Meat Beat Manifesto "Lovefingers"/"Radio Free Republic"

BRAIN009: Meat Beat Manifesto, "Lovefingers"/"Radio Free Republic"
Brainwashed is excited to release this gem from Meat Beat Manifesto
featuring two exclusive tracks.  Lovefingers is a Silver Apples cover and
was recorded in 1996 while Radio Free Republic is a brand new unreleased
song.  18 special editions were available to the public via pre-orders on and sold out in less than 24 hours - so this single will
go FAST.  Meat Beat Manifesto is about to embark on the first tour in
seven years, the newest full-length album, 'At the Center' is to be
released on Thirsty Ear on May 24th.  Jack Dangers and Meat Beat Manifesto
should need no introduction, as Meat Beat Manifesto albums have been
released worldwide on labels Play It Again Sam, Nothing/Interscope,
WaxTrax!, and Important Records while Jack Dangers has provided
groundbreaking remixes for artists like Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Coil,
Nine Inch Nails, Laika, Public Enemy, and many, many, many others.  Drums
of Death, a collaboration with DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo (Slayer), along
with Chuck D and other MCs is out now through Thirsty Ear.
"Lovefingers"/"Radio Free Republic" is a thick 75g vinyl in a stiff sleeve
and comes on grey vinyl.

Supplies are limited.