artist:  Jessica Bailiff  
title:   Feels Like Home
catalog #:  krank097
formats available:  CD   
CD UPC Code: 7 96441 80972 1
Release Date:  July 10,2006

Content: Feels Like Home balances the more accoustic approach to Jessica’s songwriting on her most recent (untitled) album with the blissed electricity found on her earlier material. Gossamer vocals hover over delicate melodies, accented by tasteful bits of percussion, piano filigrees, and sundry guitar sounds. Feels Like Home is the most refined example of Jessica Bailiff’s musical vision to date.

Context: It’s the first full length of solo material from Jessica in 4 years but she’s been doing anything but taking a break. Check her fruitful collaborations with Dave Pearce (as Clear Horizon), Rachel Goldstar (as Eau Claire), and Jesse Edwards (as Northern Song Dynasty), as well as a featured appearance on Odd Nosdam’s latest album where she made vocal and instrumental contributions.
Press for some Jessica’s past work:

“Jessica combines folk accoustic guitar, droning guitars, and overarching vocals to create a lush, mysterious world reminiscent of a place between the songwriting of Nick Drake and the spirit of so-called sonic experimentalists like Kevin Shields and Sonic Boom”-Dusted

“Finally, a female singer that can be sweet and pretty without being sugary and grotesquely sincere. Jessica Bailiff sings floaty trip-out songs so slow that you’ll have to check your pulse. But after you discover that, yes, you are alive, you’ll be really happy to be listening’ – Portland Mercury

“This is pure mood music...but whatever that mood is, it’s impossible to nail down in one adjective.” -Independent Journal

 “Bailiff’s records are syrup-thick with dizzying fx collisions. Tracks bob and float on tides of ever-receding tonal howl, while the sweet precision of her vocals hangs deep and latern-like” – The Wire

Track Listing: 1. What’s Inside Your Mind? 2. We Were Once 3. Lakeside Blues 4. Brother La 5. Persuasion 6. Cinq 7. Spiral Dream 8. Evidence 9. Pressing 10. If We Could 11. With You