LPD Announce Dates, New and Old Releases

An email update has gone out direct from the Legendary Pink Dots, detailing some new concert dates in Europe as well as a forthcoming new album as well as some forthcoming vault releases  Additionally, there is music available now directly from the at Terminal Kaleidoscope including a brand new Silverman disc and the two new Mimir reissues. Read on for more details.

from the letter: 


Dear Friends
Not really spam, more like a home-cooked seitan
burger.We'll try and make it regular, but you KNOW how
unlikely that will be.
A big thank you to all who pre-ordered the last
CDs.Hopefully all arrived at their destinations at
least one month ago.It did make a big difference in a
challenging year..


If all has seemed quiet at Chez Dots recently , it's
because the band have been intensively recording a new
album.No title yet, but 13 songs created so far and
the fountain is literally gushing.
Some of the new songs can be heard live in LPDs'
planned Autumn /Winter Tour.The first confirmations
are now made but many more shows are expected. To stay
up to date we recommend that you visit

  7.9.2007 BERLIN/ K17 (D)
  8.9.2007 MANNHEIM/Sulphur Festival  (D)
 18.9.2007 HAMBURG/Kir (D)
 20.9.2007 BERGEN/Garage (NO)
 21.9.2007 OSLO/Garage (NO)
 25.9.2007 KOLN / Underground (D)
 26.9.2007 FRANKFURT/ Das Bett (D)
 28.9.2007 LEIPZIG/ UT Connewitz (D)
10.10.2007 VERVIERS/Spirit of '66 (B)  Lyon / Sonic
11.10.2007 LYON/Sonic (F)
13.10.2007 LONDON/Slimelight (UK)
14.10.2007 AMSTERDAM/MS Stubnitz (NL)
28.11.2007 BRUSSELS/Recyclart (B) with legendary french band CATALOGUE

We are still desperately seeking more shows in
/assistance would be so welcome.Contact Lisa Amend at
this address:
lisa at brainwashed.com


1.THE SILVERMAN/Spectral Artefact CDR
A  wonderful (and rare) live performance by The
Silverman from Nantes (we believe) at the end of the
90s.Sound quality is close to perfect.
It's available only from TEKA and at live shows.
Price 10 euros/ 14 USD plus  postage (Please see

2.MIMIR/First album revisited CD only
Christoph Heemann spent a year re-interpreting the
sessions that constituted the first Mimir album and
the result could never be described as a mere 'remix'.
In fact it sounds like a new album, and one hell of a
new album to be precise.A beauty.
price: 15 euros / 19 USD

3.MIMIR/Mimiryad (First interpretation) CD only
This is the original Mimiryad (Mimir's second album)
which first appeared as a very limited vinyl release
some time last century.Line-up for Mimir on this
release was Christoph Heemann, Andreas Martin, The
Silverman,Edward Ka-Spel and Jim O'Rourke.
Price :15 euros/ 19 USD

3 copies only of MIMIR III CD @ 15 euros/ 19 USD.This
CD is long out of print.Those who order will also
receive a Mimir postcard. Please send an email to
< \n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ordering as we cannot order
extra copies of this one.

Both to be released in Beta Lactam Ring Records'
"Black" series.

An explanation....
Easter in rural Finland isn't exactly the most
exciting holiday.
Everything is closed, the few people that are normally
there seem to vanish and even the
mosquitos maintain a respectful distance.

Martin Heuser somehow found himself in Karis (also
known as Karjaa for ,in Finland , most of the places
have 2 names) with nothing to do.He had flown North
from his birthplace in South Brazil to avoid military
service and claim a spot at the delightful Larkkulla
College- but at Easter 2007 he very much felt like an
outsider .The college was virtually empty.
Likewise Edward Ka-spel (an Englishman) and Alena
Boikova (a Russian) found themselves at the same place
at the same time,anxious to celebrate the coming of
Spring but not quite sure how to do it.
A casual conversation over a bottle of Chilean wine,
procured BEFORE the shops closed, revealed that Martin
played classical piano.Ka-spel ,a little excited by
this news, declared that the three should make an
In fact they made two.They will probably make another
one at some time in the future. What else a poor
foreign boy (or girl ) do in Finland?
Ulkomaalaiset means "Foreigners" in Finnish.The name
was decided upon in a truly  democratic way as all
found the word to be a beautiful one.

Martin Heuser:piano
Alena Boikova: Drums,percussion, electronics
Edward Ka-Spel:keyboards,electronics,small indescribable objects.

COMING SOON !! (2) (on Beta Lactam Ring Records)
EDWARD KA-SPEL/Dream Logik (double vinyl)
As is customary , the vinyl version of Dream Logik has
been extended with an exclusive 4th side entitled
"Burning Church". This will not be made available on

COMING SOON !! (3)(on Vinyl on Demand)
THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS /cassette Archives on Wax
A 5 LP set in a beatiful embossed box of the cassette
2(edition 2)" and the bootleg "LIVE IN COLOGNE 1983".

COMING SOON !! (4)(on Soleilmoon Recordings)
THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS/Alchemical Playschool (2x LP)
The vinyl version matches the now out-of-print Cd in
terms of presentation. A double 10" package, delicate

EDWARD KA-SPEL/Dream Logik (deluxe Cd ,first edition)
20 euros/27 USD

EDWARD KA-SPEL/Melancholics anonymous (CD in BLRR
Black series ltd to 300)
20 euros/ 27 USD

THE SILVERMAN/State of Union (CD in BLRR Black series
ltd to 3000 20 euros/ 27 USD

TEAR GARDEN/The Secret Experiment (beautifully packaged CD from the Subconscious Vault series 2. All new material) : 20 euros/ 27 USD

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS/Your children Placate you from Premature Graves: 15 euros/20 USD (the newest LPD CD).