Eliane Radigue, "Geelriandre/Arthesis"

Eliane Radigue

Geelriandre/Arthesis is named for the pieces that fill its two sides.  "Geelriandre," realized on an ARP 2500 synthesizer in 1972, features Gérard Fremy on prepared piano, for whom the piece was originally composed.  "Arthesis," realized using the University of Iowa's Moog in 1973, comprises the full duration of side B.

Eliane Radigue has received much deserved praise for her transcendent compositions for tape, synthesizers and acoustic instruments.  Her work is deep, slowly changing and timelessly resonant with timbre so dense you can listen through the sound to find infinity.  Accute physicality, overtones and psychoacoustic activity fills your space, follows you, grounds you, pulls you in or lets you go.  It's all here/hear.

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