Seattle's Jon Weisnewski (Bass/Vocals) and Nat Damm (Drums, ex-Tight Bros From Way Back When) have solidified a unique and devastating sonic battle axe left embedded in numerous skulls. Hand picked for the Alternative Tentacles roster by Jello Biafra, they encompass everything that has made rock, punk, and metal a dangerous sound for the last 18 years. Hungrily devouring the corpses Zeppelin and Sabbath; dissecting the still quivering bodies of Black Flag and Drive Like Jehu; infusing the essence of the still beating heart of The Melvins, Akimbo has released four pounding albums (on Alternative Tentacles, Seventh Rule Recordings, Dopamine Records, and Rockandroleplay). With a relentless touring schedule and an ever growing nation wide fan base, the Akimbo juggernaut is bent on leaving audiences a stunned, deaf, shuddering mass. Headed overseas to terrorize Europe in September and October 2006 with Jade Tree artists Young Widows (ex-Breather Resist). ===========EUROPEAN TOUR DATES===========9/20/2006    Acu    Utrecht, Netherlands9/21/2006    TBA    Den Helder, North Holland, Netherlands9/22/2006    Lintfabriek    Kontich, Antwerp, Belgium9/23/2006    Le Batofar    Paris, France9/24/2006    Le Caravan Serail    Toulouse, France9/25/2006    TBA    Basque Country, Spain9/26/2006    Dublin    Carballo, A Coruna, Spain9/27/2006    TBA    TBA, Portugal9/28/2006    Iroquai    Jaen, Spain9/29/2006    Arrebato    Zaragoza, Spain9/30/2006    TBA    Lyon, France10/01/2006    Le Brooklyn Cafe    Rouen, France10/02/2006    TBA    Amsterdam, Netherlands10/03/2006    TBA    Caen, France10/04/2006    Votre Choix    Schifflingen, Luxembourg10/05/2006    ExHaus    Trier, Germany10/06/2006    Exzess    Frankfurt, Germany10/07/2006    Komma    Esslingen, Germany10/08/2006    Stadtwerkstatt    Linz, Austria10/09/2006    Yacht Club    Brno, Czech Republic10/10/2006    007    Prag, Czech Republic10/11/2006    Immerhin    Wurzburg, Germany10/12/2006    TwH    Berlin, Germany10/13/2006    Juzi    Göttingen, Germany10/14/2006    Ungdomshuset    Copenhagen, Denmark10/16/2006    Juze Treff 9    Heidenheim, Germany10/17/2006    TBA    Amsterdam, Netherlands ===========official band site:   myspace:    photos by Lars Knudson:     YouTube: