Stars of the Lid, "And Their Refinement of the Decline"


Stars of the Lid


And Their Refinement of the Decline

catalog #:


formats available:

2CD / 3LP

Release Date:

April 2, 2007

The long awaited new album from Stars of the Lid is finally ready for your sonic immersion. Painstakingly recorded, processed and assembled over the last five years, SOTL once again deliver a massive work filling two compact discs and three vinyl albums, clocking in at over two hours. While most albums of this length would be considered tedious at best, SOTL are arguably the only contemporary composers who can seemingly alter the time-space continuum simply through the playback of their organized sound. They take time itself and stretch, compress and turn it inside out, altering what would otherwise be an arduous test of nerves into an interlude of half awake dreams that ends too soon.

In this album, SOTL picks up where The Tired Sounds Of... left off with an emphasis on melodic development, moving their epic soundscapes beyond mere drone and subsequently frustrating all the typical ambient cliches associated with their music. Perhaps the best references for this current work would be found in the score to the film Le Mepris by Georges Delerue, the orchestral works of Zbigniew Preisner, or the 1958 CSO/ Fritz Reiner recording of Hovhaness' Mysterious Mountain, specifically the third movement. But in the final analysis, such comparisons are superfluous at best, as Stars of the Lid have created a musical universe in which they are the sole inhabitant.

Simply put, this album is a masterpiece.


  • Dungtitled (in A Major)
  • Articulate Silences Part 1
  • Articulate Silences Part 2
  • The Evil That Never Arrived
  • Apreludes (in C Sharp Major) - [MP3]
  • Don't Bother They're Here
  • Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage
  • Even If You're Never Awake (Deuxi&egrav;me)
  • Even (Out) +
  • A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(less) Process
  • Another Ballad for Heavy Lids
  • The Daughters of Quiet Minds
  • Hiberner Toujours
  • That Finger on Your Temple Is the Barrel of My Raygun
  • Humectez La Mouture
  • Tippy's Demise
  • The Mouthchew
  • December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface


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The Residents, "Freak Show"

The Residents
"Freak Show" CD/DVD
January 22, 2007
Mute Records

Born out of a vague and uncomfortable childhood memory of a mule faced lady at the Lousiana State Fair, The Freak Show album, originally released in 1990, is the story of a collection of freaks, each with their own all-too human failings and each with a haunting theme song worming its way into the listener's brain.

Meet Harry The Head, Herman The Human Mole, Wanda The Worm Woman, Mickey The Mumbling Midget and Jello Jack The Boneless Boy. "Come in", say The Residents, "and make your mundane lives look like the kiss of bliss".

This being The Residents, once the album was released, things weren't quite over... Whilst travelling in England they met with comic artists Brian Bolland (visual creator of Judge Dread and the "Dark Knight" Batman) and Edwin "Savage Pencil" Pouncey. Quickly the idea of a graphic novel based on the Freak Show characters took shape and ten artists including Brian Bolland, Savage Pencil and Kyle Baker came together for the Dark Horse Comics published graphic novel which followed in 1992.

Two years later saw the release of the groundbreaking and award winning CD-ROM game, taking players through an interactive trip through the three dimensional Freak Show tent and a year after that, in 1995, the premiere of the stage adaption opened in Prague.

Mute continues this journey which started over 15 years ago with the definitive edition of The Residents' Freak Show. Available on CD as a deluxe hardbook format, the release compiles the original artwork and sleevenotes alongside a bonus DVD which features animated films on Herman The Human Mole, Benny The Bouncing Bump and the Pickled Punks along with an excerpt from the Freak Show Live in Prague, the Jelly Jack video from 1992 and the original press release.

Everyone comes to the Freak Show _/ To laugh at the Freaks and the Geeks_ / Life is a lot like a Freak Show_ / But nobody laughs when they leave.

So -- step this way, folks come on in, you know you can't resist. Come in and make your mundane lives look like the kiss of bliss.

