Ramses III, "Honey Rose"

artist: Rameses III
title:Honey Rose
catalog #: IMPREC121
format: cd ep
release date: Feb 27, 2007

Rameses III are architects of the most beautiful swathes of blissful ambience whose releases have previously found homes on labels like Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Music Fellowship, Scarcelight, MYMWLY, Barl Fire and Type.

On “Honey Rose”, the group’s first release for Important, the South London trio build a bucolic soundtrack to Jon Spira’s mysterious short film “Suityman”. Whilst the influence of Bruce Langhorne, Boxhead Ensemble and much of the 4AD roster can be keenly felt on this six song EP, so too can the wondrous drone narratives that are such a feature of Rameses III’s previous works. More structured and melodious then much of their output, “Honey Rose” is the perfect place for a newcomer to begin exploring the music of one of the finest purveyors of ambient drone operating in music today.

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"Intitially we wanted to bring Xenakis and Techno together......well, in the end it sounded really different...."

With some irony Gina Hell from the female duo Rashim states what has led to their surprisingly fresh and unconventional debut.

'Suns.Shadows' is the result of a longtime cooperation with Yasmina Haddad as Rashim, a relationship which started with dee-jaying and works for video artists or fashion designers. The album delivers more than a handful of ideas for those who have been looking after analogue warmth and tricky rhythms. Snippets of acoustic guitars built up a steady pattern, a jazz kit merges with a drum-synth, or a repeated stroke on something like a cello could keep you tapping on your table while you listen to a piano chord or a vocal phrase. Rashim´s cosm is definitely eclectic regarding its source material ­ pop culture can meet an orchestral drum solo - but the music is always coherent in its results. Maybe this is because of the duo´s convincing and conscious handling with instruments, sounds and samples, but more likely it is their intuitive approach and the focus on rhythm, a basic and still vivid expression.
(mosz 2006)

1: lost
2: kunstkomplex
3: sheman
4: you're not past man, you are tradition
5: it's worth it
6: yes, xenakis
7: shines   
8: for the cat   
9: blueblackgold   
10: drawn   
11: total eclipse  

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The One Ensemble - Wayward the Fourth


The One Ensemble is a quartet from Glasgow, Scotland. Originally a solo recording project of Daniel Padden, two albums were released as ‘The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden’ - a self-titled CD on Catsup Plate, and 'The Owl Of Fives' on Textile. After that the Ensemble became a live band and released 'Live At VPRO Radio' on Brainwashed. The band is now simply The One Ensemble. Daniel Padden is a member of Volcano The Bear. Aby Vulliamy and Chris Hladowski are members of Nalle.

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Karen Dalton's 1971 Acid Folk Masterpiece: "In My Own Time"

Karen Dalton

In My Own Time (CD & LP)

(Originally Released 1971)

CD Available Now
180gram LP Available Late Nov

1.) Something on Your Mind
2.) When A Man Loves A Woman
3.) In My Own Dream
4.) Katie Cruel - FULL MP3
5.) How Sweet It Is
6.) In A Station
7.) Take Me
8.) Same Old Man
9.) One Night Of Love
10.) Are You Leaving For The Country


"My favorite singer in the place was Karen Dalton. Karen had a voice like Billie Holiday's and played the guitar like Jimmy Reed." - Bob Dylan

"She is my favorite female blues singer." - Nick Cave

"Without a doubt, she is my favorite singer." - Devendra Banhart

"She sure can sing the shit out of the blues." - Fred Neil

Download MP3!
Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel

> Buy CD or Limited Edition 7" @ LightInTheAttic.net

* First Time on CD + First Vinyl Reissue
* Bonus EP Featuring Previously Unreleased Tracks
    (Only Available on iTunes starting Mid-Nov)
* Remastered from the Original Tapes
* CD includes 32pg Deluxe Booklet
* Exclusive liner notes from Lenny Kaye, Nick Cave,
    and Devendra Banhart
* Limited Edition 7" with Pic Sleeve Also Available

The late Karen Dalton has been the muse for countless folk rock geniuses, from Bob Dylan to Devendra Banhart, from Lucinda Williams to Joanna Newsom. Legendary singer Lacy J. Dalton actually adopted her hero's surname as her own when she started her career in country music. Karen Dalton had that affect on people - her timeless, aching, blues-soaked, Native American spirit inspired both Dylan & The Band's "Katie's Been Gone" (on 'The Basement Tapes') and Nick Cave's "When I First Came To Town" (from 'Henry's Dream').

