Jack Dangers nominated for a Grammy!

Let us make it clear right off the bat: Meat Beat Manifesto is not on a major label, however, a commissioned remix, "What Is Hip (T.O.P.R.M.X.)," by Jack Dangers, which appeared on the compilation What Is Hip? Remix Project Volume One has been nominated for a Grammy!

Meat Beat Manifesto has been nominated in the Best Remix category for the 48th Annual Grammy Awards (a.k.a. RIAA's excuse to publicly suck their own dick), which will air sometime next year. 

In unrelated major industry-ish news, Shelly Palmer, Chairman of the Emmy Awards Advanced Media Committe has raised some relevant questions in his article, "Who Are the Real Pirates?,"  However, it's only a series of questions and he's still not making any clear statements that might jeapordize his job!  (Look for an Op/Ed piece sometime soon,...)