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Sutcliffe Jugend "This Is The Truth" CD / 2xLP


Ground Fault Recordings and Hospital Producitons would like to announce the upcoming release of "This Is The Truth", the first Sutcliffe Jugend studio album in eight years. "This Is The Truth" quite possibly stands as one of the most original and perfectly balanced noise compositions of the last 10 years. It references and uses classic Sutcliffe Jugend of old while bringing in an entirely unique and fresh element one does not hear in noise. This album is a brilliant blend of foreboding tension, and anxiety while using the most lively, disturbing, and textual elements of noise. All of which are brought together with the phenomenal detail and balance of an accomplished electronic composer. Songs that you think will explode leave you hanging with tension, while others erupt with violence out of nowhere. It's an absolutely brilliant album that was worth the wait.

The CD version is scheduled for a February release. A 2xLP version is scheduled for a March/April release. The vinyl version has 2 extra tracks as well as a different mix of the title track."

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Bill Callahan, "Woke On a Whaleheart"

Drag City is set to release the new album from Bill Callahan, Woke On A Whaleheart, available nationwide on April 17, 2007. Although Bill Callahan has released a dozen albums under the name of Smog, he has laid that name to rest. Hence, we bring you Woke On A WhaleheartBill Callahan's debut

Boasting the propulsive, glittering and classically pretty arrangements of Neil Michael Hagerty, this album manages to bypass the trends of the modern day while shunning retro entrapments. With a mix of gospel backing vocals by Deani Pugh-Flemmings of the Olivet Baptist Church, the incendiary guitar work of Pete Denton, and the honeyed violins of Elizabeth Warren, the music on this album touches on gospel, tough pop and American Light Opera. 

The single, "Diamond Dancer", will be released on March 20th. It is accompanied by the exclusive B-side, "Taken", recorded during the same session, but not included on the album. If you are an editor or a writer for a publication that reviews singles and you are interested in hearing this, please let me know. 

"River is layered with strings, snares, hammer dulcimer, and the quiet bleat of a chanter (reed pipe). It's an exquisite mix that conjures train tracks and piney woods--Southern-gothic images that linger after the final notes." -- Whitney Pastorek, Entertainment Weekly

". . . circling over the naked core of songcraft, plucking, picking and strumming his acoustic, and narrating in his deep, mellow, near-spoken croon, with just the odd lick of a brushstroke or piano key for company. Bill a modern master. Literary comparisons are inevitable: a Don DeLillo, perhaps, in a world of Nick Hornbys. Every single word counts in his latest sheaf from his songbook." -- Andrew Perry, MOJO

1. From The Rivers To The Ocean
2. Footprints
3. Diamond Dancer
4. Sycamore
5. The Wheel
6. Honeymoon Child
7. Day
8. Night
9. A Man Needs A Woman Or...
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Tim Hecker, "Radio Amor"


It was January 1996 on the Carribean coast of Honduras. The musician in question was looking to catch a ride with a local vessel to the neighboring islands. There was one shrimping vessel in port that day, and its captain Jimmy willing to take disheveled hippies on board. He spoke some fragmented english, the boat set sail that evening. This album is dedicated to the idea of Jimmy the high-wire shrimper. Misplaced nautical charts, trade winds, shortwave miscommunication, midnight whispers, amorxxx.

Alien8 Recordings is reissuing Radio Amor, originally released on Mille Plateaux in 2002, in order to maintain the availability of the work of one of our label's most important artists. The recording has been out of print for two years now, out of grasp of Hecker's growing legions of admirers. Hecker is still basking in the universally glowing reception of this year's "Harmony in Ultraviolet" on Kranky (Score 8.7 / Best New Music on Pitchfork), the follow-up to 2004's "Mirages" on Alien8 Recordings.

