Matmos eye...

I wanted to also say how great the Matmos "Eye" segment was.  I am originally
from Wisconsin and go to school in Iowa, so I will probably never have a chance
to see the guys in the flesh, so this was as great of a substitute as I could
ever have.  Matmos are not one of my absolute favorites, but I have always had
a great deal of respect for how monumentally academic they are about their
music, and how they've utilized what they know to push music as an art form
forward and this segment just increased that respect all the more.  Snail
theremin?  Holy shit.  And the playing of those (or what appeared to be) metal
strips at the end was weirdly haunting.  Thanks for this!

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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YouTube Video

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matmos eye

really, this time you've outdone yourself, jon. the matmos episode of
'the eye' was the best thing you've ever featured on the site. amazing
interview, great concert footage, totally fascinating, funny and
brilliant. drew daniel is so cute and charming, and so good at
articulating the specific perspective that matmos is coming from with
their music. everything looked and sounded great. hopefully matmos will
let you put that one on a DVD-R so we can see it on the big screen

Thanks a lot.  Hopefelly they'll let us to it too!

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Thanks a Million

Dear Brainwashed, (and Jon Whitney in particular),

Thank you for sending the EYE 032 DVD so fast it caught me by surprise.  I was
very touched by the personal dedication on the cover and disc and the content
was great too, like a wonderful vacation video - although  next time you go to
Ireland to film outdoors, maybe take a windshield for the mic, although I did
like the rumbling it has to be said!

I hope to be able to spend some more money on you soon,

thanks again, you wear the crown,

Thanks a ton, we'll save up for a windshield!

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I see you have a page for sampling Antony and the Johnson songs, and I was hoping you might be of some help.  I am desperately trying to get the songs from the "I fell in love..." ep and the song "virgin mary."  Essentially, the rare stuff that is OOP.  The cds/7" are available on ebay for an exhorbitant amount of cash...too much for my poor soul.  I'm a big Twin Peaks fan, and I'd really like to get his "mysteries of love" cover.   Anyway, I was wondering if you have or know where to get them, either to purchase them for a reasonable sum or to download these gems.

Keep looking.  Perhaps one day some of these things will be collected but there's no plans like that at this moment. Sorry.
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EYE001 enquiry (emil related)

Howdy.  I was curious what exactly was on your EYE001 DVD-R, specifically
whether there was any interview or whether it was just live footage with Emil
Beaulieau?  I ask becuase I put on a yearly noise festival here in Victoria
that includes a video portion and was curious about the potential of showing
this vid.  It is generally easier to get live footage than interviews / docs so
that is why I am trying to find out a bit more about this release.

I look forward to your response.


The Eye DVDs contain video segments that were broadcast on Brainwashed. Hope that helps.

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"Brokeback Mountain"

Ang Lee is hands down the master of making films heavy on the drama and weak on the plot, characters, and dialogue, but, in his defense I might have thought this was a good film if I didn't keep hearing how awesome it is.  Unfortunately, due to all the (undeserved) hype I think I was expecting something more than gay cowboys eating pudding.
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latest podcasts

hi jon, great couple of podcasts these last two! especially todays.  
all the best for 2006 and thanks for all the music in 2005. I recall  
listening to your podcasts for the first time (in their entirety) on  
my iPod flying over the north atlantic to toronto july 2005,  
realising that podcasts were going to change my (music) life forever!  
sounds dramatic I know, but it has proven to be true. I've  
'discovered/ been introduced to' over fifty new artists (if one only  
counts them by CD purchases that is, since that epic flight of  
discovery...ha ha
thanks again

Thanks for listening.  I can tell by looking at server logs how many people are downloading the Podcast but I can't tell who's actually listening.  Thanks for the note and I'm glad at least one person takes the time to write!
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Crap Your Pants, Say "Waaah!" article

After reading your great article last week on the dire state of the music
industry in relation to the consumer I came across this :

 The BBC have got together 4 supposed "experts" on the industry in relation to
digital media and are going to get them to answer questions submitted by
readers.  I thought it would be interesting to get as many people as possible
asking them the real hard questions which you brought up in your article.
Already they are getting a lot of questions about DRM, artist's royalties and
copyright extentions.  I believe the question submission ends on the 24th.

Thanks for the note, but looking at the panelists is disturbing. Once again the media only recognizes the major labels as being "the music industry."  They're gravely mistaken and complete assholes for feeding the fallacy.  The thing that irritates me most is the fact that the major labels and their lawyers are writing the laws that effect the bands and businesses they have NO REIGN over.  These assholes will all be out of work soon with any luck.

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schloss tegal

Do you ever play any Schloss Tegal, SPK or Lustmord? Do you take requests? This
is really a great idea and I enjoy your broadcasts. Thanks for the great work!

The Podcasts are restricted to the bands and labels with websites hosted at brainwashed.
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Bauhaus, "Shadow of Light/Archive"

Finally on DVD, this features Bauhaus' two most complete video compilations that were circulating around since the 1980s. I always thought each of these video programs were named what the other should be, as Shadow of Light is a collection of nine promotional music video shorts, some taken from live performances and some with decent sized budgets, while Archive is a 10-song performance film with live shots interspresed with footage of non-band members running around some old English town.
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Crap Your Pants, Say "Waaah!"

The returns are in, and, according to this article from Reuters, the music industry has hit an eight year low for sales.  Among corporate labels, there is much fretting and wringing of hands.  Reuters, however, fail to recognize the non-major label music industry, who don't seem to be pissing and moaning.  Major labels are a dying breed due to their own avarice, and nobody's gonna cry when they die.
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Windy & Carl

YouTube Video

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Jessica Bailiff

YouTube Video

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Jack Dangers nominated for a Grammy!

Let us make it clear right off the bat: Meat Beat Manifesto is not on a major label, however, a commissioned remix, "What Is Hip (T.O.P.R.M.X.)," by Jack Dangers, which appeared on the compilation What Is Hip? Remix Project Volume One has been nominated for a Grammy!
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Einstürzende Neubauten, "Liebeslieder"

This video documentary, produced and originally released in 1993, has a ton of great footage and interviews from all members of the band from their inception through 1993's Tabula Rasa
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The Juan Maclean

YouTube Video

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Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian, "The Buddha Machine"

The box cover depicts what could be a strange retro-digital flower with Buddhist temples pictured in the background. The writing is entirely in Chinese, with something which loosely translates as "electronic prayer machine" on the spine and on the back a list of good things about buddhism (being nice to others, not killing, etc,...) and the all important "Made in Hong Kong."
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Sharing is Caring and Caring is Sharing

Our kindergarten teachers always told us how we should be sharing, but the RIAA would have you believe otherwise.  Looking at any recent major label release, the packaging is pretty much destroyed now with big blocks of text, an FBI symbol and a warning.  Unfortunately, monster megalith Sony BMG isn't out to warn the consumer or provide any information that they're illegally loading "malware" (malicious software) onto unsuspecting machines. 
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Truman Capote elegantly described the brutal murder of a family in the midwest through his famous book In Cold Blood.  The book birthed a genre: the "nonfiction novel" by means of poetic license: making a very cold, dark story something captivating enough to win the affinity of the public, and that's exactly what Bennett Miller does with his movie Capote.
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