Recorded over a six month period in 1970/71 at Bearsville, 'In My Own Time' was Dalton's only fully planned and realized studio album. The material was carefully selected and crafted for her by producer/musician Harvey Brooks, the Renaissance man of rock-jazz who played bass on Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" and Miles' "Bitches Brew". It features ten songs that reflected Dalton's incredible ability to break just about anybody's heart - from her spectral evocation of Joe Tate's "One Night of Love," to the dark tragedy of the traditional "Katie Cruel." Known as a great interpreter of choice material, Dalton could master both country and soul genres with hauntingly pining covers of George Jones' "Take Me" and Holland-Dozier-Holland's "How Sweet It Is."

From the exclusive liner notes by Lenny Kaye ("Nuggets," Patti Smith Group):

"Karen's mother was full Cherokee, and told her that if your vibrations were right, plants would grow into your room, as Karen had grown onto the Village folk scene. She had the Beat spirit as well, the existential angst which felt life was dark, perpetually in pain, and that was how you became your art, if you were a real artist.'

"'Karen was tall, willowy, had straight black hair, was long-waisted and slender, what we all wanted to look like,' Lacy J. Dalton said. And her blend of influences - the jazz of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, the immersion of Nina Simone, the Appalachian keen of Jean Ritchie, the R&B and country that had to seep in as she made her way to New York from Oklahoma - created a 'voice for the jaded ear.'"

Karen Dalton on MySpace

Light In The Attic
Records & Distribution

P.O. Box 31970
Seattle, WA 98103


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Tor Lundvall: Yule

Tor Lundvall: Yule

Tor Lundvall

Tor Lundvall Announces a "Ghost Ambient" Release for the Yule Season

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Deerhunter - 'Cryptograms'

artist: Deerhunter
title: Cryptograms
catalog #: krank104
formats available: CD   
CD UPC Code: 7 96441 81042 0
Release Date: January 29, 2007

Content: Cryptograms is the second full-length offering from Deerhunter, and their first for Kranky. The album took almost two years to finish and was the product of emotional, physical, and financial strain on the group. The result is an album that finds the band shifting from discordant catharsis, and forming a sonic identity that completely expresses the place from which they have arrived. The album functions in part as a study in duality and the concept of the same experiences seen from two angles, present and past. The most obvious manifestation of this is in the chronological sequencing. The first half of the album was recorded first unsuccessfully in 2005. These recordings were a blur at best, wordless and bordering on psychological atrophy. The sessions failed to provide anything tangible, and were racked with technical and personal problems, including out-of-tune pianos, panic attacks, and a tape machine that seemed to fail to capture the full spectrum of ambience the band was exploring. The band returned home, having failed, and considered giving up. The idea arose to give it one last shot and exactly one year from the date of the recording of their first self-titled LP at a small studio in rural GA, they returned to that same studio and plugged in. The session resulted in the first half of the record which was recorded in one day and completely filled the reel of tape they brought with them. Cryptograms’ first side begins with an introduction leading to the title track, and ends with the tape literally spinning off the end of the reel in the middle of a drone layered with bells and accordion (“Red Ink”). The second half of the record, also recorded in one day, in the November of 2005, represents the band in an entirely different state. “Spring Hall Convert” opens with the line, “…so I woke up…” and introduces a set of focused psyche-pop songs fixating on adolescence, illness, and failing connections.

