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AF 1003LP
PRICE: $34.00
CAT #: AF 1003LP
Official reissue, originally released in 1978 on the Blackspot label (DECCA's West Africa division). Tunde Mabadu's ultra-rare debut album, Bisu, which includes the super groovy "Red Jeans", differs from the later 1980 Viva Disco album by a much more pure African style. A beautiful and soulful production in which Tunde's deep voice and sax move on the excellent horn arrangements, percussions, the wah-wah rhythm guitar, and weird keyboards and synths (at times psychedelic as in the nine-minute "Blue Bird"). As wrote on the original liner notes of the era: "His music will mesmerize you from the first track. A dedicated musician especially to his African roots with so much to offer musically."
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: ASH 101LP
FRANK, JACKSON C. Jackson C. Frank LP
2022 repress. "Jackson C. Frank's eponymous album is the embodiment of folk legend. Issued in late 1965 on the UK Columbia label, it was for many years more famous for its producer (Paul Simon) and the musicians who would go on to cover its songs (Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, Sandy Denny) than for the hauntingly beautiful music contained inside. Frank's backstory certainly adds to the legacy: born in Buffalo, New York, he used the settlement from a childhood accident to sail to London where he quickly became a fixture of the bustling folk scene. Performing a mix of blues standards and originals, he met fellow ex-pat Paul Simon who would put up the money to record Frank's only LP. For such a sparsely recorded work, Jackson C. Frank covers a lot of ground. From the rugged, world-weary opener 'Blues Run The Game' to the stunning melancholy of 'Milk And Honey,' Frank's nimble acoustic guitar and passionate howls are all that is needed to power such authentic songwriting. Captured in a single-day session, these ten tracks are stark, gritty and seemingly out-of-place with time. There may be no '60s folk record that is simultaneously as rare and influential as Jackson C. Frank's self-titled debut."
AU 1014LP
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: AU 1014LP
2022 repress; LP version. "It has been seven years since Audika last issued an album of Arthur Russell material. The wait ends this summer with Corn, nine tracks Russell recorded in 1982 and 1983. In collaboration with Russell's partner Tom Lee, Audika's Steve Knutson compiled Corn from Arthur's original, completed 1/4" tape masters. Russell himself compiled this material on three separate test pressings -- labeled El Dinosaur, Indian Ocean, and Untitled, respectively -- in 1985. Russell fans know something of the Corn sound from Audika's debut release, Calling Out of Context (2004), which included four songs from these sessions: 'The Deer in the Forest Part 1,' 'The Platform On the Ocean,' 'Calling Out of Context,' and 'I Like You!' This new collection includes rhythmic alternate versions of 'Lucky Cloud,' 'Keeping Up,' 'See My Brother, He's Jumping Out (Let's Go Swimming #2),' 'This Is How We Walk On the Moon,' and 'Hiding Your Present From You,' along with 'Corn,' 'Corn (Continued),' 'They and Their Friends,' and the closing instrumental 'Ocean Movie,' one of the most beautiful and curious Russell tracks ever to see the light of day. With Corn, Audika reveals yet another side of Russell's staggeringly diverse artistry, following the avant-electrodisco of Calling Out of Context, and its companion EP, Springfield; the orchestral works 'Instrumentals' and 'Tower of Meaning,' compiled and released as First Thought Best Thought; the 'Buddhist Bubble Gum Pop' collected on Love Is Overtaking Me; and Russell's definitive solo masterpiece, World of Echo."
PRICE: $36.50
2022 repress. Be With Records present a reissue of Sweet And Nice, the vital debut album from Jamaica's undisputed first lady of song Marica Griffiths, originally released in 1974. It's reggae at its most soulful. Slinking through a tight ten tracks of R&B and pop-sourced material, it became an instant best seller. Sweet And Nice has appeared over the years with a revised running order and under different titles. But the original's opening sequence of loping soul is legendary, even beyond reggae circles. These songs are now returned to how they were presented on that first Jamaican release, and under their intended album title. Be With doesn't mess with magic. Marcia's version of "Here I Am (Come and Take Me)" has long been lusted after, played by genre-hopping selectors to snapping necks for decades now. It's followed by the sophisticated, rollicking wah-wah funk of "Everything I Own" and the slice of smooth lovers soul par excellence that is "Green Grasshopper" and her ace, lilting Neil Diamond cover "Play Me". The thundering, humid funk of "Children At Play" "sounds uncannily like a precursor of Massive Attack", as FACT Mag astutely noted when they put Sweet And Nice at number 16 in their list of the 100 best albums of the 1970s. Otherworldly, moody, and essential. Side two keeps the fire burning. "Sweet, Bitter Love" should leave you swooning, and is also one of the album's alternate titles. Curtis Mayfield's already-eternal "Gypsy Man" follows, recast as proto-lovers rock. "There's No Me Without You" is elevated to canonical status by the majestic, forlorn horns of the Federal Soul Givers and Marcia's heartbreaking delivery. And if this doesn't get you then surely the next track will: arguably the definitive version of Ewan MacColl's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". "I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" re-takes its rightful place at the end of the LP's second side... but Be With Records added an entire second record of rare material recorded around the same time as Sweet And Nice, much of it unavailable since it was originally released. Amongst these 14 extra tracks you'll find the exquisite late-60s singles "Melody Life" and "Mark My Word" which, along with the sumptuous reading of "Band Of Gold". All material is remastered. 140 gram vinyl.
BAF 14029LP
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: BAF 14029LP
JACKSON, WANDA Honey Bop 10"
"On the occasion of her 85th birthday on October 20, 2022, Bear Family Records honors Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly with a fine 10" vinyl LP. A round a dozen of unique Rockabilly classics fill the grooves of this high-quality record in a limited edition. In addition to '(Let's Have A) Party', tracks include 'Baby Loves Him', 'Mean Mean Man', 'Cool Love' and 'Savin' My Love' and her re-makes of 'Fujiyama Mama' and 'Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad'. Liner notes by Bill Dahl. What a party! All hail the rockabilly queen! Wanda Jackson staked her royal reputation as an unbridled rocker on the killer sides she waxed for Capitol Records during the second half of the 1950s. A dozen of those classics constitute this Bear Family Records 10" LP, every one permeated with the sexy swagger and sensual sway that became her trademark after Elvis helped convince her to switch her stylistic focus from country to rock and roll. Wanda set her own 'Baby Loves Him', 'Mean Mean Man', 'Cool Love', and 'Savin' My Love' afire, made the swinging oldies 'Fujiyama Mama' and 'Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad' her own, and transformed the rip-roaring '(Let's Have A) Party' into a national hit (even Elvis and The Collins Kids couldn't do that). Wanda's studio bands included guitar demigods Joe Maphis and Roy Clark as well as her own touring combo, The Poe Kats featuring piano pounder 'Big' Al Downing. Jackson's rip-roaring rockabilly side is on full glorious display on these 12 classic tracks. Talk about a party!"
BCD 17643CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: BCD 17643CD
VA Rockin' With The Krauts: Real Rock 'n' Roll Made In Germany Vol. 3 CD
"Third installment in the Rockin' With The Krauts mini-series on Bear Family Records. A whopping 33 tracks from 1956-67. R'n'R in its purest form, including twist rockers, jivers, beat rockers and rock n' roll instrumentals. Including Freddy Quinn with At The Hop, indo rockers Jimmy Ward & His Real Rockers with Susi Twist, the Rivets with a sizzling version of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' and the Odd Persons with their smash instrumental 'Odd's Boogie!' Super cover versions and interpretations of US tunes like 'Hats Off To Larry', 'King Creole', 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On', 'Trouble In Paradise', and 'King Of The Whole Wide World'. Besides little known artists like Christa Casper, Fred Jasper, the Pipelines and the Rickets, you'll hear recordings by popular singers like Ted Herold, Rita Pavone, the Rattles or Tony Sheridan. Many original singles are sought after, hard to find and often very expensive! Nine tracks officially available on CD for the first time! The German language, informative and very entertaining accompanying essay was written by Roland Heinrich! 'Deliver Me from the Days of Old' had Chuck Berry screaming imploringly to the heavens, and in stuffy post-war Germany he spoke from the soul of countless youngsters. While the church, law enforcers and the politically retarded countered the wild hordes of semi-starlets and hedonistic teenagers with perfidious tricks and brute force, a very unique German variant of rock n' roll emerged. The writers and musicians were particularly taken with the twist. In the USA, one dance style chased the next, while in Germany, people continued to compose twist. So, we were spared grotesque quick-fire creations like the 'Wattenscheid Watusi' and the 'Fürst Metternich Madison'. Bear Family Records presents with the third part of Rockin' With The Krauts rare, forgotten and even totally wacky tunes."
BS 120113LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: BS 120113LP
OLD AND NEW DREAMS A Tribute To Blackwell LP
Reissue, originally released in 1990. This was Old and New Dreams, a legendary quartet and possibly one the most important line-up in the post-Ornette Coleman continuum! Recorded live in Atlanta in 1987 and first released in 1990, their second Black Saint release stands as the group final statement. A high-quality recording capturing an outstanding performance as homage to Ed Blackwell, one of the greatest drummers in the history of jazz. A strong and sensitive musician who managed to integrate the New Orleans rhythm tradition with the propulsive drive of free jazz. This was an amazing concert based on a great setlist including three Coleman's originals "Happy House", "Law Years", and "Street Woman", plus Blackwell's "Togo" and Dewey Redman's "Dewey's Tune". Personnel: Dewey Redman - tenor sax, musette; Don Cherry - pocket trumpet; Charlie Haden double bass; Ed Blackwell - drums."All of the musicians are in top form on this no-changes music, creating fresh and intuitive melodies with both freedom and hints of the tradition" --AllMusic.
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BFR 003X-LP
ELDER The Gold & Silver Sessions (Swirled Color Vinyl) LP
Swirled blue-and-bone color-merge vinyl. "Capturing Elder's expanding dynamic and ongoing progression, The Gold & Silver Sessions is a trance-inducing LP of ranging, tripped out psychedelic jams that captures their expressive and nuanced development. This is still the band who put out 2017's crushing Reflections of a Floating World, but allows their imagination to venture into a bold new direction."
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: BFR 021CD
DEAD MEADOW Force Form Free CD
"Spacey and dreamy yet grimly propulsive, Force From Free sees Dead Meadow continuing to explore transporting, astral-gazing heavy psychedelia. Force Form Free, the new record from Dead Meadow, is spacey and dreamy at times, grimly propulsive at others, and captures one of the most important bands in modern heavy psych continuing their effortless exploration of the transporting, astral-gazing form they've spent their entire existence pushing forward."
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BFR 021LP
DEAD MEADOW Force Form Free LP
"Spacey and dreamy yet grimly propulsive, Force From Free sees Dead Meadow continuing to explore transporting, astral-gazing heavy psychedelia. Force Form Free, the new record from Dead Meadow, is spacey and dreamy at times, grimly propulsive at others, and captures one of the most important bands in modern heavy psych continuing their effortless exploration of the transporting, astral-gazing form they've spent their entire existence pushing forward."
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: BSP 014CD
NADJA Labyrinthine CD
"Nadja's latest full-length offering Labyrinthine, recorded during the pandemic and concurrently with their Southern Lord album Luminous Rot, finally sees a CD release on the band's own label, Broken Spine. Labyrinthine explores themes of identity and loss, monstrosity and regret, extreme asceticism, the differences between labyrinths and mazes, taking inspiration from Haruki Murakami's Killing Commendatore, Ursula K. LeGuin's The Tombs Of Atuan, and Victor Pelevin's reinterpretation of the story of the minotaur and Ariadne, The Helmet Of Horror. While this might be Nadja's heaviest, doomiest album to date, it is unique in the band's extensive catalog as each track features a guest vocalist: Alan Dubin, legendary American vocalist from O.L.D., Khanate currently Gnaw; Rachel Davies, vocalist and bassist from the British band, Esben & The Witch; Lane Shi Otayanii, a Chinese multi-media artist and vocalist in Elizabeth Colour Wheel; and Dylan Walker, American vocalist from grindcore/noise band Full Of Hell. Nadja has released numerous albums on many different underground labels -- Alien8 Recordings, Daymare Records, Robotic Empire, Hydrahead Records, Gizeh Records, and Important Records, to name a few. The duo has toured extensively around the world, including performances at such festivals as SXSW, FIMAV, Roadburn, Donaufest, Le Guess Who, Incubate, and Unsound, and has shared the stage with such artists as Earth, OM, Khanate, Tim Hecker, Ben Frost, and Godflesh."
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: BSR 846LP
JAH THOMAS Nah Fight Over Woman LP
"1983 album from Jah Thomas back on vinyl! Nkrumah 'Jah' Thomas reggae deejay and record producer who first came to prominence in the 1970s, later setting up his own Midnight Rock and Nura labels. Rhythm tracks recorded at Channel One Studio. Voiced & Mixed at King Tubby Studio."
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: BSR 849LP
JAH LION In Action With The Revolutionary Band LP
"Long out of print 1983 album from Jah Lion, pressed on vinyl."
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: COR 053LP
VA Dots And Pearls 7 2x12"
As ever, Cocoon Recordings celebrate the turn of the year with another mouth-watering collection of electronic music. Dots And Pearls Volume 7 includes eight choice techno cuts of varying shapes and sizes, that somehow manage to acknowledge both past and future, while staying forever rooted in the "here and now". The lush, beach bar vibes of "Halluzinelle" get things rolling courtesy of DeFeKT x Extrawelt, and it's not long before we're lost in the subsonic undertow as the warm acidic vibes ebb and flow. Sudo's "Daytona" then complements a dark, low-slung groove with a soaring, nostalgic melody that reaches skywards, melting hearts and minds in the process. "Solaris" takes a more urgent turn as JA:CK utilizes growling synths, stuttering arpeggios and an elongated breakdown, slowly raising the stakes as the dance floor starts folding in on itself. Avision offers no respite on "Groove Theory", maintaining the intensity while surfing the frequencies through a dense forest of loops with a pounding 909 for company. Zzino & Insider continue the '90s leaning retrospective with "Mind Crush" and they're certainly true to their word, juxtaposing razor-sharp acid arpeggios with seductive chords and analog washes in a cavernous, serotonin-soaked epiphany of sound. Monaco, Povoa then gets downright dirty on "Makeup Artist", raising the tempo with freaking metallic riffs, twisted vocals and a plethora of disorientating filter action that'll push even the most headstrong dancefloor to the brink of implosion. Defex, Tsodor reels it in just in time on the epic "Sieg der Liebe", unleashing thick swathes of melancholy chords over a fat, rolling groove and the beats remain broken to the end, as Christopher Ledger closes things out with a classic slice of sci-fi electro. "X24" is all stuttering edits, intricate sequences, squelching fx and metallic bleeps, adding yet another unexpected dimension to this dynamic compilation series.
