The Cherry Point & NVH, "Salt Killers"

The Cherry Point and Comets on Fire’s Noel von Harmonson create a monstrous cauldron of noise on this one-sided 7" record.

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(retards) / Paul O'Reilly, "Ich bin ein Shitlander" / "Take Care of Each Other"

This split 7” features two very different artists from Dublin: Paul O’Reilly is a softly sung singer songwriter and (retards) are no wave disco funk electronica or something along those lines. This is a bit of a lukewarm release, not bad but not essential by any means.
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Tolcha, "Gestalt"

This Berlin act's debut full length for the so-called "digi hop" label Meta Polyp astoundingly manages to simultaneously impress and tragically disappoint, making for a truly uneven listening experience all around.
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Shit Robot, "Wrong Galaxy"/"Triumph"

Stuttgart-based Marcus Lambkin is one of the newest DFA members and as Shit Robot his 12" single is two sides of groovy 8+ minute genre-bending dance poop.
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Tetuzi Akiyama, "Striking Another Match"

An unhealthy infatuation with American music might earn someone a reputation for tunnel vision, especially with all the different kinds of music in the world. The blues and jazz (perhaps two of America's greatest treasures) have escaped to other shores, though, and there it sounds as foreign as anything an oud or a gamelan could produce.
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Year Future, "First World Fever"

Musically the best thing this standard quartet has to offer is a cover of a Dead Can Dance song. Thematically, the band makes broad, misconstrued statements that make Michael Moore look like a moderate in the lap of Rush Limbaugh.
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Inch-Time, "As the Moon Draws Water"

IDM mutated when Four Tet took over and turned some of the cold energy related to that genre into warm, fuzzy, sunshine-born tones. Now I know that cold minimalism still thrives in some corners of the world, but there's really no reason to settle for extremes when nice mediums like this exist.
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  8257 Hits, "Ozeanische Gefühle"

Although I don't listen to dark-ambient-spooky-droney music as much as I used to, occasionally I'll listen to an album here or there that rubs all my buttons (hooray for impromptu mixed metaphors) and reminds me why this genre can be such a compelling one.
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Stuart A. Staples, "That Leaving Feeling"

From the Tindersticks front man’s forthcoming album come two songs which are more like his band than the collection of songs he showcased previously. Both are that kind of epic melancholy orchestral swing that Tindersticks do so well.
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Nice Nice, "Yesss!"

Consider this a continuation or addendum or something for my last review of Nice Nice. After I covered the Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter EPs I got some into some pleasant debates which resulted in my receiving of their EP Yesss! on Audraglint.
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Nurse With Wound, "Sand Tangled Women (Echo Poeme Sequence 3)"

The third part of Nurse With Wound’s Echo Poeme Sequence was delayed heavily thanks to problems with pressing the 7" single. I can't say it was entirely worth the wait as both the audio content and quality of the pressing are not up to scratch.
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Omen, "Rebellion"

While there are no obvious peak hour dancefloor decimators to be found here, this apparent Random Trio member's solo debut on Tectonic makes a fine addition to any dubstep DJ's arsenal.
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The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

This long gestating project from Jason Kohnen (perhaps better known as Bong-Ra) and Gideon Kiers eschews any expectations for a ragga jungle assault in exchange for something more nuanced.  
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A Place to Bury Strangers

The free MP3s available online go back two years, but they show a band that's got a fantastic handle on the balance between sludgy noise and charming pop, unfortunately they don't seem to leave NYC that much nor do they update this website often.
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Distance, "Traffic"

It comes as no surprise that the label that "broke" Vex'd would so eagerly snap up this sinister record from one of the darkest soundsmiths coming from the dubstep community.
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Benoit Pioulard, "Enge"

On paper, a New Yorker named Thomas Meluch recording and releasing music as Benoit Pioulard reeks of pretention, but this brief 7" single is actually a very pleasant, personable, and whimsical peek into one of Kranky's newest artists.
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Axolotl, "Chemical Theatre"

This is the sound of brain stimulation flash storms which play out like the dreams of anaesthetised car crash victims. The floats of electronically altered high violin movements are spread a mile thick over glaring beams of individually picked notes.

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Alec Vance/Potpie, "Heck of a Job"

Just in time for hurricane season '06, New Orleans electro-pranksters 'open up the bruise blood' with this Steve Reichian handjob on Bush43 and FEMA's 'Brownie' (with eventual ranting from Ray 'Bob Geldof' Nagin.)
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Lair of the Minotaur, "Cannibal Massacre"

Lair of the Minotaur’s new single is a bit of a let down. Cannibal Massacreis visually pleasing, a tongue in cheek cannibal monster drawing on thefront and the CD itself is one of those nifty 3” CDs. However the musicgets too tedious over the length of the single and it’s only tenminutes long!
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