Popul Vuh, "Mika Vaino / Haswell & Hecker Remixes"

Pan Sonic's Mika Vainio remixes Popol Vuh's "Nachts: Schnee" from the 1987 soundtrack Cobra Verde, and crafts a piece that balances craving and anguish. Haswell & Hecker undertake the impossible: "Aguirre I" from the 1972 soundtrack Aguirre - The Wrath Of God.
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Duncan Edwards

Duncan Edwards lives in Bergen with another human, two deerhounds, two seagulls, a crow, and a dove. Previously he was exiled in Texas from New Orleans where he was previously exiled from England where he sometimes felt a bit exiled while sitting comfortably at home. He did a radio show for a few years called Not Your Cup Of Tea. The first record he bought was "Ride A White Swan." 

Picks of 2008 with possible leakage from 2007 and into 2009:

potpie - "six"
The Gubernatorial Candidates - "No Remainder"
MaxTundra - "Will Get Fooled Again"
Aufgehoben - "Annex Organon"
Group Inerane - "Awal September"
The Low Anthem - "Ticket Taker"
The Stranger - "Something To Do With Death"
DJ Spooky/James Joyce/ Erik Satie - "Eolian Episode/Gnossiene"
DJ Spooky/Shukar/Radio Mentale/Raoul Hausmann - "Cika-Laka/Cool Noises Pt2/BBB"
The Subliminator - "Howl"
John Baker - "Woman's Hour (Reading Your Letters)"
Blackout Beach - "Cloud Of Evil"
Ethan Rose - "On Wheels Rotating"
Fotheringay - "Wild Mountain Thyme"
Lucille Bogan - "Tricks Ain't Walking"
Surf City - "Mt Kill"
Mt. Eerie/Julie Doiron/Fred Squire - "With My Hands Out"
Lucky Dragons - "Desert Rose"
Deer Tick - "City Of Sin"
Olafur Arnalds - "0040"
LT - "England Story"
A Place To Bury Strangers - "Sunbeam"
Karl Blau - "Stream Of Ganders"
Herman Dune - "When The Water Gets Cold And Freezes On The Lake"
Raglani - "Perilous Straits"
Oren Ambarchi - "Highway of Diamonds"
Anna Jarvinen - "Nedgangslaten"
Johann Johannsson - "Fordlandia"
Ben Simmons - "Untitled"
Alessandra Celletti - "Foolish Child"
Haswell & Hecker - "Aguirre I"
IfIHadAHiFi - "Get Killed, Get Noticed"

Victrola Favorites
Folklore - The Ghost of H.W. Beavermann
Awake My Soul
Gavin Bryars/Philip Jeck/Alter Ego - The Sinking of The Titanic
Sun City Girls - You're Never Alone With A Cigarette:Singles Volume 1
Max Richter - 24 Postcards In Full Colour
Russell Haswell - Second Live Salvage


Picks of 2007:

Basil Kirchin, "I Start Counting" 
A Place To Bury Strangers, "Another Step Away"
Porn Sword Tobacco, "Den Rose Sporten"
Keith Hudson, "Darkest Night On A Wet Looking Road"
Wyndham Lewis, "If So The Man You Are" 
Porn sword Tobacco, "Ljus,Der Yhersa Gavan"

Edward Ka-Spel, "Doughnut" 
Kode 9 & The SpaceApe, "Victims" 
Roger Lavern & The Microns, "Moon Rocket" 
Mike Sammes, "Timex"
Future Conditional, "Crying's What You Need" 
No Age, "Everybody's Down" 
Eric Malberg, "Leksand, Tidigt Nittiolal" 
Brion Gysin, "Cut-Ups (1959)" 
Young Marble Giants, "Choci Loni" 
Celestine Ukwu & His Philosopher's National,  "Okwukwe Na Nchekwube"  
Pluramon, "Turn In" 
Wisbey, "The Ladies Bra's" 
Sir Richard Bishop, "Ecstacies In The Open Air" 
Fog, Ditherer
Jakob Olausson, Moonlight Farm
Sandro Perri, "Family Tree" 
Amp, "Moon Tree"  
Sandro Perri, "Mirror Tree" 
Robert Wyatt, "A Beautiful War"

Joe Boyd, "White Bicycles" (Book)

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Steven Brown, "Brown Plays Tenco"

Attention American Idol contestants! Luigi Tenco failed to make the final of the 1967 San Remo Festival. As a protest against the jury's taste in music, he shot himself in the head. The song Tenco performed was "Ciao Amore Ciao" and had I been judging he would still have pulled the trigger. However....
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Belong, "Colorloss Record"

It would be fine by me if Belong were to repeat the lush distortion of their debut October Language forever. Instead, on Colorloss Record they turn down the bass a little and add lots of vocals that they process just shy of oblivion. All of which creates a feeling similar to listening to A Hard Day’s Night through your teeth.