PRICE: $26.00
"Nordvargr's Resignation is a true tour de force that will stand as a true gem for any fan of the fringes of techno and electronic music. Nordvargr's Resignation project was initially born in 2008 exploring rhythmic and repetitive aspects of his musical output, merging elements of electronic music with dark ambient soundscapes. From its inception delving into the more gaseous realms of dubby techno and evolving through the years towards the harder and nosier side of electronics, Nordvargr's unique grasp of the genre and his will to turn it upside down culminates in a dreamy soundtrack-like voyage, where deep atmospherics are pierced by rhythmically hypnotic and abrasive passages. A true tour de force that will stand as a true gem for any fan of the fringes of techno and electronic music."
PRICE: $66.00
Triple LP version. Box set with printed sleeves, (A3) poster; edition of 300. "Nordvargr's Resignation is a true tour de force that will stand as a true gem for any fan of the fringes of techno and electronic music. Nordvargr's Resignation project was initially born in 2008 exploring rhythmic and repetitive aspects of his musical output, merging elements of electronic music with dark ambient soundscapes. From its inception delving into the more gaseous realms of dubby techno and evolving through the years towards the harder and nosier side of electronics, Nordvargr's unique grasp of the genre and his will to turn it upside down culminates in a dreamy soundtrack-like voyage, where deep atmospherics are pierced by rhythmically hypnotic and abrasive passages. A true tour de force that will stand as a true gem for any fan of the fringes of techno and electronic music."
PRICE: $23.00
CHILDISH WITH THE SINGING LOINS, BILLY At The Bridge: Folk Variations and New Songs LP
"In Memory of Chris Broderick of the Singing Loins, who passed away earlier this year. We proudly present a vinyl reissue of this Medway folk classic! A re-issue of one of our favorite early releases and a rather overlooked classic album, a one-off collaboration between Billy Childish and legendary Medway folkies The Singing Loins. This was recorded in 1993 when Billy was in Thee Headcoats and The Singing Loins were in their first incarnation. The Singing Loins formed in late 1990, a two-piece band playing 'Authentic raw folk from the Medway Delta'. They were Chris Broderick on vocals/stick and Chris 'Arfur' Allen on guitar. They had recorded two classic albums before this both of which were released on Billy's own Hangman records. The album features a few Childish classics reworked including 'You Make Me Die' and 'Every Bit Of Me' as well as four tracks written by Billy & The Loins especially for this album."
PRICE: $23.00
"White vinyl LP reissue of Fabienne's solo debut. Fabienne moved to London in 1996, almost immediately joining the Bristols, a then studio project consisting of Liam Watson and Ed Deegan, two producer-engineers at Toerag Studios. After two albums, a few singles and several tours of Europe, the Bristols came to an end. Eager to carry on singing, Fabienne went solo. With the help of Liam Watson producing, Fabienne recorded her first album No Time For Sorrows concentrating on a more elaborate but similar style she had previously experienced with the Bristols."
PRICE: $23.00
"White vinyl reissue of Fabienne's second solo album. Over three years in the making, Between You And Me is full of swinging '60s ye-ye pop charm including a few French language songs and the single 'I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat'. It's the usual mix of cover and new songs written by George Miller, Peder Bernhardt and fellow Damaged Goods artist Pete Molinari (who also guests on one track)."
PRICE: $23.00
"Long-awaited vinyl reissue of a Medway classic!" "The Daggermen all went to Rede Secondary School In Medway, Kent. It was a school for those that failed their 11 plus, or who passed it but decided to go there anyway (as Jon pretends). Being in some of the same classes we became friends and found we liked the same music; The Who, The Small Faces, The Kinks, The Beatles and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. We started going to Carnaby Street, wearing Beatle boots and generally being a bit Moddy. Dave's older brother, James Taylor, played organ in The Prisoners and we'd listen to cassette tapes of them along with other local band, The Milkshakes as we bounced on the trampoline during P.E. After watching both bands play live in local venues such as the M.I.C. club in Chatham we formed The Daggermen, working out who was going to play which instrument as we stood next to the now demolished school sports hall. No one can quite remember who thought of the name, The Daggermen (it was me) or how comes Jon was playing bass on a guitar in the band at the very start and then Terry took over when we started gigging (it was because he had a real bass guitar and a car). But the next thing was that we were supporting The Prisoners both in Medway and places such as the 100 Club in Oxford Street. Then, one sunny day at around the age of 17, I bumped into Billy Childish walking across a field. I formally introduced myself and told him that he should definitely come and see our band that night because we were 'fucking brilliant'. He did turn up and bought us a tray of whiskies whilst we were on stage, a sure sign that he had liked it. This led to him and Russ Wilkins, bass player in The Milkshakes alongside Billy, asking us if we wanted to record an E.P. for Russ's label, Empire Records. This was our first ever recording called Introducing The Daggerman which was made in a brick arch under Rochester bridge that we rented for £2 a week to rehearse in and lovingly referred to as 'The Hole'." --Wolf Howard, Cafe Mozart, Chatham
PRICE: $23.00
VA Are They Hostile?: Croydon Punk, New Wave & Indie Bands 1977-1985 LP
"A compilation vinyl LP featuring bands from in the Are They Hostile? documentary film. An 18 track compilation featuring the best of Croydon's punk and post punk scene! Are They Hostile? is a new documentary film about the punk, new wave and indie scene in Croydon in the late '70s and early '80s. It takes its name from the first single by Croydon band Bad Actors. To coincide with the film's release Damaged Goods are releasing a compilation LP and CD featuring bands from in the film including Johnny Moped, The Marines, The Daleks, Case, Fanatics and also bands such as The Straps who played Croydon many times usually at The Star Pub in West Croydon. The CD version also features a specially recorded introduction by ex-Croydon Greyhound DJ Peter Fox. It's been argued that Croydon was the birthplace of Punk in the UK, due to The Damned and Johnny Moped. But there was a group of other bands who were part of that scene, or who came just after, but who didn't achieve the same success or recognition. The film and album attempt to set the record straight by shining a light on bands such as Bad Actors, Case, The Daleks, The Heroes and Fanatics. The music still fizzes with the energy and enthusiasm of youth and the punk ethos of just doing it. And the participants, if a bit older and slightly less slim than forty years ago, come alive in the current interviews as if connected to the mains. As the saying goes, 'old punks don't die', but they do remember. The documentary film takes us through band history, the people in them, the places they played and, through current interviews with 'a bunch of old punks', what they did next, and how formative and important being in a band was for them growing up. The film is the brainchild of Bad Actor Griff Griffiths and Mark Williams and will premiere at the David Lean Cinema in Croydon on September 2nd with a Q&A afterwards by Griff and Mark, and an aftershow party nearby with special celebrity guests TBC. Griff explains: 'It's also a film about being young, being passionate, being part of something.'"
PRICE: $23.00
"Debut LP from the Guy Hamper Trio! Groovy Hammond garage rock instrumentals from Billy Childish (Thee Headcoats/CTMF, etc.) and featuring James Taylor (Prisoners/JTQ). Who's in the band sunshine? Mainly myself on guitar, Julie on bass, Wolf on drums, and of course Jamie on Hammond. A great bonus is Thee Headcoats with Bruce and Tub guest as rhythm section on a track or two. You and James Taylor go back a long way. Do you remember how you first met? The Prisoners were a young group who played with us (the Milkshakes) in the early 1980s. One day they turned up with an organ player, Jamie. Jamie used to then borrow my Selmer guitar amp to play through. You've revisited a few old classics on this album, and given them a true makeover. How would you describe The Guy Hamper Trio's sound? I guess there must be a derogatory term for it but I might need some help finding it. In the very early days of The James Taylor Quartet (Wolf was their drummer back then), I was in the Natural Born Lovers (a blues group with Big Russ and Sexton Ming). We used to be the support for them. I really liked their sound and I guess The Guy Hamper Trio is not a million miles from that blues-influenced, film soundtrack vibe, man. There you made me say 'man'. Next thing you know I will be saying 'cool!' Let's just say it's a wizard sound, Jamie is such a great player. Prior to this album The Guy Hamper Trio's sole release was the 'Polygraph Test' 7" from 2009. Why such a big gap? It takes time for all of us to get all our solders in line. 'Get on with it mush! And trifle not, your time is but short!' What inspired the album's title track All The Poisons In The Mud? It's actually the title of a novel I've been writing, and rewriting, over the past 12 years, and is taken from a quote from I Claudius by Robert Graves -- a formative influence on me as a 15 year old."
PRICE: $20.50
FITZGERALD, ELLA Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas LP
First lady of song, Ella Fitzgerald, overcame the challenges of a tumultuous youth through music, her performances with the Chick Webb Orchestra at the Savoy Ballroom and distinctive scat singing leading to early recordings and the 1938 breakthrough, "A Tisket A Tasket." After recording bebop LPs for Decca, manager Norman Granz launched the Verve label to allow her to broaden her musical horizons, exploring the Great American Songbook. Released in 1960, Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas sees her tackle Christmas classics as only Ella can, the lavish orchestration overseen by noted conductor Frank de Vol. Clear vinyl.
PRICE: $13.50
CAT #: DEX 012CD
2022 restock, all-time classic. "First issued in 1970 by the German label Wergo, What?? (as we would call it here in America) was obscure even among the avant company it kept in; labelmates such as Stockhausen, Ligeti and Cage overshadowed Rabe from the start." Rabe: "About 85% of the material is made up of electronically generated tones, which however are never present in their static, original form. Each partial has been specifically treated in itself, which can at times yield a very rich result. What?? was created in the late summer of 1967, and was realized by me in the electronic studio of the Swedish Radio...the second What?? is the same as the first, but at half-speed, ie. one octave lower. This may seem a lousy way to fill up a CD, but in fact through the years I have been using both versions in performances. With the kind of sound material used in What??, it does not simply sound half-speed. In a way it becomes another piece of music -- mellower, and the single events of course easier to distinguish."
PRICE: $55.00
CAT #: 9788417975999
CARRINGTON, LEONORA The Tarot of Leonora Carrington Book
"The British-born Mexican surrealist Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) spent a lifetime exploring the esoteric traditions of diverse cultures, and incorporated their ideas and symbols into her artistic and literary oeuvre. Tibetan Buddhism, the Kabbalah, ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian magic, Celtic mythology, witchcraft, astrology and the Tarot were filtered through her feminist lens to create a visionary, woman-centered worldview. Carrington created a spectacular Major Arcana Tarot deck sometime during the 1950s, laying gold and silver leaf over brilliant color. Exhibited for the first time during her centennial exhibition Leonora Carrington: Magical Tales in 2018, this extraordinary work was a revelation for the public and inspired the publication of The Tarot of Leonora Carrington. This second, considerably expanded edition -- encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive reception of Fulgur's publication in 2020 -- explores further the central position that the Tarot held in Carrington's work. The volume includes an introductory text by her son Gabriel Weisz Carrington, who recalls his mother's long involvement with the Tarot, followed by a revised and more extensive essay by scholar Susan Aberth and curator Tere Arcq, including detailed analysis of each card: their color symbolism, their relationship to other works and their iconographic origins in ancient esoteric beliefs, including the Mesoamerican influences of her adopted country. This new edition also reproduces previously unpublished photographs and images, as well as exciting new research into Carrington's influences, emphasizing the authors' claim that her work on the Major Arcana represents an esoteric roadmap to Carrington's feminist vision and wish for a new global gender equality toward a better ecological future for our planet."
PRICE: $18.00
KINGSTONIANS, THE Sufferer (Expanded Edition) CD
"Featuring a number of tracks new to CD and eight highly sought-after instrumental versions, Sufferer is a must for all serious fans of vintage Jamaican sounds."
PRICE: $21.00
THOMAS, RUDDY First Time Around (Expanded Edition) 2CD
"Seminal 1981 debut album by one of Jamaica's greatest hit-makers. Features numerous major reggae hits from the late '70s. Includes a dozen tracks new to CD."
DC 206LP
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: DC 206LP
DAMON & NAOMI WITH GHOST Damon & Naomi With Ghost LP + 7"
2022 restock. "The LP version of Damon & Naomi with Ghost includes a 7" single featuring a song included in the original Japanese CD release and a previously unreleased track, both of which appear here for the first time ever pressed on vinyl!"
DC 365LP
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: DC 365LP
2022 restock; LP version. "Songs From The Source is a lost-and-found 1973 recording of The Source family. These twelve songs were recorded live in the Hollywood Hills as a rehearsal for a concert date that Spirit of '76 -- aka YaHoWaH 13, The Savage Sons of YaHoWa, Yodship, and FireWaterAir, now known as Children of the Sixth Root Race -- had at the Whisky. A 1/4" tape copy of the recording was found in Chicago in 2006, though no one is really sure how it got there. Djin Aquarian, rhythm guitarist and songwriter for Spirit of '76, recalls being sent on a mission to Chicago later in 1973, where he believes he left the tape with an old friend. Djin wrote most of the songs in the year before he joined with The Source, as part of his solo 'mystical quest to help enlighten the world before it might annihilate itself,' adding, 'I'm glad both the album and the world are still here.' Though this rehearsal wasn't meant to be released at the time, there are probably no other recordings as complete of the band doing these songs. The Spirit of '76 had a different sound than the one YaHoWaH 13 made with Yahowa. Songs From The Source has more r'n'b-grooved energy, with splashes of synth and organ, a female vocal chorus and streamlined fusion rhythms backing the uniquely Yahowan lyrical populism of songs like 'Godmen' and 'Lost Dead But Hoping.' The ebullient, ever-climbing power of the climactic 'We Are the Dinosaurs,' has few analogues in the other Source recordings and is furthermore an outstanding piece of music from the entire era. Songs From The Source is a miraculous missing piece of The Source's positive musical movement. The members of YaHoWaH 13 (Djin, Sunflower on bass, Octavius on drums) were joined by family members Ahom, Aquariana, Cinderella, Rhythm, Vibration, and Zoroaster on lead guitar, to create the ecstatic sound of Spirit of '76. In summing up, Djin told us, 'I know Father is behind this redeeming of the Spirit of '76 album and up to his old tricks again... Yahowha.'"