Radio Amor is a key release in Hecker's discography, bridging his output between our "Haunt Me" (2001) and "My Love is Rotten to the Core" (EP, 2002) releases and 2004's "Mirages". "Radio Amor is a brilliant soundtrack for daydreaming, and Tim Hecker's effective variations on a few central ideas once again show a gifted composer at work." - Pitchforkmedia

Release date: January 23, 2007

Label: Alien8 Recordings

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"King Jammy's Selector's Choice: Vol. 1-4"


VP Records presents the King Jammy “Selector’s Choice” collection on four double CD sets. Demonstrating the full range of styles and artists produced during the most prolific period in King Jammy’s career and dancehall in general. The track list is a who’s who of reggae on everything from love songs to hard core party tracks. The mixture of instrumentation and song themes display the popular trends and issues of the day and all contain the vital element of the King Jammy’s sound. Each CD chronicles the top tracks form the essential King Jammy’s riddims released between 1985 and 1989. Each 2 CD set comes with a track by track description written by famed reggae writer Rob Kenner, plus vintage photos of Jammy and members of the Super Power sound crew.

From Wikipedia:
"Lloyd James, (born in Kingston, Jamaica), better known as Prince Jammy or King Jammy, began his career as a protege of dub legend King Tubby. For the first few years of his career, Jammy almost exclusively made Dub. In the 1980s, he became one of the most influential producers of dancehall music. His biggest hit was 1985's "(Under Me) Sleng Teng" by Wayne Smith, with an entirely-digital rhythm hook. Many credit this song as being the first "Digital rhythm" in reggae, leading to the modern dancehall era."

Release date: January 9, 2007

Label: VP Records -
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(International) Noise Conspiracy, "Live at Oslo Jazz Festival"

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Z'EV / David Linton, "Untitled"


Released in conjunction with a concert on the 11. November 2006 at the »Lagerhaus« Bremen the CD feat. exclusive tracks by Industrial Music legend Z'EV and New York based percussionist and multi media artist DAVID LINTON who has worked with among others Lee Ranaldo, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, Diamanda Galas, Christian Marclay and Elliot Sharp. Each artist is featured with a solo track plus a remix of the other artist.
Z'EV:     David Linton:

Track listing:

1. Z'EV »Soliloquy #1« 11'11
2. Z'EV (LINTON) »Not Nil« 19'58
3. DAVID LINTON »Emerald Portal Excerpt — Part 1« 22'27
4. DAVID LINTON (Z'EV) »7/11elective-RE:mix_Z'EV« 7'00

Total playing time: 60:36 min.

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Asmus Tietchens, "Zwingburgen des Hedonismus / Mysterien des Hafens"

Part 9 of the ongoing re-release series of all early Tietchens albums from 1980—1991 on CD. This combines two seperate releases from 1987 (»Zwingburgen des Hedonismus«) and 1988 (»Mysterien des Hafens« on »FACE TO FACE, VOL. 1«). »Zwingburgen des Hedonismus« was originally released as a one-sided LP on swedish label Multimood and features a singles 21 min. long track composed on a Fairlight CMI. »Mysterien des Hafens« was part of a split LP (the other side feat. DIE FORM) originally released on french label Odd Size and feat. recordings made by Tietchens using under-water microphones. The Bonus track »Faircomp 1K« on this CD is a different version of the first track and previously unreleased.

First edition of 600 copies in jewel case with full cover artwork and poster booklet also feat. the original album covers.

Track listing:

1. »Zwingburgen des Hedonismus« 21'07
2. »Faircomp 1K« (Bonus track) 16'55
3. »Bubendey Notturno/Ritual auf der Halde« (Mysterien des Hafens) 18'39

Total playing time: 56:41 min.