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Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Nigerian Blues 1970-6

This two disc set explores the music of 1970s Nigeria in the period after the Biafran war. It demonstrates a fresh national confidence and a variety beyond the juju music that most Westerners associate with the country. It also reveals Celestine Ukwu, a dazzling star who would die too soon.
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Matt "MV" Valentine, "P K Dick"

The MV half of MV&EE creates tense, cosmic music with very little. His meandering voice and sparkling guitar sound lonely, weird, and oddly comforting. A good match, actually, for some of Philip K. Dick's obsessions: identity, authenticity and transformation.  


Time Lag

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Marc Wilkinson, "Blood On Satan's Claw"

 The phenomenal Trunk label keep up their unique work by giving Marc Wilkinson's score for a 1971 cult British horror movie its first ever release. Film fans, soundtrack aficionados, and addicts of obscure music will all be thrilled, as Blood on Satan's Claw is beautiful and disconcerting in equal measure.
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Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, "100 Days, 100 Nights"

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings' third full-length is proof positive that musical quality will always triumph. Their subtle take on soul and funk is terrific fun for everyone and their success mocks any attempt at narrow definitions of genre, beauty, the female form and what is hip.
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Pluramon, "The Monstrous Surplus"

The fifth full-length release by Marcus Schmickler as Pluramon uses three vocalists, including Julee Cruise. This simple device allows for multiple angles of perception to be explored in different narrative voices. Allied to spellbinding production, this is a fascinating record.
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Murcof, "Cosmos"

Fernando Corona is back with another Murcof record, and this time he's tackling nothing less than the entire cosmos. In terms of creative process, Murcof leans further away from his previous micro-programmed pieces with Cosmos, and relies more on sounds derived almost entirely from recordings of classical instruments. He has not, however, abandoned the idiosyncratic precision or faith in structure that have served him so well.
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Zero, "Jokebox"

Zero have made an odd, joyful and coherent debut, despite lurching from post-rock tension to whimsical melody, covering Devo, and borrowing vocal styles from at least two eccentric Englishmen.
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Odd Nosdam, "Level Live Wires"

David P. Madson continues his explorations in musical collage with this dense mix of chance sounds, "real" instruments such as Dee Kesler's guitar, samples, and the voices of such guests as Jessica Bailiff and TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe.
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The Mendoza Line, "30 Year Low"

This set marks the end of Tim Bracy and Shannon McArdles' marriage and musical collaboration. 30 Year Low is a terrific document of the death of love, the inevitability of aging, and is proof positive that in all musical genres, quality matters more than anything else.
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Virna Lindt, "Shiver"

This reissue (from 1983) is something of a gem. Virna Lindt's music is a blend of fashion and espionage as perfect as if she were the love-child of Emma Peel from The Avengers and Ilya Kuryakin from The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
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Amp, "All Of Yesterday Tomorrow

This 3-CD compilation of singles, non-album tracks, and unreleased material by Amp stays true to their mantra of honoring composition and accident equally. The resulting harmony is by turns uplifting, somnambulant, frustrating, lush, raw, glorious, and imprecise while a hollowness seems to lurk beneath the distorted beauty.
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Porn Sword Tobacco, "New Exclusive Olympic Heights"

Porn Sword Tobacco's delicate new album reminds me of flexi-discs that once came stuck on the front of music papers, containing excerpts from a band's forthcoming album. Similarly, it succeeds in creating an intrigue disproportionate to its miserly length.
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Soccer Committee, "sC"

Mariska Baars records as Soccer Committee and sC is her first release on a label. At the wrong time the overall sound seems bleak, the voice uninspiring, the guitar playing drab; but at the right time the pace and subtlety of her austere style is as captivating as Low.
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No Age, "Weirdo Rippers"

One day earlier this year, No Age released five separate pieces of vinyl on five different labels. Thankfully, Weirdo Rippers collects some of the blissful and spiky highlights on one of my favorite records of 2007.
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Future Conditional, "We Don't Just Disappear"

Members of Piano Magic, Klima, Trembling Blue Stars, and friends gaze fondly back to the Kraftwerk and Factory Records blueprint of detachment, economy, and alienation. These carefully-weighed compositions will strike a chord for anyone with a penchant for some of the most popular independent music of the early-80s, though such familiarity needn't be a prerequisite.
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Mice Parade

Unfussily and without gimmicks, Adam Pierce (as Mice Parade) favors certain notes and chords that quickly build excitement, sadness, and nostalgia. I don't think of this as cheap, easy, commercial or anything less than art. To dismiss it as pop would be a mistake.This disc is an evolved version of his flowing, blissful, non-clichéd popular music.
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