DC 560LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: DC 560LP
BITCHIN BAJAS Bitchitronics LP
2022 restock. "Bitchitronics, is ready with the quickness we expect from the Chi-based duo -- which is funny, since their area of expertise and mastery is in the area of synthetic ephemeral sonic languid-ity known more instinctively, inclusively (and let's face it, irresponsibly) as drone music. They make slow music at a fast pace is what we're saying. Now these guys are paying attention to this on the micro-level because that's where their fun is, so how will you react when we tell you that the sound of Bitchitronics was a change so extreme they considered changing their name? Ha. Yeah, us too. They were revamping a bit on this one though, it isn't just about turning on the keyboard and getting cozy. This time, the concept was: use tape techniques to create and then solve problems -- but mainly, loops and edits were there to make things fun and the music great in the style of experimental tape pioneers upon whose shoulders the Bajas play. In keeping with the (unspoken, unacknowledged by the band) concept of catching air with tape, Bitchitronics is the first Bitchin Bajas record made as a trio, blending the blowing of flute into the mix of electric keys and posthuman tones and loops of tape atop other loops of tape, with the final result coming to us with all the ebbing and flowing of a breeze -- wind on wind, even! A veritable index of gases! Let the power of Bitchitronics fall over you; another green world of music made Baja fresh by the wandering ears and care-filled creations and re-creations of Bitchin Bajas."
DC 677LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: DC 677LP
MIYASHITA, FUMIO Live on the Boffomundo Show LP
2017 release. "By October, 1979, my partner, Aaron Weiner and I had produced a handful of Boffomundo Shows at Los Angeles' first public access television studio at Theta Cable in Santa Monica. It was our good fortune to meet and partner with Tony Harrington of All Ears Records and we joined forces as The All Ears Boffomundo Show. Up to that point we interviewed King Crimson's Robert Fripp, PFM singer Bernardo Lanzetti, and Brand X & Phil Collins (before his solo fame). All Ears Records stable of artists concentrated heavily on Japanese bands and musicians. He introduced us to the already legendary synthesizer master, Fumio Miyashita, founder of The Far East Family Band, who Tony boldly dubbed 'Japan's Answer to Pink Floyd.' While certainly influenced by the Floyd, Fumio, along with fellow band member and award winning synthesist, Kitaro, were more accurately evolving the electronic techo-stylings of Germany's Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple, Kraftwerk, and other Krautrock innovators from the early 1970s. One-time Dream and Temple member, and a seminal synth innovator in his own right, Klaus Schulze, both produced and mixed several Far East Family Band albums. As Aaron recalls, 'Fumio was a gentle soul. Soft spoken, thoughtful and intelligent. And on the cutting edge of technology. It was in Fumio's hands that I first viewed a Sony Walkman. It is mind boggling to think what has transpired technologically since then.' Fumio brought multiple keyboards, percussion and incidental sundries to a studio the size of a small garage. Somehow, the staff of Theta Cable Studios managed to capture all the sound pumped through a 12" bookshelf speaker! A single microphone rested on a wooden stool in front of that speaker. In 1980, a second appearance from Fumio included Far East Family Band members, guitarist Lance Hooks and bass player George Babon. The same lone bookshelf speaker was employed once again! That proud little speaker is no doubt fully decomposed in a landfill somewhere but the music survives..." --Ron Curtiss, March 2017
DC 678LP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: DC 678LP
2017 release. "Bajas Fresh is on the beach here in 2017, existing and thriving in the same wrecked world as you and me. How they finding it so chill and pretty? It's been over three years since the last proper Bitchin Bajas album -- a natural paradise of woodwinds, droning organs, analog synths, field recordings, and an ever-expanding sense of MORE (and LESS). In between then and now came a series of collaborative LPs, with Natural Information Society (Autoimaginary), filmmaker Olivia Wyatt (Sailing a Sinking Sea) and Bonny Prince Billy (Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties). Each time these varied external stimuli came into contact with the Bitchin Bajas' acroamatic process, it left the group with expanded perimeters to traverse. So 2017 -- what's new? Everything and nothing, probably! The pursuit is still the same: a perfect continuous flow. The means to attain it are in full, fluid transition; woven into the strands that unspool so peacefully (and with such potent enervation) are new elements -- like chord changes, for instance! The use of percussives is evident for the first time as well. Plus, a horn section, a cover song . . . but before you start thinking that this Bajas Fresh is some kind of whole-cloth change, recall to your mind that the nature of equilibrium around Bitchin Bajas is such that new properties tend to melt into the surrounding texture, providing vivid sonics without uprooting the mindset. And they do. While flowing towards a wholeness, the four sides of Bajas Fresh feature distinct approaches, approaching the ephemeral with subtle tweaks from new angles. Eschewing the grainy expansiveness of the self-titled album, this new one has an almost monolithic approach, whether spitting forth with Harmonia-styled data riffs, finding Denny-esque South Pacific exotica within a classic Sun Ra piece or teasing out almost imperceptible inflections inside the epochal fizz and whir with glassy-eyed, glacial patience. On Bajas Fresh, the cellular system of Bitchin Bajas continues to synthesize amid a growing ecosystem also of the Bajas' making, both morphing naturally together into a state perhaps not that far removed from its former incarnation, while also essaying refreshing new tones for new zones. Succulent half-speed mastering done at Abbey Road gives the LP pressing greater depth, extension and resonance than all previous Bajas incarnations, but the double cassette version of course holds its own unique experience..."
DC 737LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: DC 737LP
2022 repress. 2020 release. "With a requisite crackle, hum and drone, you're fixed to slide into the disrupture in stereo that is guitarist Bill Nace and -- well, THIS is a nice surprise -- Bill's got his own record out this time! Sweet -- in the past 15 years or so, Bill's been a trusty improv partner to so many: Steve Baczkowski, Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Greg Kelly, James Twig Harper, Samara Lubelski and Thurston Moore, plus Body/Head, to name but a handful. Bill's appeared on probably more than 50 albums ? but other than a few solo cassettes way back in the day, Both is his actual solo LP debut. It's been a long time coming, and just like we hoped, with the Nace approach to electric guitar waxing front and center, sound and countersound, it's a blast. Working with producer Cooper Crain, Bill constructed Both with the ribs of composition protruding from his improvisational electron pool, pulsing with energies black and shiny, finding lots of sound and music in the process. The listening experience is only faux-monolithic -- you can take it all in as a big noise thing if you want, but it's much more rewarding to lean in and observe the variety of colors and spaces in the playing, how it breaks along discrete lines into alternating currents. The small details, like the crunch of contact between fingers and strings, the hum of the amp in a resting moment, the rhythm implied in a waveform and then pursued, all build up into melodies, climatic detours and underlying emotional expression before wiping into silence again. A real encompassing vision of what to do with a guitar in this day and age. Plus, you got cover artwork by Daniel Higgs..."
DC 747LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: DC 747LP
CALLAHAN, BILL Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest 2LP
2019 release. "... Bill's now writing from somewhere beyond his Eagle-Apocalypse-River headspace, and Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest is very much its own beast. The songs are, by and large, shorter, and there are more of them. It took almost all of the previous three albums to add up to that many. Plus, twenty's a lot of songs! But again, it goes a lot deeper than that. After Dream River, Bill's life went through some changes. Good changes -- marriage and a kid -- but afterwards, it was suddenly harder for him to find the place where the songs came, to make him and these new experiences over again into something to sing . . . While sorting it all out, he worked on songs every day -- which meant that for a while, there were lots of days simply confronting the void, as he measured this new life against the ones he'd previously known. It informed the shape of the album. Moving gradually from reflections upon the old days in 'Ballad of The Hulk' and 'Young Icarus' to the immediacy of the present moment in 'Watching Me Get Married' and 'Son of the Sea', Bill traces the different life lines, casually unwinding knotty contradictions and ambiguities with an arresting stillness. The sense of a life thunderstruck by change infuses Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest -- the songs wander from expressions of newfound joy and great contentment to other snapshots, considerations of the not-joy that we all know. Unsettling dream-images and mythic recollections are patiently received; the undertow of the past is resisted, pulling against it instead into the present, accepting revolutions of time and the unconscious as a natural flow. These transcendent expressions are wedded translucently to the music. Acknowledging the uncertainty in which the songs were assembled, Bill went to the studio alone, unsure if he could find what he was looking for with a band riding along -- because who knew how long it would take? This allowed the fluidity of his song-thoughts to be laid down with the right feeling. Once there was guitar and vocals, the other parts came. Matt Kinsey's guitar partnership is an essential relationship within the music, as is Brian Beattie's acoustic bass -- but also, Bill found himself overdubbing parts himself for the first time in many years, which lent the songs an episodic drift, as if he's passing through rooms while singing. In it's final mix, Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest glows incandescent -- an entirely acoustic arrangement, sounds and stories shifting seamlessly, almost like one big song made of a bunch of new stories -- the kind that only Bill Callahan thinks to sing..."
DC 778LP
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CAT #: DC 778LP
2021 release. "Mind Maintenance is the duo of Joshua Abrams playing guimbri and Chad Taylor on mbira. This is where the music begins, but Mind Maintenance can't be described with a summing of parts and players. It's not about world music, it's not about jazz. It's about mind maintenance. When you put on the sound, you'll know what we're saying. How immediate and meditative it is. So simple, so in the room. The natural buzz of each instrument sits remarkably well against the other. The percussive qualities of each, so raw and unadorned individually, form with their shared resonance a soothing, sonorous whole. The songs of Mind Maintenance exist in a zone somewhere between composition and improv. Based in melodies that unspool over time as they move between the two instruments, they benefit from the players' intimately enmeshed sensibility and the intensity with which they listen to each other. Chad and Joshua have been playing together forever -- or, if you need to think of it more tangibly, since around 1994. Sticks and Stones was their first band. They played together on the session for the O'Rourke-produced Alan Licht/Loren Mazzacane-Connors album Hoffman Estates (on yes, Drag City) in '98. They live in different cities, but play together whenever they can -- whether it's with Sam Prekop, Natural Information Society or Joe McPhee. Or just a jam. After trying out the guimbri-mbira combo for a show at Chicago's MCA, they made Mind Maintenance a thing -- and just in time! Boy, do we need it. Engineered by Cooper Crain, whose vibrational sensitivities have been displayed on his own Bitchin Bajas recordings (including their 2015 collab with Natural Information Society, Automaginary), Mind Maintenance captures full spectrums of playing and listening, sound and music. And something else..."
DC 810LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: DC 810LP
CHASNY, BEN The Intimate Landscape LP
2021 release. "A new instrumental album of acoustic guitar playing from Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny! Everybody knows it's been far too long since 2004's much-beloved For Octavio Paz; even as the landscape has crowded with acoustic players, we've all been dying to hear Ben's distinctive virtuosity again in this format. But The Intimate Landscape is so much more . . . KPM Music, the legendary British library music company, extended an offer to Ben to make some songs for their library. Well aware of their history, he immediately agreed. The field of library music (music made for hire, for use in placement in films and advertising) is one that's come to public consciousness only relatively recently in the long century of record-making, but the influence of such records has been felt for years in the aesthetics of many diverse artists, including several who've recorded for Drag City . . . Ben chose the acoustic guitar for these recordings after considering the width and breadth of possible music he could make for the occasion. His approach while playing it was simple -- deceptively so: to make music as present and immediate and beautiful as possible. This type of playing requires a deep breath before beginning, as it has to generate from within, as well as at the fingertips. The resulting music is inventive and engaging, both in and out of the astral style of Ben's music and the utilitarian genre of music to which he's contributing. The album's title -- The Intimate Landscape -- is a clue to these dual intentions, as is Ben's use of his given name rather than the 6OOA alias he has preferred in his career. These songs manifest lovely themes played on acoustic guitar, recorded with spacious, almost pastoral ambiance; richly evocative pieces that can fill the multiple purposes of any sound library around the world. When paired with their titles, however -- such as, 'Last Night to Use the Telescope,' 'Circular Road,' and 'On the Way to the Coast' -- these pieces are profoundly re-contextualized as potent personal expressions. So too are the songs with titles like 'Water Dragon,' 'Star Cascade,' and 'Dust In the Ravine.' Two decades-plus into his life in music, Ben's got the craft and ability to make music that can be encompassing heard as intimate AND universal. Going for melody, Ben employs a relaxed technical facility, supported by a few guitar overdubs, plus several well-placed synths and a passage of wordless vocalizing, accessing the murky depths of his reservoir of spirituality while hand-spinning irresistible sonic candy at the same time. This is a greatly engrossing listening experience, regardless of what the listener's intentions are..."