Up until today I only undertook the effort to compose music with the help of a special composing programme twice. One of these two resulting pieces is »Studie uber B-A-C-H« (originally titled »Faircomp 1C«) which appeared on FORMEN LETZTER HAUSMUSIK in 1984. The matrix which was developed for the music computer Fairlight CMI, could be altered in structure, length and also instrumentation according to the needs of the composer. The first version (»Faircomp 1A«) was recorded in 1982, the last one (»Faircomp 1N«) in 1986. ZWINGBURGEN DES HEDONISMUS (originally titled »Faircomp 1J«) is still the soundwise richest of all these versions despite its overall meagreness. The second version included here (the bonus track »Faircomp 1K«) already borders on the edge of mannerism with its instrumental and dynamical one-dimensionality. Actually the whole Faircomp series was — to use the words of Max Bense — a »precise pleasure«, which basically consisted of transforming kybernetic possibilities into something audible. Nevertheless ZWINGBURGEN DES HEDONISMUS (originally »Faircomp 1J«) saw a release as a one-sided LP in the end because of the braveness of the swedish label Multimood and also because of the fact that the work displayed a relative richness. I also wrote the matrix for a »Faircomp 2« series, but it was never fed into the Fairlight CMI. This computer was abandoned and replaced by the DX 7 and up-to-date samplers and computers in 1987. It seems that time has passed the »Faircomp 2« by. But who knows...?

Both tracks were already recorded in 1986 and are outtakes from the GEBOREN, UM ZU DIENEN album on EG. They didn't make it onto this album though,because I felt that they differed from the other tracks not only in content, but also musically. I therefore put them aside as an option for a possible second LP on the EG label, but in the end that was not the case. The label »Odd Size« made an enquiry if I'd like to contribute one side to the split LP »Face to Face, Vol.1«, and I immediately offered them MYSTERIEN DES HAFENS, because the two tracks — blended into each other — made much more sense in this isolated format. They refer to two specific places in the harbour of Hamburg. Both places have been transformed beyond recognition during the last 20 years though. Only a few photos that I took and the music are still wittness of what has already become history. Sic transit gloria mundi — and not without some regret. Stylistically MYSTERIEN was close to Industrial Music although it was released kinda late for that. But back then we didn't waste a thought, that the glorious years could already be over, also because the taking over by the enemy couldn't be forseen by anyone then. So empty bunkers and dumps still remained the favourite playgrounds of post-nuclear campfire rituals. But these fires would be dead soon.

Asmus Tietchens, 2006 

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Z'EV, "Production and Decay"


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the very first Z'EV studio album which originally came out on Backlash in 1981, DIE STADT is proud to announce the re-release of »Production and Decay of spacial Relations« for the first time on CD. It features the original seven tracks from the vinyl plus six »recodings« entitled »Reproduction and Decay of spatial Relations« made by Z'EV in May/June 2005.

Back in the day Z'EV used to bring boxes over from Holland when he would come back to New York City which he would sell to Bleeker Bob (a famous Record Shop situated in the East Village of NY) who told him: »this is the best industrial record ever and I sell it to every japanese buyer who comes into the store«.

The CD is housed in a reproduction of the original LP (!) cover and comes with a special handmade insert. First edition of 500 copies.

Track listing:

1. »VUUR UUR 1« 4'31
2. »OP ZOOM 1« 3'44
3. »OP ZOOM 2« 3'59
4. »VUUR UUR 2« 4'48
5. »ZUID/ZUID OOST« 4'12
6. »VERS LICHT« 4'48
7. »OOK UIT« 7'43
8. »Recoding of Track 1+4« 5'19
9. »Recoding of Track 2« 4'32
10. »Recoding of Track 3« 5'56
11. »Recoding of Track 5« 5'03
12. »Recoding of Track 6« 7'21
13. »Recoding of Track 7« 8'02

Total playing time: 79:57 min.

The first edition of 500 copies also includes a bonus CD with never before released archive material all recorded in 1982 entitled »That was the year that was what it was«. It features the following tracks:
1. Z'EV »The sound of the light of metal for Jackson Mac Low« (18'11)
Cassette recording by Lynn Holst of a »wild-style« Z'EV performance in Martinson Hall at the Public Theater NCY 6 Dec 1982 (as part of the language / noise series produced by Ms. Holst. »I was invited to perform and choose 2 others, choosing poet Jacson Mac Low and text/sound artist Peter van Riper)«
2. UNS »Past todays« (18'38)
Cassette Recording by Merle Steir Live in Martinson Hall at the Public Theater NYC 24 may 1982. Vocals: The Sha'ul Z'EV persona. Sound by UNS: 2 VU matic turntables with 3 tone arms - modified for controlled skipping - each turntable held 2 records: »aside + beside« 12" by TO; Will Jackson + S. Weisser (2 copies) + »Wipe Out« 7" by Z'EV (2 copies) (Performance came after a group reading organized by Barbara Ess by a variety of artists of excerpts from the article by Paul Crutzen and J. Birks entitled »Nuclear Winter« that appeared in Ambio)
3. Z'EV »Element/L« (10'28)
From a cassette master. Source: Rough mixes recorded on cassette from the »Wipe Out« sessions recorded at Sorcerer Sound NYC June 1982. Rendering: July 1982 at Studio Od, Eindhoven. Tools: Sony TCD5M cassette deck, Revox 2 track. Overdubbing with splicing tape over erase head, splicing tape and block , single edged razorblades.
NOTE: At this time in history, cassette was THE ubiquitous storage medium, and while perhaps in this digital age some may feel the quality of the recordings seem to leave something to be desired, the performances here documented still deserve to be heard.
Total playing time: 47:16 min.

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Organum, "Amen"

The second installment of a short series begun with the »Sanctus« album issued by Robot Records (RR-35) in January of 2006. »Amen«, »Unto the Aeon of Aeons«, is a work of two parts using: grand piano, Hammond organ, tower bell, gong and voices.

The CD is pressed in a first edition of 600 copies in digipack.

Track listing:

1. »Amen 1« 20'04
2. »Amen 2« 20'04

Playing time: 40:08 min.


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Chris Watson/BJ Nilsen, "Storm"

Storm [Chris Watson ¬ BNilsen]

    Chris Watson ¬ BJNilsen_
    Touch # Tone 27

    3 Tracks – 18:09

    Chris Watson writes:

    “During December 2000 several significant storm fronts developed across the North Sea and Scandinavia.

    Benny remarked to me that he had recorded some of these on the Baltic coast and proposed a collaborative cd project based around our mutual interests in the rhythms and music created when the elements combine over land and out to sea.

    We spent the next few years gathering recordings on our respective coastlines and islands during the very active weather windows during the autumnal equinox and winter solstice. This was focused around our following one particular cyclonic system, which veers over Snipe Point on Lindisfarne to the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth, and finally descends upon Öland and Gotland where Benny listened in with a favourite pair of Sennheiser omnidirectional microphones.”

    Chris Watson
    Newcastle upon Tyne August 2006

    Track Listing and notes:

    1. Chris Watson - No Man's Land 15:51

    Late October on the strands of Budle Bay where dense layers of transient alien voices are swamped by a full moon tide creeping across the island’s silver causeway.

    Now lapping out of the gathering gloom an immersive sea wash is filling then draining away carrying slow currents from here to another place.

    There are no reference points in this darkness.

    Glimmer dawn in the gaping mouth of a sea cave below Tarbet Gulley where the siren songs of Cromarty, Forth & Tyne ebb and flow with the swell.

    Draw in close but hear now a fresh voice from beyond the horizon.

    Recorded during the months of October & November from 2000 to 2005 on the North East coast of England and Scotland. Microphones; Sennheiser 2 x MKH 110's binaural pair, MKH 60/30 M&S rig, DPA 2 x 4060's spaced omnis. Recorders; Nagra lV-S, Nagra Pll and Sound Devices 744T. Edited and Mixed in Boston July 2006

    2. BJNilsen & Chris Watson – SIGWX 18:18

    Viking, Forties; Cyclonic North East gale 8 backing North later 3 to 4.Thundery rain, moderate to good.

