Vinyl On Demand) 3xLP+tape+12"+LP
HTRK, "Work (work, work)" (Ghostly) CD/LP
Laura Jean, "A Fool Who'll" (Chapter Music) CD
Kooks, "Junk Of The Heart" (Virgin) CD
Ladytron, "Gravity the Seducer" (Nettwerk) LP/CD
Milagres, "Glowing Mouth" (Kill Rock Stars) CD/LP
Melissa Laveaux, "Camphor & Copper" (No Format) CD
Lawrence, "Timeless" (Cocoon) CD
Lingouf, "Doème" (Ant-Zen / Hymen) CD
Magic Panda, "Days Are Numbered" (Tigerbeat6) EP
Mates of State, "Mountaintops" (Barsuk) CD
Mist, "House" (Spectrum Spools) CD
My Violaine Morning, "The Next Episode of This World" (Happy Prince) CD
Ralph Myerz, "Outrun" (Klik Records) CD
Nest, "Body Pilot" (Serein) 10"
Next Stop: Horizon, "We Know Exactly Where We Are Going" (Tapete) CD
Neon Indian, "Era Extrana" (Transgressive) CD/LP
Nickolas Mohanna, "Reflectors" (Preservation) CD
Primus, "Green Naugahyde" (ATO) CD
Purple Bloom, "Purple Bloom" (Purple Bloom) CD
Remora, "Scars Bring Hope" (Silber) CD
Roll The Dice, "In Dust" (Leaf) CD
Roman Flugel, "Fatty Folders" (Dial) CD
Shimmering Stars, "Violent Hearts" (Hardly Art) CD/LP
Spooky Attraction From A Distance, "Sunflower Sutra" (Staubgold) CD
Static, "Freedom Of Noise" (Karaoke Kalk) CD
St. Vincent, "Strange Mercy" (4AD) LP/CD
Synapscape, "Traits" (Ant-Zen/Hymen) CD
Hecq, "Avenger" (Ant-Zen/Hymen) CD
Tarwater, "Inside The Ships" (Bureau B) CD
Teen Dace, "A Silent Place" (Waaga) CD
*Twinsistermoon, "When Stars Glide Through Solid" (Blackest Rainbow) 2xLP/CD
[V/A], "Audible Approaches for a Better Place" (C.Sides) 2xCD
*[V/A), "Club Moral" (Vinyl On Demand) 5xLP+DVD
*[V/A], "If This Is House I Want My Money Back" (Permanent Vacation) CD