PRICE: $150.00
CAT #: DTD 055CD
VA Excavated Shellac: An Alternate History of the World's Music (1907-1967) 4CD BOX
It begins with a South African choir from 1930 and a song about police brutality; it ends in Cuba with dreamy innuendo. This collection is about music that is often invisible in today's world, the incredible world of global recordings that aren't jazz, blues, country, rock n' roll, R&B, or "classical." This physical edition of the box set, eight years in the making, contains 100 tracks and 100 stories in an extensive, illustrated 184-page book with detailed, contextual mini-histories about both musical origins and the beginnings of the industry, touching on the complexities of colonialism, economic agendas, and cultural tourism. With nearly all of the tracks never before reissued, this collection expands upon and acts as a companion to Jonathan Ward's Excavated Shellac website, a unique repository of music, history, and data on 78 rpm recordings from around the world, rarely heard and seldom seen. 100 recordings on 4 CDs; 184-page hardcover book printed on artbook-quality paper; Packaged in a deluxe gloss-laminated box.Jonathan Ward is a Grammy-nominated producer and compiler of early recordings from around the world on CD and LP, and the founder of the Excavated Shellac website, a resource on early global music history. His releases include the 4CD box set Opika Pende: Africa at 78rpm (Dust-to-Digital, nominee for Best Historical Album, DTD 022CD), and the ongoing Excavated Shellac series on LP and CD. His writing can be found on his website, and his work has been featured on NPR, and in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, as well as Mojo, Uncut, Signal to Noise, and other music-related magazines and journals.Features Caluza's Double Quartet, Los Chinacos, Itokazu Kame, Cheikh Saïd Relizani, Enosse Kuhanya Muni, Bonfiglio de Oliveira, Giovanni Vicari, K. S. Narayana Ayyengar, Hosseingholi Tatayy, Ne'matjon Qulabdullaev, Che Ta'seah, Demka dhe Hajro e Shoket, Liam Walsh, Sule Radosavljevi?-Sap?anin, Klaudiya Kotok and E.M. Shishova, Fr. Dukli Wiejska Banda, Triki-Trixa de Zumarraga, Margarida, Cantadeira de Paredes, Andrés Chazarreta y su Orquesta Tipica de Arte Nativo, Cuadro Gitano La Coja, Concha Maya, Cuarteto Caraquita, Sein Bo Tint, Park Booyong, Ali Muhammadi, Hanns in der Gand, Chimudon, Mashibato, and Togus Ziguradan, Muhammad Rashid al-Rifa'i, Negatoua, Pico?lu Osman, Miyagi Michio, Yoshida Kyoko, Miyagi Kiyoko, Paulos Dikito, Saez y Hermanos Ascuez, Grupo Istmeño, Orchestre Franco-Creole, Khaledi and Zahedi, Mita Stoyecheva, Myskal Omurkanova, Miss Thông, Vassyl Yemetz, Abaimbi be Kanisa Lutiko eye Namirembe, Nicholas De Heer, Tamarii-Tahiti, Count Lasher, Payk?n, Zohra El Fassia, Gavino de Lunas, Coro de Ruada, Crimean Tatar Orchestra, Júlio Silva, Salim Abdullah, Adja Mint Aali, Siddiq and Party, Khan Shushinski, J. Joseph and Mary, Ewert Åhs, Orchestre Créole Delvi, Trio Medellín, Pasquale Taraffo, Cayla and Demay, Dachauer Bauernkapelle "Strassmaier", A. Megrelidze and the Georgian Radio Folk Song Ensemble, Tiwonoh and Sandikola, Sears Orchestra, Pov Siv Nou and Pov Van Chorn, Toba Batak ensemble, Emmanuele Cilia, Mayfair Band, Wei Zhongyue, Subeit bin Ambar, Koni Coumaré, Yusuf Taj, Monks of the Maru Monastery at Lhasa, Francis Salomon, Philip Tanner, Hernández Brothers, Sigbjørn B. Osa, Durban Lions, Tunde King, El Haja Rouïda, Margareta Radulescu, Tom Clough, Superba Molassana, Valentin Eugenio, San Salvador, Rakotondrasoa and Manjakaray, Elenkrig's Orchestra, Ahmet Hulûsi Bey, Setrak Sourabian and George Shah-Baronian, Miss Phuaphan and Miss Pleng with the Organ-Phinphat Ensemble of Bang Khun Phrom Palace, Angus Chisholm, Kolompár Peti Cigánybandája, Atan and Sak Ena, Al Hadj Taha Abu Mandour, Gonxhe Manakovska, Saramacca Band, Kawîs Axa, Garifulla Kurmangaliyev, Ishmulla Dilmukhametov, Abrew's Portuguese Instrumental Trio, and Sexteto Habanero.
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: EDN 002EP
SCERIDA By Night 12"
"Four Flies Records is proud to present its brand new imprint Edizioni Della Notte, which expands the label's musical range. The sound of Edizioni Della Notte is a sound of twilight atmospheres and moonlit nights, traversing genres from disco-funk to soft rock, jazz-fusion and city pop. It's the music that creeps out of smoky nightclubs and car cassette radios, breaking the silence of empty streets and offering an escape from metropolitan reality into cosmic-exotic dreamlands. Quite fittingly, the first official release on Edizioni Della Notte is called By Night. It's the debut EP of Scerida, a solo project of musician and singer-songwriter Daniela Resconi, and a perfect match for the sound that the new imprint intends to represent. Its four tracks explore the idea of night as a time of ecstasy and torment, as a land of freedom and imagination but also of delusion, as an accomplice, a friend and an enemy described through feelings and mental states that range from expectation and euphoria to disillusionment and resignation. Resconi, who hails from Brescia, northern Italy, formerly released music under the moniker Cara and as part of the duo The Loud Vice. Her new alias Scerida, which combines the French term cherie with the Spanish word querida, signals both a revolution and an evolution. 'Scerida is a dive into the exotic side of my imagination, into mischievous thoughts, into a crazy night where I lost and found myself again,' she explains. 'She is still me, Daniela, but she keeps her eyes wide open on this restless, troubled world to write songs that try to ward off the horror vacui of everyday life.' By Night celebrates the dark hours as magical and mesmerizing, even when mysterious or dangerous. It evokes images and scenarios cinematically -- a taxi passing by and fading into the distance, ice-cold Martinis during a party, whirlwinds of emotion, psychedelic sunrises and neon sunsets -- through a stream of consciousness filled with noir-inflected pop, lo-fi vibes, slow hypnotic rhythms, suspended grooves and swelling atmospheres."
PRICE: $35.50
CAT #: MTE 065LP
PARKER, JEFF Slight Freedom LP
2022 repress. The long awaited repress of Slight Freedom, acclaimed guitarist & composer Jeff Parker's first solo album & a New York Times' best albums of 2016 selection, is here. Pressed on premium 120-gram audiophile-quality vinyl by RTI from lacquers cut at sterling sound by Steve Fallone, presented in a retro flipback jacket. Second edition of 1,399 copies. What we said in 2016: "Slight Freedom, Jeff Parker's first ever solo record, presents the first opportunity to hear the guitarist in fully self-revealed circumstances. recorded 2013 & '14 in the Hollywood Hills as he relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles, Parker combines the dark tonal palette & percussive attack he's long been known for with real-time processing elements & field recordings, deftly crafting a unique world of solo guitar music -- multilingual, mysterious, alive with extraordinary sonic events, with a sturdy intelligence in charge & a raw homestyle vibe. parker's title composition sets the album's cavernous mood. terse lines & ricocheting loops morph into a gnarly ambient section that resembles Neil Young droning out over a vg+ copy of discreet music. Parker creates a different sort of ambient space in his take on Frank Ocean's 'Super Rich Kids', bending the melody around a bossa nova rhythm into a moodsville tone poem. parker makes an extraordinary long-form statement out of Chad Taylor's 'Mainz', a piece he first recorded with Taylor & Chris Lopes on the album Bright Light In Winter. Twice the length of the trio recording, the multi-layered soliloquy finds parker leaping from the high rung to damn near orchestral heights, pushing his techniques & concepts to the breaking points. It's one of the great solo performances you'll hear from a musician this year. To say 'Lush Life' comes with formidable baggage is an understatement. Parker achieves instant classic status with a rendition that sounds beamed-in from a decommissioned satellite -- burned out, covered in space grit, yet still formally nuanced & beautifully reflective of Strayhorn's world-weary lyrics. twenty years into the game it's a joy for eremite to present work by an artist who's clearly taking his music to the next level." "It's not jazz, it's not ambient, it's not noise; it's something more idiosyncratic and more personal, something only Parker could have come up with. Perhaps this is what Slight Freedom is supposed to mean: Not an anarchic exploding of rules, not the total liberation proposed by free jazz, but a steadier, stealthier path -- dissolving boundaries, softening constraints, and wearing away at the edges of things until the ideas run as freely as water." --Philip Sherburne, Pitchfork
PRICE: $33.00
"New 180 gram remastered vinyl LP edition of the classic 1975 album Bundles by the celebrated jazz/progressive group Soft Machine. The album was the band's first for EMI's Harvest label and featured a line-up of Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Karl Jenkins (oboe, piano, soprano sax), John Marshall (drums), Roy Babbington (bass) and new member Allan Holdsworth (guitar)."
PRICE: $33.00
BLOSSOM TOES We Are Ever So Clean LP
"Unfairly overlooked at the time of its release, We Are Ever So Clean is regarded as one of the greatest psychedelic rock albums ever. This new official limited vinyl edition has been newly remastered and was cut at Abbey Road Studios. The LP is a facsimile of the original 1967 release and features an illustrated inner bag."
PRICE: $25.50
2022 repress. Far Out Recordings present a reissue of the seminal debut album from Azymuth, Azimüth, originally released in 1975. Having never seen a vinyl release outside of Brazil, Azimüth is considered a milestone in Brazilian music. Azymuth -- Jose Roberto Bertrami, Ivan Conti, and Alex Malheiros, as well as Ariovaldo Contesini -- formed in the late '60s just as Os Mutantes released their debut record (1968). Whilst Mutantes were honing a psychedelic "Amazonian" version of western pop music, Azymuth were creating a futuristic, electric interpretation of US jazz -- also driven by the same rootsy Brazilian "swing" that Mutantes had harnessed. Bertrami was the drive behind Azymuth's sound -- a control freak and musical genius obsessed with the latest technology who wanted to use it to push the boundaries of music in a way that no one else in Brazil had done. His use of keyboards has drawn comparisons between Azymuth's work and Herbie Hancock's early '70s output, yet with its Brazilian swing Azymuth's electric jazz sound is unmistakably their own. Conti is an impulsive and an incredibly energetic drummer. Alex Malheiros, who learned his trade playing from the master of Brazilian swing Ed Lincoln, is one of Brazil's original groove masters. Bertrami rose to fame as an arranger in the mid-60s, and by the late '60s he was arranging for the queen of Brazilian music, Elis Regina. Released in summer 1975, the album was a minor commercial success selling 200,000 copies. Opening track "Linha do Horizonte" -- a sublime piece of melancholic electronic saudade where deep cinematic synths melt into gently strummed acoustic jazz guitar -- was chosen for a TV novella and went on to sell half a million, propelling Azymuth onto the Brazilian music scene. The rest of the album doesn't disappoint -- "Melô Dos Dois Bicudos" sees Azymuth plugging them into the Brazilian national grid for a slice of electrified psyched out samba funk with crashing military drums, shrieking sirens and psych synths. "Brazil" is a lolloping bass led groover with Bertrami's melody giving the track a charming, innocent naivety, and "Caça A Raposa" is a boogie jazz funk groover. Azimüth is the album that kick-started it all for them, the record that was the blueprint and definition of their "samba doido/crazy samba" sound. Comes in a gatefold sleeve; 180 gram vinyl.
FBT 2022LP
PRICE: $39.50
CAT #: FBT 2022LP
The first new Climax Golden Twins record in many years. Founded in 1993 by Robert Millis and Jeffery Taylor, Climax Golden Twins is perhaps best known for the soundtrack to Session Nine (directed by Brad Anderson in 2001, original soundtrack on Milan International). CGT have released ambient recordings (Lovely on Anomalous Records), compilations of rare 78rpm shellac records (the Victrola Favorites book on Dust-to-Digital), field recording, collage, and musique concrète experiments (Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds on the Japanese Meme label), and instrumental rock, noise, and improv (5 Cents A Piece on Abduction Records and Imperial Household Orchestra on Scratch). Their new double-LP continues many of these threads and features contributions by friends from Seattle's vibrant music scene and beyond including Alan and Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls), Ko Ishikawa (master Japanese sho player), Greg Kelley (extended trumpet technique specialist), Porest (Sublime Frequencies' Mark Gergis), members of Kinski, Diminished Men, the A Frames, Dreamsalon, and more. The last official Climax Golden Twins release of new sounds was 2008's Journal of Popular Noise. In the years since, CGT composed the score to the film Chained (directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch in 2012), united with Seattle's A Frames to record a few LPs as AFCGT (including one on Sub Pop), released further Victrola Favorites cassettes and CDs, and continued to perform live. In addition, Jeffery Taylor plays with the improv outfits Hound Dog Taylor's Hand and Spider Trio, while Robert Millis has released solo recordings, pursued installation and sound art projects, plays with Idol Ko Si and has worked extensively with the Sublime Frequencies record label (producing Indian Talking Machine and Paris to Calcutta: Men and Music on the Desert Road (SF 112CD) in addition to films and compilations of music from Korea, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar, and more).
PRICE: $20.00
"Following the highly acclaimed album Dream Violence (2021) and the recent LP re-issue of his modern underground classic Gravity/Repulsion, Michael Beach has announced a new self-titled 12-inch EP, to be released via Goner and Poison City Records. Recorded during the winter of 2021, the new record is made up of both 8-track tape and full studio recordings, interspersed with experimental, moody interludes, and features Beach's Australian bandmates Bonnie Mercer (guitar), Peter Warden (drums) and Carla Oliver (bass) throughout. The EP's stunning closer 'Only A Memory' is a collaboration with Lloyd Swanton of renowned Australian minimalist trio The Necks, recorded in NSW's Blue Mountains. 'Out In A Burning Alley,' the EP's lead single, combines Beach's soulful abstracted lyrics over two minutes and fifty eight seconds of blazing garage-rock, where the sounds of the Melbourne and Oakland/Bay Area underground collide."
GY12 006LP
PRICE: $39.00
CAT #: GY12 006LP
MONTGOMERY, ROY Camera Melancholia 2LP
"Camera Melancholia is a double album of instrumental music inspired by and dedicated to Kerry McCarthy (1967-2021) who was Montgomery's partner for twenty years and the mother of two children they had together. She died from cancer in early 2021 after first being diagnosed in 2014. McCarthy was a professional curator in the area of pictorial collections, particularly around photographic material, and her PhD used the work of Roland Barthes to theorize about the legacies of images associated with Antarctic exploration in the early 20th Century. The cover art for Camera Melancholia was provided by Ronnie van Hout, an Aotearoa New Zealand artist associated with the earliest graphic design work for Flying Nun Records. Van Hout was also a very close and long-standing friend of McCarthy. The gatefold album includes the text for ten poems written for and about McCarthy."
GR 007LP
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: GR 007LP
"The '90s punk classic returns with bonus tracks and expanded art! Includes 'Anybody Out There', 'Smack City', 'Down By The River' and 'Saturday Night'."
PRICE: $26.00
VA Hot Sauce 3 (1965-1975) LP
"The much anticipated third volume in the Hot Sauce series dedicated to Trojan related UK labels between 1965 and 1975. Includes a full color double sided insert featuring the cover by French artist Alteau and detailed liner notes. Hot Sauce Volume 3 features outstanding original rocksteady, boss reggae and early reggae tracks including rare songs, overlooked gems, hidden treasures and a couple of hits. The record labels showcased on this third volume are Amalgamated, Duke, Gayfeet, Grape, Harry J, Rio, Randyís, Treasure Isle, Upsetter and Trojan. The tracks here have been selected according to their interest, rarity, and how they complement other tracks found on the release. Particular attention has been paid to the way the songs are sequenced so that the album builds up nicely and gradually, generally starting with the Rocksteady songs on the A side and the 70s songs on the B side. Hot Sauce is a musical journey across early Jamaican reggae -- highlighting its diverse sub-genres and outstanding artists as it issued by U.K. labels during this golden decade."