Context: Deerhunter began in 2001 with the ambition of fusing the lulling hypnotic states induced by ambient and minimalist music with the klang and propulsion of garage rock. The band has weathered chaotic line-up changes, the death of a member, and much discouragement. Their live performances almost always leave audiences polarized, and have been referred to by Karen O of the yeah yeah yeah’s in NME as bordering on “a religious experience.” They are based in Atlanta.
Track Listing: 1. Intro  2. Cryptograms  3. White Ink  4. Lake Somerset  5. Providence  6. Octet  7. Red Ink  8. Spring Hall Convert  9. Strange Lights 10. Hazel St.  11. Tape Hiss Orchid  12. Heatherwood

Quote: "…a massive, psych-heavy, art-damaged five-piece, and one of the most inspired new bands we've heard in quite a while. Deerhunter's forthcoming Kranky debut -- not to mention their absolutely fucking insane live shows-- is likely to make them one of the most talked-about bands of 2007." Pitchfork 10.23.06

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Korea Soundblaster and Elizabeth Wurst on Dom Elchklang






Busan is burning, sushi-monsters roar for food in the distance…Welcome home!

This music has mutated directly from the fires of hell and if you choose to

step inside the secret world of Korea's most enigmatic noise-geishas, you will be

drowned into their catastrophic debacles of sound.

Cataclysmic laughter.

In exactly 33 minutes and 33 seconds your universe will be reduced to

a few grains of dust.





DOM EK 026 3"CD
(limited edition of 100 copies)



Elisabeth went home to look up information on piano tuners' lives in the 1970s and found nothing.

Dieter said, there was plenty of information on the design and construction of Super 8 equipment,

but there was little on people tuning the piano.

Some are married with children, living out in the suburbs. Some are dead.

Then Elfriede came for a visit and things fell into place, but Bauknecht was struck

by a hit-and-run driver on his way home to Café UFO one evening In 1977.



Also available from DOM EK:

HNAS-Abwassermusik CD (DOM 77-16)
HNAS-Melchior CD (DOM 77-17)
HNAS-Küttel im Frost CD (DOM 77-18)
HNAS-Im Schatten CD (DOM 77-19)
HNAS-Book of Dingenskirchen CD (DOM 77-20)
Rowenta/Khan-Sofavision CD (DOM EK 023)
Rowenta/Khan-Avantgarde explosion CD (DOM EK 009)
Rowenta/Khan-Tiefpunkte moderner Tonkomposition CD (DOM EK 012)
Frank Rowenta-Schuss in den Ofen CD (DOM EK 018)
Frank Rowenta-Weingüter CD (DOM EK 022)
Dr. P. Li Khan-Ein Hauch von Höllenlärm CD (DOM EK 014)
Anemonengurt-Wo die Ebenen gegättet sind CD (DOM EK 007)
Anemonengurt-Bocuse Berneau CD (DOM EK 011)

Anemonengurt-Audiozirkus 8cm CD (DOM EK 025)
Korea Soundblaster-same CD (DOM EK 013)
Algebra Suicide-The Secret like crazy LP (DOM EK 001)
Various Artists-Bratenstücke CD (DOM EK 021)
Damenbart-Impressionen '71 CD (Psychedelic Pig 03)
Damenbart-Karma und Gnade 8cm CD (DOM EK 016)
Brigitte & the Hansen experience-Frau Hansen am Bass CD (Psychedelic Pig 04)
Otto Vokal-Systeme 8cm CD (DOM EK 019)

Dieter Bauknecht-Beyond Dorfdisko 8cm CD (DOM EK 010)

Dieter Bauknecht-Quadrophonic girls 8cm CD (DOM EK 017)

Coastal Guard-same 8cm CD (DOM EK 015)

Geisterfahrer-Himmel und Hölle 8cm CD (DOM EK 024)


CDs/LP: Eur 16,- (+postage)

8 cm CDs (limited edition of 100 copies) : Eur 22,- (+postage)

Wholesalers: please contact us!