    Mixed in Boston and Stockholm June & July 2006

    3. BJNilsen – Austrvegr 15:28

    A black ruthless sea. Heavy winds making it impossible to stand up straight, icy rain hitting your face like needles.

    Recorded on the southeast coast of islands Gotland and Öland, Sweden, using a pair of Sennheiser 110 binaural mics straight to a Tascam DA P1 DAT during December 2003 and July 2004. Locations used included cottages, sheds, barns, fields and the coast. Edited and Mixed in Stockholm 2006


    A sound recordist with a particular and passionate interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres from around the world. As a freelance recordist for film, tv & radio Chris Watson specialises in natural history and documentary location sound together with track assembly and sound design in post production. He has released 3 solo CDs for Touch: 'Outside The Circle of Fire' [1998], 'Stepping into The Dark' [1996], 'Weather Report' [2003] and one album, 'Star Switch On' [2002, Tone 18], features recordings based on his work by AER, Biosphere, Fennesz, Hazard, Philip Jeck, Mika Vainio as well as two original recordings by Chris. 'Stepping into The Dark' won an Award of Distinction at the 2000 Prix ARS Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria.


    BJNilsen lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, Born in 1975. He has been active with experimental music and sound since the early 1990s with various constellations. Since 1999 he has been releasing records as Hazard on the UK labels Ash International and Touch, making music and sound for documentary film, television and commercials. He is focused on the sound of nature and its effect on humans, field recordings and the perception of time and space as experienced through sound, sometimes electronically treated.

    He has released various albums for Touch and Ash International. His last solo release was 'Fade to white' [Touch, 2005] and he collaborated with Chris Watson on 'Wind' [Ash International, 2001] and 'Land' [Touch, 2002].
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Foetus, "Damp"

DAMP, the long awaited album by FOETUS is now available exclusively from the Foetus
shoppe at! You wont find this in stores or from any other online retailer.

This 72+ minute CD contains previously unreleased material recorded in the last couple of
years. Along with newly recorded material, some of the material was originally written
during the LOVE sessions . Also included are collaborations with Rotoskop and the Melvins
and a remix by Phylr. JG Thirlwell regards DAMP as a "satellite" album to the last FOETUS
release LOVE. The DAMP cover is a deluxe ten panel foldout on heavy card with lyrics,
featuring photos and design by JG Thirlwell. The complicated printing process involves
spot hi gloss lamination which took a long time to perfect in the printing process.

You can hear excerpts from the album at

01) I Hate You All [03:26] (2003, mixed 2006) Originally commissioned for Japanese
recording artist Atsushi, this furious big band stormer appears here performed by JGT for
the first time. *previously unreleased.

02) Antabuse [01:51] (2006) A brand new instrumental composition. *previously

03) Chimera [04:55] (2004, mixed 2006) A lullaby/hymn originally written for the LOVE
album. *previously unreleased.

04) Into the Light [06:33] (1995, improved 2006) The definitive version of a the track
that previously appeared on Null, this is the definitive version with a different improved
second movement. *previously unreleased.

05) Shrunken Man [05:00] (1999) This is a radical reinterpretation of a song by The The;
it was commissioned by JGT's dear pal Matt Johnson and previously only appeared on the
very limited The The Interpretations EP. Remastered 2006.

06) Mine is No Disgrace (w/Melvins) [08:23] (2000) JGT's collaboration with the Melvins;
it previously appeared on the Melvins The Crybaby album. Remastered 2006.

07) Hemo the Cuckold [07:29] (2004) This unusual epic was originally written around
the time of the LOVE album. *previously unreleased.

08) Not In Your Hands [05:20] (2005) The classic track previously on the (not adam) EP;
this is a re-mastered version.

09) Paging Dr Strong (w/Rotoskop) [03:18] (2003) This track previously appeared on the
Rotoskop album revolution:lost, but this is the raw demo version with a different mix.
*previously unreleased.