PRICE: $24.00
SONIC FLOWER Rides Again (Alternate Cover) LP
Alternate cover. All the tracks on Sonic Flower's Rides Again album are unreleased studio material recorded after first album came out in 2005. At that time the band members had some troubles during recording, so after the recording sessions they broke up. These tracks were sleeping in the vault for more than fifteen years. The music is a mixture of psychedelic groove, rock, funk, and doom metal. For fans of Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Sir Load Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Meters, Graham Central Station, and Funkadelic. On the album you can find four original songs plus two cover tracks: "Earthquake" from Graham Central Station and "Stay Away" from Meters.
PRICE: $42.00
SONIC FLOWER Rides Again (Alternate Cover) (White/Black/Pink Striped Vinyl) LP
LP version. Alternate cover. White/black/pink striped vinyl. All the tracks on Sonic Flower's Rides Again album are unreleased studio material recorded after first album came out in 2005. At that time the band members had some troubles during recording, so after the recording sessions they broke up. These tracks were sleeping in the vault for more than fifteen years. The music is a mixture of psychedelic groove, rock, funk, and doom metal. For fans of Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Sir Load Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Meters, Graham Central Station, and Funkadelic. On the album you can find four original songs plus two cover tracks: "Earthquake" from Graham Central Station and "Stay Away" from Meters.
PRICE: $16.00
DAM SWINDLE Keep On Swindling Pt. 3 12"
The third and final installment of Dam Swindle's Keep On Swindling series. This final ep holds two new originals, remixes by Nightmares on Wax and DJ Bone and the long-awaited re-release of their seminal track from 2013: "The Wrap Around". Keep On Swindling Pt. 3 kicks off with "You"; a fast-paced slice of electronic funk that sees the boys dive into heady club territory. With this track, they show a new direction in their sound that combines their vintage sampled-based soulfulness with modern percussive and melodic elements. The A side also holds "More Love"; a track that takes you back to what has been the center of the Dam Swindle sound in the past ten years. Conga loops, vocal chops, synth stabs and a simple string to keep the tension. Add to that a simple funk bass loop and you've got yourself a modern-day Swindle classic. On the flip, you'll find a special song from the Dam Swindle catalog: "The Wrap Around". When released on Huxley's now defunct Saints & Sonnets label back in 2013, the release sold out quickly and was never repressed. Now, it's available on vinyl through Heist Recordings. It's had a few touch-ups in arrangement and mixing for the 2022 mix, but the boys worked hard to maintain the rough edges that made the original loved by so many fans. Next is a collaboration with Nightmares on Wax, who delivers a brilliantly creative version of "64 Ways" featuring Mayer Hawthorne. NoW completely flips the original, opting to use the spoken word intro in a mangled and chopped way on top of a nasty groove and soaring bassline. The EP closes off with another special track: DJ Bone's "Doc Ciroc remix" of "The Wrap Around". DJ Bone goes for pacey percussion with a classic Detroit Techno feel. His version is minimalistic and raw, chopping up the vocal and using the original Prophet pad as a base layer of warmth.
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: HBR 006LP
COSMOS FACTORY An Old Castle Of Transylvania LP
"Originally formed in 1968 under the name The Silencer, Nagoya, Japan progressive rock band Cosmos Factory didn't change their name until their 1973 debut on Nippon Columbia with An Old Castle Of Transylvania. Loaded with heavy psychedelia and prog rock guitar moments, experimentally blended with the use of Hammond and Mellotron, the band lead by keyboardist/vocalist Tsutomu Izumi takes you on an adventure throughout the dark forests of Transylvania. Throughout the years, the album has become a very rare and sought-after gem in the history of Japanese prog rock, this is the very first reissue ever, complete with OBI strip and insert, officially licensed by Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd. and now available worldwide through Holy Basil Records."
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: HBR 008LP
CARPI, FIORENZO Un Bianco Vestito Per Mariale LP
"Directed in 1972 by Romano Scavolini, Un Bianco Vestito Per Mariale' features a cast with some familiar faces from the Italian thriller genre like Evelyn Stewart and Ivan Rassimov. The film was scored by a great name of the Italian film music scene, Fiorenzo Carpi, whose music was superbly arranged and conducted with his own and unique great style by Bruno Nicolai. Originally released on vinyl by Gemelli in 1975, three years after the release of the movie, this score is dominated by the Mariale' theme both with Piano and orchestra and Edda Dell'Orso's voice and orchestra versions, and also features several lounge and tensive themes. Long out-of-print, Holy Basil Records are proud to bring this beautiful soundtrack back on vinyl as a limited edition of 500 copies, including the instrumental version of 'Mariale'' and an alternative arrangement of 'Garden Party', available on vinyl for the first time."
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: HBR 011LP
"Ominous drums, obscure cellos, fuzzy and distorted guitars, psychedelic piano sequences: legendary Italian composer Alessandro Alessandroni creates a somber and gritty war atmosphere on this classic library album Storie Di Guerra". Originally released on the Octopus Records imprint by Flipper Music in 1972, this obscure and spooky library has been long out-of-print -- 50 years past its release we are happy to bring this back on vinyl in collaboration with Flipper Music as a limited edition of 500 copies!"
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: HBR 012LP
"On May 27th 1983, drummer Masahiko Togashi and guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi, two pivotal figures in the Japanese free jazz scene that had been working together since the 1960's, performed and record this unique set at Zojoji Hall in Tokyo. At the time, Japanese jazz musicians were trying to find their own voice, welcoming creative elements coming in from the USA and Europe. The two musicians were at the fore-front of this generation, with Takayanagi developing his own guitar style through influences of mainstream and more extreme jazz, and drummer Togashi had developed a unique approach to drums and percussions, using silence as an integral part of music making, also due to an accident that forced him on a wheelchair after 1970. The record is divided in two tracks ('Inner Pulsation' and 'Outer Pulsation'), each one about 22 minutes in length, mirroring the original LP sides. The performance can be regarded as a single piece though, with a clearly symmetrical structure, even if the musicians cover much musical ground over the course of the album. The extreme abstractness of the music guarantees many possibilities, but the main themes here are pure sound and space, investigated through a massive use of silence, ever-changing dynamics and slow structural developments unfolding with a mysterious musical logic. Originally released on iconic Japanese label Paddle Wheel and out-of-print for a very long time, the album has become a very sought-after collector's item and we are glad to bring this back on vinyl in collaboration with King Record Co."
21361 007EP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: 21361 007EP
PANIK, THE It Won't Sell 12"
Limited remaining copies of this BLACK FRIDAY RSD 2022 release. "...Between The Fall, Buzzcocks and Joy Division, it's easy to see that something was definitely happening in the greater Manchester area. However, these brilliant bands are not nearly the entire story. At some point, when I was able to see this chapter of England's contribution to music culture as part of a larger story, it bugged me that there was little to no mention of the Panik. Books have been written, records have been reissued but for some reason, the Panik were largely overlooked. It Won't Sell, (the back cover photo taken by the now legendary Kevin Cummins) is one of my favorite 7" records of all time. The Panik were there and done before a lot of Punk bands had even started." --Henry Rollins
21361 008EP
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: 21361 008EP
RUTS, THE The In A Rut Sessions 12"
Limited remaining copies of this BLACK FRIDAY RSD 2022 release. "It seems like years ago I contacted Mr. Segs and Mr. Ruffy and inquired if either Rut had possession of the In A Rut Sessions tape. The two song 7" with 'In A Rut' and the prophetic 'H-Eyes' had never been reissued since its original three pressing 1979 release . . . It could have been that the tape would have sat in the guts of Virgin for the rest of the century and there would be no reissue. The tape is back in control of the remaining Ruts and their great music is now yours to enjoy." --Henry Rollins
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: 9781737797920
HIGGINS, DICK A Something Else Reader Book
"A previously unpublished anthology of classic texts from Something Else Press, assembled in the 1970s by Dick Higgins, with works by John Cage, Al Hansen, Claes Oldenburg and many more Conceived by poet, publisher, artist, composer and writer Dick Higgins (1938-98) in the early 1970s to celebrate Something Else Press -- the legendary publishing company he founded in 1963 to showcase Fluxus and other experimental artists -- this volume, which was never realized in Higgins' lifetime, collects an amazing array of 1960s avant-garde creativity. Something Else Press published some of the most radical art and literature of its time and provided a foundation and template for the artist's book medium, which has flourished internationally since the 1960s. The Reader features selections from rare and out-of-print Something Else classics such as Claes Oldenburg's Store Days; John Cage's Notations; Emmett Williams' An Anthology of Concrete Poetry; Richard Kostelanetz's Breakthrough Fictioneers anthology; Jackson Mac Low's pioneering poetry collection, Stanzas for Iris Lezak; Gertrude Stein's Matisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein; Bern Porter's I've Left; Wolf Vostell's Dé-coll/age Happenings; Al Hansen's A Primer of Happenings & Time/Space Art; and other pamphlets and artist projects for the page by Robert Filliou, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Alison Knowles, Nam June Paik, Philip Corner, Daniel Spoerri, André Thomkins and Richard Meltzer, among others. A critical checklist/bibliography assembled by Hugh Fox and Higgins' introduction from 1973 completes the original manuscript." 369 pages. 6x9.25 inches.
PRICE: $26.00
KESEY/GRATEFUL DEAD, KEN The Acid Test (Blue Vinyl) LP
Blue vinyl. "Ken Kesey's ultra rare 1966 studio recording of the Acid Test with The Grateful Dead. Legendary documentation of the 1965-66 Bay Area Acid Test scene from 14 hours of the actual trip (recorded in a studio). Lots of amazing mind games and word play with Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs in good form, ad libbed poetry, fractured harmonica solos, tape loops and the Grateful Dead lurking in the background. Originally released in March 1966." Originally released in 1966.
JPR 82801LP
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: JPR 82801LP
WIPERS Is This Real? LP
2022 repress. "Unquestionably Portland's most well-loved punk group, the Wipers formed in the late 1970s and in 1980 released their debut LP, Is This Real? -- twelve songs of stabbing, jittery guitar, snapped vocals, and unabashed teen angst. Full of desperation and yearning, the LP has stood as a blueprint for wretched youth for over 25 years. In the early 1990s Is This Real? was given mainstream attention when Nirvana covered two tracks off the record and Cobain announced it was one of the primary influences on his group. While it was reissued on compact disc and available as a part of the Wipers Boxed Set (Zeno), this is the first time Is This Real? has been available on vinyl in the U.S. since its initial release. Remastered from original tapes as provided by Greg Sage himself, the LP is pressed on audiophile grade vinyl and housed in a deluxe tip-on sleeve. Complete with a printed insert that replicates the original innersleeve, the Jackpot Records reissue of Is This Real? is a lavish tribute to one of the greatest recordings of the last 30 years."
JPR 82802LP
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: JPR 82802LP
WIPERS Youth of America LP
2022 repress. Authorized reissue of the 2nd Wipers album, originally issued in 1981. "Simply obliterating any conception of the Wipers as a mere punk band, Greg Sage released this follow-up to Is This Real? in 1981 -- a sophisticated, overwhelming response to the evil times marked by the turn of the decade. Broken up into six long songs, Youth of America is a much colder, harrowing experience than the teen angst of their debut. Vocally, Sage comes off as sleep-deprived and forsaken, snarling not only at his own predicament but at the predicament of the entire world. The centerpiece of the album is the title track, a dire ten minutes of paranoia and angst that gave Sage the space to showcase his wildest, darkest playing yet. As bassist Brad Davidson and drummer Brad Naish hold the same hypnotic rhythm for the entire song, the guitar careens and swoops with such a frantic energy, it seems as though it's the only thing keeping Sage alive in the maelstrom of sound. It's a fitting commentary that the exacting, post-punk legends Mission of Burma and squalling, noisy thugs The Melvins both saw fit to cover the track. Jackpot Records have kept to the high standards set by our previous reissues (The Wipers' Is This Real? and the self-titled Beauregarde LP), and Youth of America is pressed on high-quality vinyl at RTI and packaged in a sturdy, old-fashioned tip-on sleeve. The tracks have been mastered from original tapes by Greg Sage himself, and the cover is identical to the original sleeve as issued in 1981."
JPR 82803LP
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: JPR 82803LP
WIPERS Over The Edge LP
2012 repress. "The bleak, hard-driven third LP by the Wipers (originally released in 1983) offers Greg Sage at his most chased and breathless, lashing out with sharp staccato notes as if melody were his only defense. While their debut LP provided the blueprint for grunge, and their second album recast the band as one of America's premier postpunk bands, it's Over The Edge that best exemplifies the Wipers' sound. The jagged, effortless guitar lines, the paranoid lyrics and raw-throated vocals and the taut, unified rhythms that define their sound bleed together most clearly on this LP, and it stands as both the best entry point for new fans and the most prevalent favorite of diehards. Since Jackpot Records began our Wipers vinyl reissues in 2006, we've been inundated with requests for a reissue of Over The Edge. After two years of labor, including an immaculate remaster from the original tapes by Greg Sage, we are proud to present Over The Edge, pressed on audiophile grade vinyl and packaged in a deluxe, tip-on sleeve."
GG 402CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: GG 402CD
"Jac Berrocal is a 1946-born musician (trumpet player), poet and sometime film actor who came of age in the '70s Paris improv scene, where the boundaries between music, art and theater were porous and begging to be breached. During the '70s his uproarious performances routinely wound-up jazz and rock audiences alike, but earned the admiration of many musicians: Steven Stapleton invited him to perform on two Nurse With Wound albums, and other notable collaborators in his career include Sunny Murray, Lol Coxhill, and James Chance. Fenech cut his teeth in the mail-art scene of the early '90s, leading the Peu Importe collective in Grenoble. His 2000 solo debut was recently reissued by Felix Kubin's Gagarin label, and he has also worked as a software developer at IRCAM, and played with Jad Fair, Tom Cora, Rhys Chatham and James Plotkin; in 2011 he formed a trio with Berrocal and Ghedalia Tazartes for the Superdisque LP. Epplay is a highly regarded sonic and visual artist with a particular interest in aleatory composition and autonomous pieces, concrète, and the puckish reappropriation of vintage sound and film material, with dozens of published works to his name on labels like Alga Marghen and PPT/Stembogen. Transcodex is the fourth album by the trio. Turning more towards pop than in their beginnings, this fourth record follows the footsteps of their previous album, Exterior Lux. The trio seems limitless: they experiment with a large variety of styles (pop, dub, electronica, dark jazz), always colored by their very own touch. For this album, they invited two amazing musicians. Jah Wobble, founding member of the mighty Public Image Ltd. and Jean-Hervé Peron, one of the fathers of German krautrock legend Faust."