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MAJU - Maju-4

date - Nov 14th
artist - MAJU
title - Maju-4
cat # - XCD-055
format - CD
label - EXTREME
country - Australia

Maju-4 embodies a deep organic interaction that is almost retro-ambient in its approach, carving out a psychotropic quasi-analogue adventure that engages the subconscious and unconscious with compelling clarity. Maju-4 is now, more than ever, Sakana and Narita. Their distinct voice as Maju has now matured into a force that few can follow. They have allowed the ghost in the machine to speak and its voice is powerful and pure. Maju-4 doesn’t provide any excuses, instead it launches into the deep cocoon like sound that they have only toyed with on previous releases. This is a celebration of a united musical vision that does not need to or want to compromise. Hosomi Sakana, having left the stardom of Elephant Kashimashi, has quite rightly never been prepared to compromise. Elephant Kashimashi was a band that achieved legendary status by becoming successful for making music they believed in and, by its own accord, allowing it to connect with the hearts of Japanese people of all ages. This was no small effort, in light of the flood of J-Pop and saccharine music that pervades the Japanese music industry. He currently works with Akino Arai, famous for singing theme songs for major anime productions such as Outlaw Star, Noir, Macross Plus and Dragon Quest. Masaki Narita is also behind the workings of many Japanese musicians with his production and musical talents. To have two such talented and visionary musicians creating music together is a blessing and a joy to behold. Maju-4 is like a stream of consciousness and it never asks for approval or offers excuses. If Carl Jung had made music, it would have sounded like Maju.

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Mr Geoffrey & JD Franzke - Get a Room

date - Nov 14th
artist - Mr Geoffrey & JD Franzke
title - Get a Room
cat # - XLTD-006
format - CD
label - EXTREME
country - Australia

Get a Room, the audacious and engaging ‘mixscape’ of found sounds and music through the ages by Australian artists MR GEOFFREY & JD FRANZKE. Their backgrounds, DJ and sound designer respectively, make for a wonderful combination that can only be labeled a ‘Mixscape’. “Get a Room” is the perfect album for twenty-four hour rotation or driving through the night.

EXTREME www.xtr.com

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Claudio Parodi - Horizontal Mover (homage to Alvin Lucier)

date - January 16th 2007
artist - Claudio Parodi
title - Horizontal Mover (homage to Alvin Lucier)
cat # - XCD-056
format - CD
label - EXTREME
country - Australia

Few musicians have the opportunity to pay homage to their musical idol, much less send them a recording and receive a reply. CLAUDIO PARODI did just this, sending “Horizontal Mover” to Alvin Lucier. The response was nothing short of overwhelming – “I find it absolutely beautiful”.

This shows the humility of Lucier, a pioneering artist, and the talent of PARODI in producing “Horizontal Mover”, a work that deserves such praise.

EXTREME www.xtr.com

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Current 93 / OM - Inerrent Infallible CD EP

The new split cdep by OM and Current 93 is now ready to ship.
The disc features 2 tracks, 17 minutes of music.
While the OM track is identicle to the version released on Neurot's 10', the
cd version features the Current track in a different mix.
Visit www.jnanarecords.com for more details.
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Vic Bondi (Articles of Faith/Report Suspicious Activities) featured in American Hardcore

Vic Bondi is one of the main interview subjects in the forthcoming "American Hardcore" documentary.Bondi's band Articles of Faith, is just the beginning. In 2005, Bondi joined with J Robbins (of Jawbox/Burning Airlines) and Darren Zentek (from Kerosene 454) to record as REPORT SUPSICIOUS ACTIVITIES (Virus341). 
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Heads - Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive

UNDER THE STRESS OF A HEADLONG DIVE (Virus 365) may be the 5th album by Bristol's HEADS, but for many this North American release may be their first glimpse. The record came out in Europe with slightly different cover art (bright red/orange instead of purple) on Invada Records. After a spate of releases on Man's Ruin (Kozik's label), THE HEADS have negotiated their first release with Alternative Tentacles, home of past jammers like Comets on Fire and Zeni Geva. The UK group circles the wagons of psych bombast with a heavy krautrock-inspired groove, and create an event horizon of infinite heavy. Dave Pehling of the SF Weekly says "a serious contender for most bongtastic album of 2006"
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Sol Invictus - Sol Veritas Lux (Tursa America TA1)