10) Blessed Evening (Phylr remix) [04:12] (2006) A remix of the blessed evening track
from LOVE by Jim Coleman, JGT's partner in Baby Zizanie (aka Phylr and Here; ex-Cop
Shoot Cop). *previously unreleased.

11) Sieve [05:00] (2006) This was performed by versions of the Foetus live ensemble for
a couple of tours. Initially written as a live track, this is the first time a studio version has
existed. It is newly recorded for DAMP. *previously unreleased

12) Cold Shoulder [16:08] (2006) A brand new sixteen minute instrumental. *previously

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November: And Also The Trees / Young Gods



Announcing the debut of a new collaboration

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Vanishing Voice, "Nordic Visions"

artist: Vanishing Voice
title:Nordic Visions
catalog #: IMPREC132
format: cd
upc: 793447513225
release date: February 27, 2007

Nordic Visions was originaly released in a tiny vinyl edition of 525 copies which sold out immediately. Here it is by demand, resurrected as a digital tiki for the original vinyl release.
While Wooden Wand and Satya Sai jammed with the Sky High Band in beautiful California, the Vanishing Voice dug in deep in the frozen northeast. Snowed in with utopian texts and mounting paranoia, Steven The Harvester, Heidi White Diamond Diehl, and Pete Wolfy Nolan joined Nonhorse in an abandoned textile factory, boiling out these ballads of suspended disbelief and hope for the better world.



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Vanishing Voice, "Stone Tablet"

artist: Vanishing Voice
title: Stone Tablet
catalog #: IMPREC122
format: cd
upc: 793447512228
release date: Feb 27, 2007

Total Can-style audacity from Brooklyn drone stew Edward Goreyian broken house sufic wanderers the
Vanishing Voice.

The Vanishing Voice head down from the mountain for another dip in a lake of elephant seals.
A misty warbling leads down a twisted path where molten earth and crust collide. The beginning of the end of the beginning. Lots has been said bout these brooklyn teen idles:
"They're chasing rainbows!"
"They're graveyard spongeheads!"
"A pregnant poo-bah frolicking in the forest!"
No dice... Whatever Kraut or Swede compatriots that may be a part time relation the Vanishing Voice are mining the sound of the naughties in a subterranean part of brooklyn, as reprehensible as that place might be the beast still roams Gotham and these fuckers got him by the tail.
Stone Tab is a trip to be sure. Mother Mark Ospovat cracks the whip of dogsled Imandi while snarling
bad dog Pete Nolan kept a forward propulsion on skins and molten guitar spew. Mad man Steve J Taveniere of local faves Meneguar lent a cool head and a popular sensibility to the proceedings with skills on the
acoustic axe to be sure. Non horse Crane, magnetic wizard and dj let loose his usual bag of hidden charms and H. "Reality" Diehl,with a voice said to make many a grown man cry, a magik trash harp and the mind
of the other, kept us all in the ethereal realm. Don't worry though, this strange brew rocks out for real and thanks to the folks at Important Records, you can be sure it was recorded in the highest fidelity known to man.


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artist: Baikal
catalog #: IMPREC19
format: cd
release date: Feb 27, 2007

Baikal is a new burner from Bardo Pond brothers John & Michael Gibbons along with fellow Bardo Pond members Clint Takeda and Jason Kourkonis. This time they ventured down the route of heavy free-improvisation and a Last Exit style hard rock approach coupled with a hard psych bend. With two tracks each weighing in at over 30 minutes in length it's clear that Baikal is a deep voyage underseas with yet another mindblowing Bardo Pond sideproject featuring Bardo brothers John & Michael Gibbons as your tour guide – and it's a heavy trip indeed. Dive in.



