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American Music Club played and recorded together for ten years, building crowds and critical acclaim with Mark Eitzel's sardonic songs of love, god, and liquor matched with the power of band members Bruce on pedal steel, Vudi's guitar, Danny Pearson's multi-instrumental/backing vocals, and Tom's creative drum patterns. Attention grew with every record, eventually reaching the peak with worldwide releases through Warner Bros. in the US and Virgin in Europe. Late in 1994/early 1995 (depending on who you ask) the group called it quits. Mark Eitzel developed his solo career while slowcore and "" eventually became the "in" things. 2004 saw the reunion of the band and a new album of all new material, Love Songs for Patriots on the indie monster Merge. Mark Eitzel and I sat down and talked about the band, the breakup and reformation, and various other things that's been effecting him and the group lately. (We actually did this on camera back in 1993 but those tapes are lost, damnit!)