Sol Invictus - Sol Veritas Lux

Sol Invictus

An All Time Neofolk Classic Returns at the Right Time

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Conrad Schnitzler - Trigger Trilogy

artist: Conrad Schnitzler
title: Trigger Trilogy
catalog #: IMPREC114
format: 3 cd
release date: October 24, 2006

Conrad Schnitzler is a genuine legend in the krautrock and electronic music worlds. Schnitzler studied under Joseph Beuys before joining an early Tangerine Dream. Their first album Electronic Meditation shows a band highly influenced by Schnitzler's unique, singular approach. Schnitzler left Tangerine Dream to form Kluster with friends Dieter Moebius and Hans Joachim Roedelius. When Schnitzler left Kluster they changed their name to Cluster eventually merging with Michael Rother (of Neu!) to form Harmonia, a group who Brian Eno once called the most important rock group on the planet. Schnitzler also founded Eruption in 1970 along with Klaus Schultz, Manuel Gottsching (Ash Ra Tempel), and Klaus Freudigmann.

Looking back at Conrad Schnitzler's career it becomes obvious that he was an architecht who helped draw the blueprints for some very significant musical movements. Perhaps overlooked, or at least desperately underappreciated, it hasn't slowed Schnitzler down. Since leaving Kluster Conrad Schnitzler has composed dillegently for electronics and piano. Now located in Dallgow Germany he continues to accumulate equiptment and recordings of what he says is “cold, hard electonic sound.”

Trigger Trilogy consists of three discs each selected from hundreds of hours of Schnitzler's private recordings. Each represents a one of the few unique approaches that Schnitzler takes to recording, each uniquely identified and defined by Schnitzler. Within each of these recordings one can hear how Schnitzler influenced a generation of artists not only in Germany but the world around and how he's brought those sounds into the modern day. It's also apparent in these recordings that Schnitzler is a thoughtful and enlightened, a total and pioneer floating freely in a world of sound.

Trigger One consists of what Schnitzler calls his Solo Voices or Solo Electronics. This particular recording happens to be rhythmically based electronic work. Recognizing that in traditional music the melodic line is subordinate to the ensemble leaving it no true impression of it's own Schnitzler has liberated the solo voice in his own music and given it it's own vocation as noise, tone and sound. By superimposing several voices or forming a sound environment by mixing Schnitzler has created new dimensions, worlds of sound where the individual voice is no longer subservient to synchronization or the conductor's baton. The results are sound combinations which adhere to no logic.
”The strength of the individual voice lies in its freedom from vis-a-vis any sound.” Conrad Schnitzler

Trigger Two is what Schnitzler refers to as Free Concert Mix Solos:

“From solo to mix, from melodic line to ensemble. Accumulation of voices,
note clusters which are not opposed to one other but are equal and
parallel in a free play of energy. The mix of solo voices produces
concentrations of notes and noises, tangles, compressions, sound
constellations, sound catastrophes, acoustic phenomena's.
The individuality of each voice is absorbed into the chaos of the
overall sound, is held there and blurred. Musical developments emerge
from the atmosphere of the individual voices of the ensemble and its
variations. Sound sequences spill forth, revealing tight and loose webs
of notes, changes in tempo, varying expressions of volume and dynamics
and shifts in the direction of the sound pattern. A sound chaos which
appears to change automatically becomes perceptible. the indeterminate
starting order for the solo voices create an open unfinished work,
containing a wealth of episodes with sound sequences, environmental
associations, stylistic devices from other worlds and interplay's of
nature and technology.” Conrad Schnitzler

Trigger Three, the final disc in the Trigger Trilogy, is a Con-Cert. This is a tradition that Schnitzler has been working in for quite some time. Originally using cassettes and now using compact discs Schnitzler creates live mixes of multiple recordings. The sounds are intentionally designed, shaped, constructed and composed in specific relation to one another.