GG 411CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: GG 411CD
SECTION 25 Hymns From The Bardo CD
"Archival live recordings from the very early days of postpone Factory Records legend Section 25. Section 25 formed in Blackpool, UK in November 1977. Initially they were a duo, consisting of brothers Larry Cassidy and Vincent Cassidy). In June 1978, they made their live debut with Phil Denton on guitar. Their debut 7", Girls Don't Count, was released in July 1980 on Factory Records, produced by Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton of Joy Division. Joined by percussionist Lee Shallcross, Section 25 gradually evolved with a more electronic-dance direction from 1983 onwards, a process which culminated in the album From the Hip and remix single 'Looking From A Hilltop', both released in 1984 and produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order. This second iteration of the band also featured the Cassidy brothers' sister Angela Flowers and Larry Cassidy's wife Jenny Ross. In 1986, Section 25 fell silent for more than a decade, and reemerged with the album Part Primitiv in 2006. On February 27, 2010, it was announced that founding member, singer, and bass player for the group, Larry Cassidy, had died at the age of 56. Today, Section 25 consist of Vin Cassidy and long-time collaborator Steven Stringer. Hymns From The Bardo is a collection of archival concert recordings and is the sister album to Jams From The Bardo released in 2021. A delicacy for all fans of the early days of Section 25 and Factory Records."
GG 412CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: GG 412CD
BEGG, MICHAEL Moonlight and Sentiment CD
"Dark ambient music by British composer Michael Begg who has recently collaborated with Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Michael Begg is an award-winning Scottish composer, sound artist, and musician. In 2000, he began the Human Greed project with Deryk Thomas, releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums, including Black Hill, Fortress Longing, and World Fair. Since 2007, he has been a core contributor to Clodagh Simonds's cult collective, Fovea Hex. He is an associate artist at The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, and artist in residence with the European Marine Board. Begg has released a number of recordings in his own name, working more progressively towards a territory comprising site specific thematic exploration, contemporary classical music, software development and studio experimenting. In 2018 he won the New Music Scotland award for TITAN, a Cryptic commission for Sonica Festival. Shortly thereafter he founded the Black Glass Ensemble to develop new forms of music for the Anthropocene, informed by scientific collaboration and data sonification. The Ensemble comprises fellow traveler in the UK underground, Ben Ponton (:soviet:france:), and players from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. His recent output includes a collaborative CD with Krautrock legend Hans-Joachim Roedelius which is still available from Klanggalerie. This is what Michael says about Moonlight and Sentiment: 'This music does not create a song for our ears. It is a 'state', such as moonlight poured over the fields.' This is not a crafted record. The quality is often very poor and the resolution is seldom realized. The melodic lines drift into sentimentality and the production lacks focus and rigor. It is, however, the authentic sound of moonlight suicides, Christmas midnights and a representation of a certain kind of recovered memory that ruins your sleep. I was in the midst of upheaval and I was trying to realize something. Whatever the 'something' was refused to play, and so something else has been realised instead.'"
GG 419CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: GG 419CD
"Reissue of a classic tribal industrial album by Dutch project Het Zweet, originally released in 1987, comparable to the music of Z'ev. Het Zweet (Sweat) was the band project by Marien van Oers, native of Breda in the Netherlands active from 1983 to about 1988. The music consisted of long 10-minute percussion pieces played on self-built instruments (shopping trolleys amplified with pickups, blown cardboard tubes etc.) with repetitive shouted vocals by Marien. The music was often placed in the industrial camp and linked with the likes of Test Dept. but in fact Het Zweet were more concerned with 'tribal' music, physicality and trance effects like Z'ev. During concerts he often performed together with other players. Marien Van Oers sadly passed away in 2013. This self-titled album originally came out on the great Dossier label in Germany in 1987. The bonus material included on this reissue consists entirely of previously unreleased material. There's three untitled tracks and two live excerpts presented as long experiences that belie their disparate origins with a unity of sound and purpose. Van Oers' percussive nous and distantly yelled chants certainly sound capable of working up a sweat in both the performer and any movement-minded listeners, but maybe the most striking thing about Het Zweet is how vital it still sounds, despite its age and relative obscurity."
GG 421CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: GG 421CD
"Tuxedomoon is an experimental, post-punk, new wave band from San Francisco, California. The band formed in the late 1970s at the beginning of the punk rock movement. Pulling influence from punk and electronic music, the group, originally consisting of Steven Brown and Blaine L. Reininger, used electronic violins, guitars, screaming vocals and synthesizers to develop a unique 'cabaret no-wave' sound. Bassist Peter Principle joined the band and in 1979 they released the single 'No Tears', which remains a post-punk cult classic. That year they signed to Ralph Records and released their first album, Half-Mute. All members of the band had solo careers next to the output of Tuxedomoon, with Steven Brown releasing a new album in 2021, and touring Europe in 2022. After composing and recording the soundtrack for the film El Informe Toledo, Steven was asked by the director Albino Alvarez to perform the music live at the film's premiere in the Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City. Having employed session musicians for the recording, Brown found it necessary to form a band in order to accomplish the task. Although the original idea was to only participate in the premier of the film, the audience response was so overwhelming that Brown and partner Julio Garcia decided to continue the project and Ensamble Kafka was born. This group combines contemporary music techniques with traditional Mexican music thereby humbly attempting to create new traditional music. The self-titled album was released in Mexico only in 2013 and has now been extended to 14 tracks for this first worldwide release."
PRICE: $20.50
CAT #: KLN 016EP
BJORK, HARALD Drifting 12"
In May 2020, Cocoon Recordings released the third album of Harald Björk. With the club scene on Covid-hold, tours canceled, and DJs locked up at home, it was not the optimal conditions to release an album on a number 1 worldwide club empire as Cocoon. However, Kranglan Broadcast have decided not to let a virus kill the beloved culture, as Mr. Sven Väth put it "I would like to share with you the album of Harald Björk... which has soothed me and I hope will also give you a soundtrack for these uneasy days." It felt right to release it. The release was shrinked from a thought of vinyl box to a digital release with future plans on vinyl. However, Covid decided to stay and time went. The queue at the vinyl factories didn't make the process easier... But at one point the dream factory of Kranglan Broadcast decided, enough! The world has to keep on dreaming. And what is a better way to embrace dreams then to release a vinyl full of dreamers, groundbreaking in their corners of the electronic umbrella. Dreamers doing their thing not even looking at the norm or what's the recent hype. Features remixes by Molø, Ada, Throwing Snow, and Skudge.
PRICE: $16.00
DJ YODA Prom Nite CD
"Dressed in a powder blue suit with the frilly shirt to match, DJ Yoda invites you to be his +1 for Prom Nite, his new album promising retro Americana full of daydreaming reverie, international megastar guests, trip hop acknowledging the likes of Morcheeba and Nightmares on Wax, and the turntable extraordinaire's bread and butter of cuts, beats and rhymes. Certainly no stranger to retro sounds having famously peppered his DJ and AV sets with the unexpected the world over, and his How to Cut n Paste mix series going all the way back to the 30s, Yoda's harp-laden puppy love vibe spreads from the sweet and mellow sound of 2019's Home Cooking, an album described as 'boundary-breaking' by Mojo upon slotting nicely into the UK's blooming jazz canon. Think deliciously harmonized doo-wop murmuring 'Goodnight Sweetheart' with an eye for dreamboats en route to Makeout Point -- on 'My Energy', Eva Lazarus takes the form of an earth angel, with Yoda on jukebox cut-ups, taking it back to starry-eyed, clean cut days of wonder (or more recently, Little Mix's 'Love Me Like You'). Beginning enigmatically with the assistance of Hollywood A-lister (and former next-door neighbor) Lily James, 'Breathe' demonstrate Yoda's continued evolution as a musician (not to mention shrewd decision maker), with James' vocal confidence -- a little Lana del Rey to her breathiness -- returning on the velvet-smooth 'Airplane Mode.' It's a smartly executed soundclash accentuated by LA rapper Choosey, the star of the album's straightest hip-hop shooter 'Harder I Rock'. Homeboy Sandman adds some kick to the prom punch with typical wordplay sent down 'Coconut Grove', and Liam Bailey is perfectly cast for the darkly cinematic sway of 'Don't Even Try It.' On an album of many talking points, the LP's crowning glory is opening single 'Feel Like Home': featuring the vocal comforts of the House Gospel Choir, it's your go-to pick-me-up when the chips are down, targeting the hairs on the backs of necks like a softer focus version of Jamie xx's 'Loud Places.' Extended into an alternative, equally uplifting form by Beardyman's 'Don't Mean Thing', summer festival season already has its homecoming anthem. With tongues wagging, the twists and turns step away from Heartbreak Ridge when O Love tucks into the mouthwatering shopping list funk of 'Way Home'; and 'Lesson 1956', featuring Jamie Cullum and DJ Woody, jauntily pays homage to classic Cut Chemist alchemy, Yoda's celebrated turntable tomfoolery back in full effect and extending the flavors found in Home Cooking. Magpie artwork supplied by London's ENDLESS, whose signature style has tagged Liberty and Lagerfeld as but two high profile clients, Yoda again maximizes the experience and enjoyment gained from recording live instruments and prioritizing songs over beats. His continued progress mixes risk-taking, elite musicianship, nostalgia brought bang up to date, and ultimately, good clean fun capable of stirring your soul, making Prom Nite a date to remember."
PRICE: $26.00
DJ YODA Prom Nite LP
LP version. "Dressed in a powder blue suit with the frilly shirt to match, DJ Yoda invites you to be his +1 for Prom Nite, his new album promising retro Americana full of daydreaming reverie, international megastar guests, trip hop acknowledging the likes of Morcheeba and Nightmares on Wax, and the turntable extraordinaire's bread and butter of cuts, beats and rhymes. Certainly no stranger to retro sounds having famously peppered his DJ and AV sets with the unexpected the world over, and his How to Cut n Paste mix series going all the way back to the 30s, Yoda's harp-laden puppy love vibe spreads from the sweet and mellow sound of 2019's Home Cooking, an album described as 'boundary-breaking' by Mojo upon slotting nicely into the UK's blooming jazz canon. Think deliciously harmonized doo-wop murmuring 'Goodnight Sweetheart' with an eye for dreamboats en route to Makeout Point -- on 'My Energy', Eva Lazarus takes the form of an earth angel, with Yoda on jukebox cut-ups, taking it back to starry-eyed, clean cut days of wonder (or more recently, Little Mix's 'Love Me Like You'). Beginning enigmatically with the assistance of Hollywood A-lister (and former next-door neighbor) Lily James, 'Breathe' demonstrate Yoda's continued evolution as a musician (not to mention shrewd decision maker), with James' vocal confidence -- a little Lana del Rey to her breathiness -- returning on the velvet-smooth 'Airplane Mode.' It's a smartly executed soundclash accentuated by LA rapper Choosey, the star of the album's straightest hip-hop shooter 'Harder I Rock'. Homeboy Sandman adds some kick to the prom punch with typical wordplay sent down 'Coconut Grove', and Liam Bailey is perfectly cast for the darkly cinematic sway of 'Don't Even Try It.' On an album of many talking points, the LP's crowning glory is opening single 'Feel Like Home': featuring the vocal comforts of the House Gospel Choir, it's your go-to pick-me-up when the chips are down, targeting the hairs on the backs of necks like a softer focus version of Jamie xx's 'Loud Places.' Extended into an alternative, equally uplifting form by Beardyman's 'Don't Mean Thing', summer festival season already has its homecoming anthem. With tongues wagging, the twists and turns step away from Heartbreak Ridge when O Love tucks into the mouthwatering shopping list funk of 'Way Home'; and 'Lesson 1956', featuring Jamie Cullum and DJ Woody, jauntily pays homage to classic Cut Chemist alchemy, Yoda's celebrated turntable tomfoolery back in full effect and extending the flavors found in Home Cooking. Magpie artwork supplied by London's ENDLESS, whose signature style has tagged Liberty and Lagerfeld as but two high profile clients, Yoda again maximizes the experience and enjoyment gained from recording live instruments and prioritizing songs over beats. His continued progress mixes risk-taking, elite musicianship, nostalgia brought bang up to date, and ultimately, good clean fun capable of stirring your soul, making Prom Nite a date to remember."
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: MIG 143CD
SCHULZE, KLAUS La Vie Electronique 5 3CD
"Re-launch of the successful and partly out-of-print La Vie Electronique series by Klaus Schulze in a new digifile. MIG will gradually make the out-of-print volumes available again. La Vie Electonique Vol. 5 contains works from 1976 to 1977. 'Berlin Schönberg' was recorded in 1976 on a radio concert in Berlin. 'Vie de rêve' is from a concert from the same year, recorded in Reims in France. 'Nostalgic Echo' and 'Titanische Tage' are also solo concerts from 1976. One year later 'For Barry Graves' was recorded -- a short kurzes concert for the WDR-program Musik Extra 3. 'The Oberhausen Tape' was recorded in 1976 (the second part of this concert is on La Vie Electronique Volume 6). 'The Poet' finally is a typical gem from the Moondawn era."
MIG 2591LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: MIG 2591LP
"Remastered re-issue of Omega's debut album. More than 50 million records sold, LP productions in Hungarian, German and English, tours and festival appearances throughout Europe and Japan, at least 50 cover versions or adaptations of the world hit 'Gyöngyhajú lány' -- Omega are Hungary's number one rock export. In 2022, the band will be celebrating its 60th stage anniversary, making it one of the longest-serving rock formations in the world. On St. Nicholas Day, December 06, 2021, singer and founding member János Kóbor passed away due to the coronavirus. Now the Omega albums from the well-known and successful Bacillus era will be rereleased originally and completely on vinyl. The 1973 LP Omega I was a compilation of songs from 'Élö' and from the album Omega 5, which was released in the same year in the Eastern bloc. To boost sales of this first Bacillus record by the Hungarian flagship rockers, it was backed by two singles of the ballad 'Gyöngyhajú lány' in English ('Pearls In Her Hair')."
