9/4/2011 - 9/10/2011

New music is due this week from Simon Fisher Turner, HTRK, DJ Shadow, Gary Numan, The Rapture, and Steve Reich, as well as old music from Throwing Muses, 808 State, Art of Noise, Grace Jones, and Stephin Merrittt.


Pritch & Trim, "Sterotype/Kiss My Arse" (Planet Mu) CD/12"
Sóley Stefánsdóttir, "We Sink" (Morr Music) CD/LP

*808 State, "Blueprint" (ZTT) CD
*Aniaetleprogrammeur, "Der Kopf Auf Der Kir(s)che" (Tigerbeat6) MP3 remixes
*Animal Collective, "Danse Manatee" (Fatcat)
*Art of Noise, "Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise?" (ZTT) CD+DVD Deluxe Edition
The Black Dog, "Liber Temple" (Dust Science Limited) Coloured 12"
The Black Roots, "The Reggae Singles Anthology" (Bristol Archives) 2xLP+CD+DVD
Axel Boman, "Lucky Tiger" (Glasstable) Pict 12" EP
Lindsey Buckingham, "Seeds We Sow" (LB) CD
Algernon Cadwallader, "Parrot Files" (Big Scary Monsters/ Pink Mist) LP
Cashier No. 9, "Goldstar" (For Us) 7"
The Chemical Brothers, "Hanna" OST (Relativity) CD
Loren Connors, "Red Mars" (Family Vineyard) CD
Max Cooper, "Empirisch" (Traum V) 12" EP
Dalot, "Minutestatic" (n5MD) CD
Dillinger, "Hard Time" (Kingston Sounds) CD/LP
DJ Shadow, "The Less You Know the Better" (Verve Forecast) CD
DJ Shadow, "I'm Excited" (Island) CD/12"
Downpilot, "New Great Lakes" (Tapete) CD/LP
The Electric Soft Parade, "A Quick One" (A Quick One) Ltd. 7"
Elite Gymnastics, "Ruin" (Acephale) LP
Flo Fernandez, "Butterfly Tongues " (Aktion & Spass) 7"
Simon Fisher Turner, "DEREK JARMAN SUPER 8" (Optical Sound) 3xCD
Frente Cumbiero, "Meets Mad Professor" (Vampisoul) 2xLP
Charlotte Gainsbourg, "Terrible Angels" (Because Music / Elektra) EP
Horrible Crowes, "Elsie" (SideOneDummy) CD
Horsepower Productions, "The Lost Tapes" (Tempa) 12" EP
Howling Bells, "The Loudest Engine" (Cooking Vinyl) CD
HTRK, "Work (work, work)" (Ghostly International) CD/LP
*Grace Jones, "Hurricane / Dub" (Wall of Sound) 2xLP
Josh, "Violent Storm" (Amuse Gueule) 12"
Kleinschmager Audio, "The Original Series" (Rrygular) 12"
Erkin Koray, "Mechul: Singles & Rarities" (Sublime Frequencies) 2xLP
Lowfish, "Hello Tinnitus / A Little Thing Gets By (Suction Records) 7"
Loretta Lynn, "Van Lear Rose " (Third Man) LP
Martyn, "Masks / Viper" (Brainfeeder) 12"
Melamin & Wicked Sway, "Metamorphosis" (Ohm Resistance) CD
*Stephin Merritt, "Obscurities" (Domino) CD
*The Mountain Goats, "Tallahassee" (4AD) CD
Nerves Junior, "As Bright As Your Night Light" (Sonablast!)
Nucular Aminals, "Nobody's Man" (K) 7"
Gary Numan, "Dead Son Rising" (Gary Numan) CD
Pregnant, "Life Hard : I Try" (Mush) CD
The Rapture, "The Grace of Your Love" (DFA) CD/LP
Steve Reich, "WTC 9/11" (Nonesuch) CD+DVD
Roberts & Lord, "Eponymous" (Asthmatic Kitty) CD/LP
Rocket From the Tombs, "Barfly" (Fire Records) CD
Runaway, "Indoor Pool" (Let's Play House) 12"
Shrinebuilder, "Live In Europe 2010" (My Proud Mountain) Ltd. LP
Omar Souleyan, "Hatflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts" (Sublime Frequencies) CD
Spooky Attraction From A Distance, "Sunflower Sutra" (Staubgold) CD/LP
*Tav Falco & Panther Burns, "Behind The Magnolia Curtain / Blow Your Top" (Stag-O-Lee) 2xLP
*Throwing Muses, "Anthology" (4AD) CD
Ulrich Troyer, "Songs For William" (Deep Medi) CD/Ltd. 2x12"+comic novel
Warm Digits, "Keep Warm... with the Warm Digits" (Distraction) 2xLP
Peter Wolf Crier, "Garden of Arms" (Jagjaguwar) CD/LP
Xdb, "Apari" (Echocord) 12" EP
[V/A], "Mu Ep" (Ten) 12"
[V/A], "True Soul : Deep Sounds From The Left Of Stax" (Now Again) Deluxe 4xLP box set rarities anthology

Waters, "Out In The Light" (City Slang) CD/LP
Yukon Blonde, "Fire//Water" (Nevado) CD/EP