“The articulation of sound in an era where new technology allows for the
creation of an unlimited number of new sounds calls for new recording
techniques. These are offered by tape, CD or computer hard disks.
In the past I used conventional cassettes to create my concerts, but now
the sounds are recorded on CD and can be used in the concerts thanks to
their enhanced quality.
The individual tracks have fixed starting points which can be adjusted
by a number of seconds and thus produce different results. The volume of
the individual tracks can be adapted to the acoustics of the location
and the listening experience will vary for each location as a
consequence.” Conrad Schnitzler


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Hototogisu - Some Blood Will Stick

artist: Hototogisu
title: Some Blood Will Stick
catalog #: IMPREC106
format: cd
release date: October 24, 2006

Hototogisu is Matthew Bower (Skullflower/Sunroof!) and Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards). They've been laying down billowing sheets of tetonic guitar drone-noise since 2003 with the thickest possible helpings of vocals and electronics.
Some Blood Will Stick is a collection of tracks from their ultra-limited self produced label Heavy Blossom. Songs were taken from Swoon Scream (2004) and Awful Symmetry (2005) with one additional track. What makes this disc more than a simple re-release is the extraordinary scalpel re-editing by Matthew Bower and the crushing and invigorating mastering by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound making this one of the heaviest and most beautiful Hototogisu releases.
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Conrad Schnitzler - Klavierhelm

artist: Conrad Schnitzler
title: Klavierhelm
catalog #: IMPREC113
format: cd
upc: 793447511429
release date: October 24, 2006

Conrad Schnitzler is a genuine legend in the krautrock and electronic music worlds. Schnitzler studied under Joseph Beuys before joining an early Tangerine Dream. Their first album Electronic Meditation shows a band highly influenced by Schnitzler's unique, singular approach. Schnitzler left Tangerine Dream to form Kluster with friends Dieter Moebius and Hans Joachim Roedelius. When Schnitzler left Kluster they changed their name to Cluster eventually merging with Michael Rother (of Neu!) to form Harmonia, a group who Brian Eno once called the most important rock group on the planet. Schnitzler also founded Eruption in 1970 along with Klaus Schultz, Manuel Gottsching (Ash Ra Tempel), and Klaus Freudigmann.

Looking back at Conrad Schnitzler's career it becomes obvious that he was an architecht who helped draw the blueprints for some very significant musical movements. Perhaps overlooked, or at least desperately underappreciated, it hasn't slowed Schnitzler down. Since leaving Kluster Conrad Schnitzler has composed dillegently for electronics and piano. Now located in Dallgow Germany he continues to accumulate equiptment and recordings of what he says is “cold, hard electonic sound.” The piano is certainly an instrument with which Conrad Schnitzler is not often associated. However, his compositions on Klavierhelm exhibit his highly expressive and free approach to the piano. Calling to mind Erik Satie and Cage, Cecil Taylor and even Carl Stalling. Limited edition of 1000. Cover design by Conrad Schnitzler.


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Nurse With Wound: An Awkward Pause special edition 2CD

We are pleased to re-release one of the most popular albums in the Nurse With Wound discography. Originally released in 1999, 'An Awkward Pause' adds David Tibet, Christoph Heemann, Colin Potter and Petr Vastl (Aranos) to the mix, resulting in an extremely unique sounding and dare we say, rocking release.

This 2 CD set is released in a deluxe 6 panel digifile and adds a second disc of all previously unreleased tracks. Most interesting for Nurse fans is the fact that one of the tracks allows the listener to take all the elements and mix their own version of 'Two Shaves and a Shine'! Absolutely essential!


An Awkward Pause: Intravenous * Two Shaves and a Shine (concerto for bouzouki and 3 piece rock group in 93 six second segments) * The Penis Fruit Loop * Lunar Cement Sidewalk * Mummer's Little Weeper

bonus disc: Mummer's Little Weeper (Kinky whim demo) * Intravenous (Unrefined component no. 1) * Disposition One * Intravenous (Unrefined component no. 2) * Disposition Two * Penis Fruit Loop (Bald and beardless version) * Intravenous (Plump aerospheric mix) * Disposition Three * Intravenous (Unrefined component no. 3) * Two Shaves and a Shine (Original archaic demo) * Two Shaves and a Shine (Ingredients) Create your own track! * Two Shaves and a Shine (Bastard disco version) * Mummer's Little Weeper (Mud ooze sloth mix)

We are now taking pre-orders in our shop. Price: US $ 19.99

Expected release date: November 1

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Rivulets - You Are My Home

Artist: rivulets
Title: "you are my home"
Label: Important records
Date: November 28, 2006


Details below...


