Einstürzende Neubauten, "Liebeslieder"

This video documentary, produced and originally released in 1993, has a ton of great footage and interviews from all members of the band from their inception through 1993's Tabula Rasa

My first reaction to the footage from the early, early days is "man, they're just kids!," and they were.  Each member recount their recollections of the history of the band from their beginnings and through various performances along the way.  Stories and footage are included from a performance on the Autobahn in 1983, the ICA in London, the Mojave Desert, and a New York show with Cabaret Voltaire and Frontline Assembly (of which I still have my ticket stub saved!).  In some cases, they have been able to get back to places along their history like a building where a plaque marks their recording and what I think was a grain silo.  Even Stevø (the Some Bizzare bastard) talks about an ICA performance (but he irritatingly uses the word "we" when talking about playing - I don't remember him ever playing in the band...).

The animated personalities of all members come alive on the screen through their words, (the band almost entirely in German).  The translation, like the english translation of their music is a bit confusing, as if something is lost in the process, but the major points are clear.  And while it's a great documentary, it doesn't serve as a document of music videos, so don't be fooled by the publicity claims.  "The Interim Lovers" and "Die Interimsliebenden" are combined together and edited while the English version of "Blume" also makes an appearance, neither are complete nor without new text displayed on the screen so I can still hope for a definitive music video collection.  

It's confusing why K7! released it instead of Mute, but once again, this is created as a documentary and not a definitive document.