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Axolotl, "Memory Theater"

artist: Axolotl
title:Memory Theater
catalog #: IMPREC120
format: cd
release date: Feb 27, 2007


Memory Theater is an absolutely essential collection of the best of Axolotl's out of print cdrs and vinyl only releases.
Karl Bauer spent quite a bit of time collaborating with Black Dice, Mouthus, Double Leopards and various other acclaimed members of the noise underground before heading off on his own as Axolotl. In the last couple of years Axolotl have released numerous cd, cdr and vinyl releases many of which quickly went out of print and started demanding some serious coin on ebay. Memory Theater collects the best of these out of print releases into one convenient package designed by Karl Bauer.
Axolotl has collaborated with the likes of the Skaters, Magik Markers, Yellow Swans, Inca Ore, Skygreen Leopards, Religious Knives, and Mouthus. Axolotl has toured Europe and the United States and shared the stage with the likes of Animal Collective, Black Dice, Boris, Charlambides, Chris Corsano, Double Leopards, Excepter, Sightings, the Skaters, Terrestrial Tones, Tomutonttu, and Yellow Swans.



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The Bark Haze LP & CD

artist: The Bark Haze
catalog #: IMPREC128
format: lp
upc: 793447512822
release date: Feb 27, 2007

This limited edition lp was pressed in an edition of 500 with letterpressed covers done by Manifesto. These are completely different recordings than the Bark Haze compact disc also on Important Records.
The Bark Haze is primarily a guitar duo of GOWN (nom de plume of one Andrew
Macgregor) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth etfuckingcetera). Auxiliary
members have been know to include Pete Nolan (Magik Markers, Virgin Eye
Blood Brothers, Cops et al). Their name came from a mis-hearing of the
radical early 70s R+B group the Bar-Kays and from that moment the concept of
mis-hearing and allegiance to presenting the mis-hearing as some open-ended
musical course became The Bark Haze's identity. So far all concerts have
taken place in Western Massachusetts and once in the confines of Cambridge,
MA's Twisted Village record emporium. They anxiously await their debut gig
in the UK at the Nightmare Before Christmas event curated by Moore. As the
heroic and potentially bonkers Carpenters refrained We've Only Just Begun.
Damn straight.



artist: The Bark Haze
catalog #: IMPREC127
format: cd
release date: Feb 27, 2007

This exclusive CD release is entirely different from the LP release on Important which is also untitled.

The Bark Haze is primarily a guitar duo of GOWN (nom de plume of one Andrew
Macgregor) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth etfuckingcetera). Auxiliary
members have been know to include Pete Nolan (Magik Markers, Virgin Eye
Blood Brothers, Cops et al). Their name came from a mis-hearing of the
radical early 70s R+B group the Bar-Kays and from that moment the concept of
mis-hearing and allegiance to presenting the mis-hearing as some open-ended
musical course became The Bark Haze's identity. So far all concerts have
taken place in Western Massachusetts and once in the confines of Cambridge,
MA's Twisted Village record emporium. They anxiously await their debut gig
in the UK at the Nightmare Before Christmas event curated by Moore. As the
heroic and potentially bonkers Carpenters refrained We've Only Just Begun.
Damn straight.


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Eleh, "Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis Volume 1"

artist: Eleh
title: Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis Volume 1
catalog #: IMPREC125
format: LP
release date: Feb 27, 2007

Eleh was formed to specifically to pay tribute to early experimental minimalist pioneers especially La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Eliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros and Charlemagne Palestine. This record is pressed in a deluxe edition of 400 on audiophile quality 180 gram vinyl mastered and pressed at RTI with letterpressed jackets done by Manifesto Letterpress.
Eleh creates highly minimal and deeply spiritual pure analog drone music with emphasis on the physical ultra-low end. Incorporating tones as low as .05 hz (well below the range of human hearing) Eleh is as much of a physical experience as it is an audio one. To be heard and felt correctly the listener must be sitting with ears at speaker height at least 7 feet away. Noise cancelling headphone use is also recommended for the optimum listening experience.








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