> 1. Featured Artists

Nathan Amundson aka RIVULETS: acoustic guitars, piano, voice
Jessica Bailiff (Kranky records): bells, electric guitars, mellotron
Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come, the New Year): drums, electric guitar
Christian Frederickson (Rachel's): viola
Fred Lonberg-Holm (Boxhead Ensemble): cello
Brian John Mitchell (Silber records): greenhouse construction
Bob Weston (Mission of Burma, Shellac): bass, beats, piano, trumpet

All songs & arrangements by Nathan Amundson, ? & (p) 2005 rivulets (BMI)

Recorded & mixed by Bob Weston at Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL

> 2.Track Listing

1. glass houses
2. can't i wonder
3. you are my home
4. heartless
5. motioning
6. greenhouse
7. win or lose
8. to be home
9. you sail on
10. happy ending
11. morning light

> 3.Overview

Long-delayed 3rd album by internationally acclaimed solo artist RIVULETS.
Featuring guests Jessica Bailiff (Kranky), Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come,
the New Year), Christian Frederickson (Rachel's), Fred Lonberg-Holm
(Boxhead Ensemble), & Bob Weston (Mission of Burman, Shellac).

Rivulets' first 2 full-length albums, "r i v u l e t s" (2002) and
"DEBRIDEMENT" (2003), were both recorded by Alan Sparhawk of Low, and
released on Low's own label Chair Kickers' Union. These albums feature
guest appearances from the likes of  Jessica Bailiff (Kranky), LD Beghtol
(the Magnetic Fields), Jon DeRosa (Aarktica), Marc Gartman (No Wait Wait),
Brian John Mitchell (Remora), Aaron Molina (if thousands), and Mimi Parker

Extensive touring overseas has garnered Rivulets intensely loyal fanbases
across Europe.  We're hoping this, Rivulets 1st album on Important
records, will help the US to take notice as well.  A few of the artists
Rivulets has shared bills with in the past include: Haley Bonar, Chris
Brokaw, Cerberus Shoal, Cocorosie, Mark Eitzel, Daniel Johnston, Low,
Mirah, My Morning Jacket, the New Year, Scout Niblett, Piano Magic, Radar
Bros., Stars of the Lid, Songs: Ohia, Swearing at Motorists, Willard Grant
Conspiracy, Shannon Wright, and Xiu Xiu.

Rivulets' discography also includes numerous compilation appearances and
several EPs: the aforementioned "thank you reykjavik" EP on BlueSanct;
"the Alcohol EPs" on Silber; the "rivulets / marc gartman" split CD
(featuring Jarboe of SWANS) on Tract; and the "you've got your own" EP on
Acuarela (incidentally the bestselling EP Acuarela have released,
out-selling EPs by the Album Leaf, the Clientele, and Tara Jane O'Neil).

This is not a folk album.  This is an album about hearts breaking, tearing
it down, and moving on.

> 4. Selling Points

Featuring guests Jessica Bailiff (Kranky), Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come,
the New Year), Christian Frederickson (Rachel's), Fred Lonberg-Holm
(Boxhead Ensemble), & Bob Weston (Mission of Burman, Shellac).

Recorded & mixed by Bob Weston at (Steve Albini's studio) Electrical
Audio, Chicago, IL

Gorgeous package design featuring photography by reknowned French
photographer Laurent Orseau

Rivulets is cited as an influence by a new crop of young artists,
including Heller Mason and Jamie Barnes, both of whom have covered
Rivulets songs on record.