MIG 2601LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: MIG 2601LP
"Remastered reissue of Omega's second album. More than 50 million records sold, LP productions in Hungarian, German and English, tours and festival appearances throughout Europe and Japan, at least 50 cover versions or adaptations of the world hit 'Gyöngyhajú lány' -- Omega are Hungary's number one rock export. In 2022, the band will be celebrating its 60th stage anniversary, making it one of the longest-serving rock formations in the world. On St. Nicholas Day, December 06, 2021, singer and founding member János Kóbor passed away due to the coronavirus. Now the Omega albums from the well-known and successful Bacillus era will be rereleased originally and completely on vinyl. After a few trips into symphonic and psychedelic rock realms, Omega presented themselves on III, released at the end of 1974, again more down to earth: Nine crisp hard rock tracks, only one exceeding the four-minute mark. For this album, Peter Hauke, still producer, and Omega not only used current material, but also included songs that had already been recorded on the Hungarian original from 1969: 'Stormy Fire' and 'Spanish Guitar'. In order to attract a broader audience, the songs had been pared down, instrumental soloing was reduced. Although Omega had always flirted with progressive stylistic means since their turn to psychedelic rock in 1969, this time they kept their hands off intricate arrangements. Instead, they turned towards the zeitgeist by including rather blunt rock tunes like 'Stormy Fire', 'Go On The Spree' and 'Fancy Jeep' in the list, which could also please a glam rock fan and passionate consumer of single hits by bands like The Sweet and Slade."
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: MIG 750CD
SCHULZE, KLAUS La Vie Electronique 12 3CD
"Disc 1: 'Picasso...' is Klaus' longest composition so far. Originally there were various 1992-93 recordings for a film soundtrack, but the film producer could not pay for it and accordingly Klaus withdrew his collaboration and his music. For the Silver Edition release I put the music in logical order. It continues on the Disc 2. The denomination of 'Picasso geht spazieren' was 'Picture Music in Three Movements' due to the fact that twenty years earlier Klaus invented the term 'Picture Music' for one of his earliest albums. This description and name did still fit in 1993 ...especially with the variety of sampling pictures you'll hear while dear old 'Picasso Takes a Walk'. Disc 2: In 1995, '96, '97, '98, '99 and also in the year 2000 the more than two and a half hours long(!) 'Picasso geht spazieren' was elected by the members of 'The KS Circle' among the top ten of the most popular of the many KS titles, the highest position was number 3 in 1997. Disc 3: The original tape of 'The Music Box' had the working title 'Meditation I' first. Klaus recorded it in 1993 and gave it for free to the 'Guttemplers', an institution that helps alcoholics. For the first release in Silver Edition I had given it the full title 'The Music Box -Tongemälde in fis-moll' (Sound picture in F sharp minor). PS: Of course, I had the famous movie in mind when I invented the title 'The Music Box', yes, I speak of Laurel and Hardy's only Oscar winning epos (the one with the piano up (and down) the many steps). I did put some other Laurel and Hardy titles and references in Silver Edition. Not just KS believes that the two (and also W.C. Fields) were true geniuses, they put their souls into their work."
MIG 90101LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: MIG 90101LP
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Live At Rockpalast 1980 LP
"The longest-tenured Irish punk band is undoubtedly Stiff Little Fingers -- who have been bashing and thrashing since 1977. And the vinyl, Live At Rockpalast 1980, shows that the band remained a vital live band (and also, stayed true to their roots) throughout the '80s, despite a five-year hiatus smack dab in the middle of the decade. Singer/guitarist Jake Burns has been the band's leader since their inception -- with bassist Ali McMordie standing right alongside Jake most of the time -- which saw Stiff Little Fingers being a part of the first-wave of Euro punk bands, which included the lofty likes of the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Damned, the Buzzcocks, the Jam, etc. And in the process, Stiff Little Fingers issued such classic punk LPs as Inflammable Material, Nobody's Heroes and Go for It plus the punk anthems 'Alternative Ulster', 'Suspect Device' and 'At the Edge'. Jake Burns still remembers: 'The place was packed and the audience were with us from the first note. They were wonderful, singing and bouncing along. It really felt like a 'home game' to use a football analogy. I thought we played really well too, apart from a slight timing mistake during 'Back to Front', a new song we were still learning.'"
MET 1294LP
PRICE: $33.00
CAT #: MET 1294LP
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, THE The Museum of Human Happiness (Glow In The Dark Vinyl) 2LP
Limited glow in the dark vinyl. "The Legendary Pink Dots has developed a devoted following over its four-decade career. On The Museum of Human Happiness, the bands unique explorations in textural ambience, rock experimentalism, lyrical imagery, hypnotic guitar and synth washes crate a spellbinding experience. In the era of lock downs, the trademark avant-garde sound is perhaps informed by observing the state of current events."
MKY 3306LP
PRICE: $38.00
CAT #: MKY 3306LP
DENGUE FEVER Sleepwalking Through The Mekong 2LP
Remaining copies of this BLACK FRIDAY RSD 2022 release. "Dengue Fever's psychedelic take on the Cambodian pop sounds of the '60s makes them one of rock n' roll's most unique success stories. They draw enthusiastic crowds from LA to the UK, from Maui to Moscow, and leave critics rummaging through their thesauruses looking for new superlatives to describe their sound. The band's vinyl release, the double-disc vinyl LP soundtrack of the feature film Sleepwalking Through The Mekong, continues the story and evolution of the band as they travel to Cambodia as the first Western group to perform the music of Cambodia since the fall of the Khmer Rouge. Sleepwalking Through The Mekong has received an enthusiastic reception at international film festivals, as well as the Tucson Film Festival, the Silver Lake Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Hawaii International Film Festival and the Margaret Mead Film Festival in New York." "An engagingly different rock 'n' roll documentary..." --Variety "Dengue Fever, or course, is quite possibly the most original pop band in LA." --Los Angeles Times
PRICE: $29.50
VA The Bunny Lee Rock Steady Years 2LP
Warehouse find, last copies. Many reggae aficionados see the concentrated phase of rock steady between 1967-1969 as the Caribbean's most productive era of all time. Never before had such sweet melodies, inspiring rhythms and beautiful love lyrics come together. Numerous soul hits by the likes of Curtis Mayfield, The Impressions, The Supremes all got the bass-driven, Jamaican style treatment. The Bunny Lee Rock Steady Years collects some of the most essential and rarest songs of that era -- in a better sound quality than ever before. It showcases a wealth of soulful singers, ranging from top acts like Slim Smith (also lead-singer in the Techniques and Uniques) or Alton Ellis to the rather unknown Cynthia Richards or Webber Sisters. All songs were produced by Bunny Lee, one of the greatest Jamaican producers, who had one rock steady hit after another -- finally earning him the nickname "Striker". This compilation is a valuable slice of history for reggae and soul fans alike, for lovers of great voices, for those who do not confuse "cool" with cold and appreciate a good love song when it comes from the heart. Features The Sensations, The Uniques, Glen Adams, Owen Gray, Dawn Penn, Ken Parker, Slim Smith, Winston Samuels, Errol Dunkley, Pat Kelly, Alton Ellis, Alva Lewis, Cynthia Richards, Webber Sisters, and Lester Sterling with King Cannon.
PRICE: $24.00
CHAPMAN, MICHAEL Live At The New Vic Bristol 4th June 2000 CD/DVD
"Released to commemorate a year since Michael's passing, this CD and DVD is a double-pack of Michael's gig at The New Vic in Bristol on the 4th June 2000. There is a sadness in the fact that I won't get to sit grinning like a fool again as Michael weaves that Chapman magic, but this is a gem of a show, a record of a master at work. There are lovely versions of favorites and some surprises, yes Michael fluffs a lyric, but he flows through it and it becomes part of the moment. If he had edited reality and taken out the trouble and the strife then he wouldn't have been the legendary musician performer he was, generating smiles, a fully qualified survivor with the sunshine in his hands."
PRICE: $23.50
BAKER, CHET Live In Bologna 1962 LP
Rare gem capturing the poetry and magic of the legendary Chet Baker live on stage. Here, Chet is in Italy on April 1962, at "La Cantina" in Bologna. Miles Davis is on the trumpet, of course, along with Rene Thomas at the guitar, George Gruntz at the piano, the great Karl Theodor Geier on the bass, and Eberhard Stengel on the drums. The entirety of the side A is taken by a long Miles Davis composition, "Solar", while the B side features a much celebrated, timeless standard in "Pennies From Heaven" and Bird's original in "Donna Lee".
PRICE: $23.50
MONK, THELONIOUS At The Village Gate 1963 LP
The jazz giant Thelonious Monk is here featured in this live recording in New York. Monk is in his best form during this "Village Gate" gig, along with famed session men accompanying him here and forming this solid quartet -- namely, Charlie Rouse on tenor saxophone, John Ore on the bass, and Frankie Dunlop on the drums. The album features three Monk's originals ("Rhythm-A-Ning", "Evidence", "Jackie-ing") and two jazz standards ("I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" and the immortal "Body And Soul" in two takes).
PRICE: $21.50
Alva Noto with Martin L. Gore and Willian Basinski offer two versions of David Bowie's "Subterraneans".
PF 012LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: PF 012LP
WIRE Chairs Missing LP
2022 repress; LP version. "1978's Chairs Missing represented perhaps the biggest conceptual leap made during this period of Wire and was widely misunderstood at the time yet it remains, to the band and production crew Wire's favorite '70s album. If Pink Flag proposed an almost cut and paste approach to deconstructing rock history, Chairs Missing proposed something more radical, a definite futurism with much less influence from its antecedents. Chairs Missing was at once more stark and more lush than its predecessor and has exerted its own influence on the course of cultural history, having laid down one of the earliest (if not the earliest) blueprints for the genuinely post-punk aesthetic."
PF 013LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: PF 013LP
2022 repress; LP version. "1979's 154 represented the final tableau in Wire's Harvest released '70s triptych and was the first Wire album to be released to a universal set of five star reviews from the British rock weeklies, thus it represented the point when the British 'pop culture establishment' publicly recognized Wire's primacy. '154 makes 95 percent of the competition look feeble' wrote Nick Kent in the NME, 'Wire are achieving a lot of things other--and more recognized--names have been striving for' wrote Chris Westwood in Record Mirror (a paper that had slagged off Pink Flag). 'The album is a musical tour de force' wrote Jon Savage in Melody Maker. Many said it was the album that Bowie and Eno had failed to make with Lodger (as hinted in the RM review), it was on John Lennon's playlist. Without a doubt, even if record sales did not bear it out, Wire had 'arrived.'"
PRICE: $22.50
CAT #: RRS 150LP
CORTINAS, THE Defiant Pose: Singles and Demos 1977/1978 LP
Repressed. Bristol punk quintet the Cortinas began as an R&B cover band, but soon sped up their repertoire when punk arrived, making them local pioneers. A slot supporting the Stranglers at the Roxy brought them onto Miles Copeland and Mark Perry's Step Forward label and they later signed to CBS before imploding, guitarist Nick Sheppard then joining the Clash and drummer Daniel Swann of San Francisco's the Sneetches. This ace compilation gathers the best of their early work, including the immortal debut Fascist Dictator/Defiant Pose, as well as "TV Families", both in the studio and live. Another crucial piece of the Bristol puzzle!
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: RRS 159LP
SEX PISTOLS Spunk: The Demos 1976-1977 LP
Repressed; pink vinyl. In the history of punk, the Sex Pistols reign supreme; the anarchic quartet changed the history of popular culture forever with their caustic rupture of rock, a mixture of shock and awe that gave two fingers to the establishment, kick-starting a musical revolution. Released a few months before their Never Mind The Bollocks debut, Spunk is a revelation, raw demos cut in late '76 and early '77 by producer Dave Goodman, with Glen Matlock's bass far more melodic than what Sid Vicious cut on Bollocks; this edition has bonus demos of "Anarchy" and "Pretty Vacant" cut at Denmark Street, as well as an unedited "No Fun".
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: RADK 7006CS
DINOSAUR JR. Without A Sound Cassette
Repressed. Radiation Tapes present a cassette reissue of Dinosaur Jr.'s Without A Sound, originally released in 1994. Formed in 1984, Dinosaur Jr. carved a singular path through the latter half of the 1980s and early 1990s, issuing a number of highly influential albums in the process before finding a home with Sire Records. Without A Sound, their sixth record, emerged in the summer of 1994, in the wake of personal bereavement and the departure of longtime drummer and founder member Murph. Performed primarily by J Mascis, Without A Sound continued the band's growth in popularity and commercial achievement, reaching #44 in the US (their highest ever album placing there) and featuring the hit singles "Feel The Pain" and "I Don't Think So". Released to positive reviews, Without A Sound also took Dinosaur Jr around the world, including dates in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, and into the mainstream as the group contributed "Blah" to the hit US TV show Melrose Place. Limited edition of 350 on cassette.
PRICE: $15.00
VA Brown Acid - The Fifteenth Trip CD
"Lo and behold, Brown Acid - The Fifteenth Trip is here, and it's another mind-melting dose of brilliant long-lost, rare, and unreleased hard rock, heavy psych, and proto-metal tracks from the 60s -70s. Riding Easy's crate-digging mining expeditions, and growing network of the original artists keeps on giving with more and more incredible discoveries every time they go back for more. Like they've done throughout this series, all of these tracks were painstakingly licensed legitimately and the artists were paid. Make oneself comfortable and prepare for yet another deep, deep dive into the treasure trove of dank, subterranean, wild-eyed and hairy rock n' roll of yesteryear. Some key examples include: As usual, this Trip opens strong, as 'Take The Time' swaggers along with switchblade stabs of guitar twang and frantic drumming that sounds like Nick Cave's '80s post-punk barbarians The Birthday Party on this 1969 single from the mysterious Boston area band The Looking Glass. Negative Space toil in the dark web of The Seeds, and dwell in the mystic haze of working-class suburbs in Camden, NJ circa 1970. Their angry, nasty guitar sounds and frustration-bogged frontman Rob Russen ensure that the aggro fueled 'Forbidden Fruit' -- in which he confesses his love for his sister-in-law -- will hit one right in the face. Truth & Janey might be familiar from their 45-only 'Midnight Horseman' single heard way back on the Sixth Trip, and/or their incredible 1976 album No Rest For The Wicked. Their super-driven soul leaning cover of 'Under My Thumb' is almost like The Who had penned the track, with relentless drums, jackhammer rhythm guitar and near-falsetto vocals."