Well-known Rivulets fans include Antony (who came backstage in Spain to
compliment Nathan on how "diabolical" Rivulets' performance had been);
Iceland's beloved ??rir,  Germany's "future soul" diva Clara Hill, the
UK's Pantaleimon (collaborator of David Tibet / Current 93), and
Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu, who personally brought this album to the
attention of Important when it was looking for a home.  (Oh yeah I guess
everyone who plays on the record too, of course, or they wouldn't be doing

Outside of his work in Rivulets, Nathan Amundson is a frequently called on
as a collaborator, with credits on records by Annelies Monser?, Jessica
Bailiff, if thousands, Pale Horse & Rider, Remora, and Vlor.  Visit the
discography page at rivulets.net for complete info:

Rivulets' official website: www.rivulets.net will undergo a complete
re-design for the launch of this album.  Find more on Rivulets at

Selected Discography:
you've got your own, 2004 Acuarela Discos CDEP
rivulets / marc gartman, 2004 Tract Records CDEP
DEBRIDEMENT, 2003 Chair Kickers' Union full-length CD
The Alcohol EPs, 2002 Silber Records CDEP
thank you reykjavik, 2002 BlueSanct CDEP
r i v u l e t s, 2002 Chair Kickers' Union full-length CD

> 5. Key Markets:

All major US cities please.

> Hometown:

Anchorage, AK

> Also:
Bloomington, IN
Seattle, WA
Chicago, IL

> 6. Press quotes:

"Often driven only by voice or quiet guitar, Rivulets is frighteningly
gentle, yet genuinely powerful. The brooding love songs of Mark Kozelek's
Red House Painters are an apt comparison, as are the acute, windswept
soundscapes of Iceland's Sigur Ros. Most often, the music suggests the
isolation and odd beauty found at the center of an iced-over lake in the
middle of winter." - All Music Guide

"Four stars ["DEBRIDEMENT"]. Amundson's songs may occasionally make Nick
Drake sound full o' beans, but their forlorn, otherworldly beauty is
seldom less captivating." - Mojo, UK (2003)

"Residing in a hazy singer-songwriter space somewhere between Nick Drake
and Red House Painter Mark Kozelek, Rivulets' is the work of one Nathan
Amundson." - Mojo, UK (2002)

"Think of the hazy grace of Low, the heartrending honesty of Will Oldham
and the songcraft of Nick Drake and you understand it's hard for me not to
give this one my wholehearted recommendation." - the Broken Face

"Realistically, Nathan Amundson (Rivulets) should have put out a record
with at least one bad song by now. He hasn't." - the Brain

"...a shining gem of introspective modern ethereal folk." - Outburn

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Dead Can Dance: Wake


4AD readies “Wake”
a two-disc DEAD CAN DANCE collection

release date: October 10th, 2006

4AD is excited to release a condensed compilation of Dead Can Dance
music.  “Wake” contains tracks chosen by Brendan Perry from the out
of print limited-edition box set, which was released by 4AD in 2001.
The compilation spans Dead Can Dance’s entire career, including the
last track that Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry completed as the band
‘The Lotus Eaters’ (previously only available on the box set).

Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry formed Dead Can Dance in the early
‘80s, releasing eight critically acclaimed and highly individual
albums during their seventeen year career with 4AD.  As well as being
a unique musical force, Dead Can Dance are also one of the most
commercially successful 4AD bands, selling millions worldwide.  Since
the band’s split in 1998, both Lisa and Brendan have continued making
music.  Brendan Perry released his stunning ‘Eye Of The Hunter’ album
in 1999 and Lisa Gerrard has recorded solo albums and contributed her
glorious vocals to film scores such as ‘The Insider’, ‘Heat’ and
‘Gladiator’, for which she received a Golden Globe award and was
nominated for an Academy Award.  Lisa also did the soundtrack to the
award winning New Zealand movie ‘Whale Rider’.

Given the huge success of the 2005 Dead Can Dance reunion tour, now
is the time to revisit this hugely influential band.

“Utilizing traditional instruments in untraditional combinations,
Dead Can Dance have created a sound that is distinctly their own, and
instantly recognizable.”  PITCHFORK
“...a breathtaking fusion of ancient and modern sounds, the results
of which often transcend the stylistic entrapments of a specific
culture for something larger.” CMJ

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