RM 4155LP
PRICE: $24.50
CAT #: RM 4155LP
A body is bounded. It operates within physical limitations and biological constraints. Whilst some see these physiological boundaries as a terminus, others such as Colin Stetson perceive them as a nexus of possibility, and perhaps even of expansion. It is in this zone of unsteady tension and promise that his new album Chimæra dwells. Collecting a series of extended drone works for saxophone, Chimæra charts an entirely new thread of work for Stetson. This thread simultaneously maintains states of reductive minimalism and reactive maximalism. The album pushes his physical abilities, as a body and also as a player to a new terrain. The pieces reveal his increasingly refined capacity to compose works that push out-ward testing for the boundaries of timbre, harmony and also density. Each of Chimæra's two pieces forge an almost geological sensibility, tracing out the imagined caverns, hidden hollows and surging magma flows of an underworld that exists beyond the everyday we know. His instrument breathes like wind expelled from lava pipes. The pieces are tactile, engulfing the entire body and the ears with equal ferocity. It is a record that melds together a deeply layered sense of sonic strata with an unwavering harmonic delicacy. For more than a decade now, Stetson has been involved an impressively divergent array of works that are concerned with the very physiology of sound. His lungs shaping sound through the coiling metallic pathways of his saxophones. This work is an opening to a new subterranean stream of his playing and resoundingly places him at the very center of an ever-expanding body of work that has come to define the potentials of his instrument of choice.
RUM 2011074LP
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: RUM 2011074LP
2022 repress. Detroit native Jackie Wilson aka "Mr. Excitement," left jump blues and R&B group The Dominoes in 1957 to pursue a solo career. The following year he released this, his debut LP, a rollicking collection of orchestrated pop R&B of the highest caliber. Including the hit "Reet Petite," half the songs on this LP were written by Berry Gordy, Jr. nearly two years before he founded Motown, which was partially funded by songwriting royalties Gordy earned writing hits for Wilson. A fine debut from one of the great soul and R&B singers of the late '50s/early '60s, a man who counted among his fans and followers no less than James Brown, Michael Jackson, and The King himself, Elvis Presley.
PRICE: $42.00
CAT #: RBL 088LP
SIMONETTI'S GOBLIN, CLAUDIO Suspiria (45th Anniversary Prog Rock Version Deluxe Vinyl) LP
"Coinciding with Suspiria's 45th anniversary, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin celebrates this anniversary with a new prog rock version of the famous soundtrack. The terrifying and atmospheric experience of Dario Argento's films comes from the merging of gorgeously crafted visuals with a soul tingling auditory experience. Once heard, Goblin's scores are never quite forgotten. Suspiria is no exception, characterized by its synth heavy sound, carillons, yells and sighs. Suspiria is perhaps Argento's most celebrated film and a classic of horror subgenre in its own right. A surreal masterpiece from Dario Argento with a pounding score from cult prog rockers Goblin, Suspiria will leave you battered and breathless. Deluxe gatefold colored vinyl. 499 copies only. transparent marble blue vinyl."
PRICE: $18.00
NEGATIVLAND Speech Free: Recorded Music For Film, Radio, Internet And Television 2CD
"What does a Negativland album sound like when it's missing all of those voice samples? It sounds like Speech Free. A release of library music for advertising, this new album by Negativland has had every last trace of language carefully removed from the mix. But what does that really mean? Having become a rock music adjective for their work in mass media collage, where voices are seized from the airwaves and woven into musical conversations more true than anything that normally makes it on the air, Speech Free is a complete re-imagining of the music that was hiding in plain sight beneath the branded 'cultural jamming' on their last two record albums. Entirely composed and performed by the band with an all-star group of guest musicians (including Prairie Prince, Ava Mendoza, Matmos and others), these productions explode out of even the tiniest speakers as some of Negativland's most listenable barrages of pure ear candy yet -- all they had to do was remove all of that speech! As marketing research suggests, these catchy tunes will work well as new jingles and musical beds, perfectly suited for voiceovers discussing anything from commercial products to political campaigns. Everyone knows that most target audiences regularly indicate a preference for moderately subversive content -- and this release provides that audience with precisely the right amount, now that all of this 'usable music' has been personally guaranteed by Negativland as Speech Free."
SV 161CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: SV 161CD
BRYARS, GAVIN The Sinking of the Titanic CD
"Gavin Bryars was born in Yorkshire, England in 1943. His first musical forays were as a jazz bassist working in the early 1960s with improvisors Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley. Bryars later worked with composers John Cage and Cornelius Cardew, founded the Portsmouth Sinfonia and collaborated with Brian Eno on his famed Obscure imprint. The Sinking of the Titanic, Bryars' first major composition, was inspired by the tragic event of the British passenger liner's cross-Atlantic maiden voyage. Bryars eloquently reconstructs the passengers' experience -- at once forlorn and eerily calming -- through assemblages of understated strings and indeterminate elements. A core principle of the piece is that the ship's band continued to play as the vessel went down. One of the most sublime works in the modern classical canon, Titanic remains Bryars' magnum opus. Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet, the album's second sidelong track, is based on a tape loop of a London street singer captured in the early 1970s. Featuring Derek Bailey, Michael Nyman and John White, Bryars' composition gradually builds around the cripplingly poignant voice until its emotional force is almost too much to bear. It's no surprise that Jesus' Blood is known as Tom Waits' all-time favorite piece of music. Produced by Brian Eno in 1975 as the inaugural release on Obscure, The Sinking of the Titanic draws the listener in to a majestic world. While these exquisite, hymn-like recordings have not changed in nearly 50 years, their deeply personal nature and the audience's attention to their subtlety have only strengthened over time."
SV 164LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: SV 164LP
MCPHEE, JOE Nation Time LP
2022 repress. "'It's been nearly five decades since Joe McPhee assembled a group of musicians to perform the weekend concerts that would become Nation Time, his second LP. It was December 1970, thirty-one-year-old McPhee was inspired by Amiri Baraka's poem 'It's Nation Time,' and the students at Vassar College didn't know what hit them. 'What time is it?' shouted the bandleader. 'C'mon, you can do better than that. What time is it?!' The music on Nation Time came out of the fertile, but little-known creative jazz scene in Poughkeepsie, New York, McPhee's home base. Two bands were deployed, one with a funky free foundation featuring guitar and organ, the other consisting of a more standard jazz formation with two drummers and the brilliant Mike Kull at the piano. Across the concert and the next afternoon's audience-less recording session, the band was ignited by McPhee's passion and his gorgeous post-Coltrane / post-Pharoah tenor. On 'Shakey Jake,' they hit a James Brown groove filtered through Archie Shepp, while the sidelong title track is as searching and poignant today as it was during its heyday. Originally released in 1971 on CjR, an imprint started expressly to document McPhee's music, Nation Time has a sense of urgency and inspiration. Additional material from those December days would later appear on Black Magic Man, Hat Hut's first release. In fact, the first four records on this seminal Swiss label all featured McPhee. Nation Time was largely unknown a quarter century or so later, when it was first issued on CD through Atavistic's Unheard Music Series. On Corbett vs. Dempsey, we reissued the album along with all known tapes leading up to and around it as a deluxe box set, but the standalone LP has long remained incredibly rare. Now is the time for a new generation of freaks to lose their shit when settling into the cushy beat of 'Shakey Jake' and answer McPhee's call with the only appropriate response: It's NATION TIME.' --John Corbett."
PRICE: $20.50
MANSON, CHARLES Live at San Quentin LP
Following his 1971 conviction for the murder of seven people, including the actress and model Sharon Tate, the notorious cult leader, Beach Boys associate and failed singer-songwriter Charles Manson was sentenced to death, later commuted to life imprisonment. Recorded with just an acoustic guitar in his jail cell, Live at San Quentin dates from 1983 and is probably the most poppy of Manson's improvised far-out folk songs ever committed to tape, with flushing toilets and background conversations adding to the gritty low-fi realism. If you like the Lie album, you need this one too -- Manson fans will not be disappointed!
PRICE: $30.50
CAT #: LLP 008LP
In the early 1960s, a young British folksinger from London read about the budding folk boom in the USA and wanted a piece of the action. As he and his wife already had travelled through Europe, the Middle East and Africa they didn't hesitate to pack up and go. So, this folksinger added an "O" to his name and became Charles O'Hegarty. Charles and Anna arrived in Canada in 1963 and stayed until early 1965. Then they entered the USA, lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles before they crossed the whole country to go to New York. By then it was early autumn of 1965 when Charles became part of the Greenwich Village scene -- and continued to do so until 1970. This is a very brief sketch of Charles O'Hegarty's life in the 1960s -- and if you have an "in the right place at the right time" notion, you're absolutely correct. Charles connected to several important folk scenes in Canada and the USA, played the Berkeley Folk Music Festival and many famous folk clubs of the day, recorded a folk-rock single for Verve-Folkways and became a singer-songwriter with his own repertoire. But nowadays only a few people remember Charles O'Hegarty (who died in 2010). And he's not a household name in the annals of '60s folk music -- obviously due to the lack of available recordings. Through the Lollipoppe Shoppe's association with John Townley, the label got to hear three unreleased songs by Charles, recorded by John at his Apostolic Studio in 1969. These wonderfully written and sublimely arranged originals cried out to be released -- so the label started to dig deeper in the hope of finding enough material for a whole LP. Now, after two years of work the Lollipoppe Shoppe can present a retrospective LP+CD-set of '60s studio and live recordings by Charles O'Hegarty, gathered together from six different sources, recorded between 1964 and 1970. Of the 16 tracks on the LP only one has been previously released -- and the CD includes seven additional tracks (also unissued). With this release -- organized in collaboration with Anna and Marika Hegarty -- the label hope to set the record straight and put Charles O'Hegarty back on the map of 1960s folksingers/singer-songwriters. Color vinyl; includes four-page insert with exclusive liner notes by Anna Hegarty and John Townley, also including many pictures (archival photos and posters); reprint of Charles' info/bio-flyer from 1964; edition of 300 (hand-numbered copies).
PRICE: $14.00
MANGABEY & KOSMO KINT Time No More/Get Lost 12"
2022 repress. New York vocalist Kosmo Kint joined the Toy Tonics crew. Born in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Kosmo has been part of the recent Brooklyn scene, singing in several projects in NYC before moving to Berlin two years ago. To find like-minded people to create new lyrics driven dance music. In Berlin he teamed up with the Toy Tonics boys and now TT boss Kapote and the crew are working with him in Berlin Kreuzberg to find a new R&B and disco influenced style of electronic dance music. The first release is a collabo between French talent Mangabey and Kosmo Kint, produced by Kapote. The two songs have a chilled L.A. G funk vibe that makes you think about certain Dr. Dre productions from the '90s combined with some broken beats and four-to-the-floor house vibes. The song might remember some French touch tracks too and some might think about that West London early 2000 "Dego" vibe maybe. Anyway, its new and there is not a name yet for that style.
UT 061
PRICE: $9.95
CAT #: UT 061
"Our cover story focuses on NYC garage-pop wizards the Magicians ('An Invitation to Cry') and the fascinating twilight world of Greenwich Village in the mid-sixties. Also: The remarkable story of Jefferson Airplane's first bass player Bob Harvey is revealed for the first time, along with the saga of '60s garage heroes the Chancellors (famous for the Back From the Grave fave 'On Tour'). Mark Cunningham of '70s New York no wave renegades Mars is interviewed, David Holzer explores Lou Reed's obsession with the white light mysticism of Alice Bailey, and we unravel the mystery of Phantom's Divine Comedy (rumored at the time to be the recently deceased Jim Morrison in disguise). Plus, Part 2 of the story of Detroit proto-punkers the Dogs, and much more, including our popular review sections, covering all the latest vinyl and CD reissues, and rock 'n' roll-related books."
VL 990212LP
PRICE: $28.00
CAT #: VL 990212LP
2022 repress. Vinyl Lovers present a reissue of Os Mutantes' Mutantes, originally released in 1969. One album into their career in 1969, Mutantes showed few signs of musical burnout after turning in one of the oddest LPs released in the '60s. Similar to its predecessor, Mutantes relies on an atmosphere of experimentation and continual musical collisions, walking a fine line between innovation and pointless genre exercises. The lead track ("Dom Quixote") has the same focus on stylistic cut-and-paste as their debut LP's first track ("Panis et Circenses"). Among the band's musical contemporaries, Mutantes sounds similar only to songs like the Who's miniature suite "A Quick One While He's Away" -- though done in three minutes instead of nine, and much more confusing given the language barrier. The album highlights ("Nao Va Se Perder Por Ai") and ("Dois Mil E Um") come with what sounds like a typically twisted take on roots music (both Brazilian and American), complete with banjo, accordion, and twangy vocals. Though there are several other enjoyable tracks, including "Magica" and a slap-happy stomp called "Rita Lee," there's a palpable sense that the experimentation here isn't serving much more than its own ends. If the first album's relentless eclecticism did in fact occasionally result in dry passages, it's especially true here. Bottle green vinyl.
PRICE: $34.00
2022 repress; LP version. 180 gram vinyl, half speed mastered; heavy sleeve with obi and gold ink. We Release Jazz announce the official reissue of Hiroshi Suzuki's Cat, a glorious jazz-fusion-funk holy grail originally released in 1976. Cat was recorded in October 1975 at Nippon Columbia Studio, while Hiroshi Suzuki was visiting his home country of Japan after moving to Las Vegas in 1971 to play with Buddy Rich and perfect his craft. Back on his old stomping grounds, the man known as Neko (Cat) immediately reunited with his dear friends for an epic two-day session of groove magic. The chemistry was still intact. The skills and style had grown. The result, Cat, is a smooth masterpiece, a deep and soulful affair where stunning trombone solos by Hiroshi Suzuki flirt with Takeru Muraoka's heavenly saxophone and the sensual rhythm section of Hiromasa Suzuki (keyboards), Kunimitsu Inaba (bass), and Akira Ishikawa (drums). Celebrated in jazz collectors circles, in the lo-fi beat scene, and among music diggers around the world, Cat has become one of the most sought-after Japanese jazz albums of all time and, much like Ryo Fukui's Scenery, has fascinated old and young generations alike. Sourced from the original masters. Liner notes by Teruo Isono.
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