Angel Bat Dawid
Harkening Etudes

Chicago-based Angel Bat Dawid has proven a fluid and electric artist, working largely in the realm of jazz. Her first love however was for Mozart, and with Harkening Etudes, the revelatory composer and soothsayer offers a suite for clarinet and piano rooted in classical music, while also showing her place at the forefront of modern, free-thinking jazz. Full of ecstasy, intrigue and character across its three movements, it is surprising, or unsurprising work from Angel, depending on your view of her elastic approach.

"I wanted to include breath as part of the listening process. I really want folks to inhale and exhale and then go on a ride of different sounds. Breathe into your ears…they need air too." -Angel Bat Dawid

Theodore Cale Schafer
It's Not a Skill, it’s a Curse

Detroit's Theodore Cale Schafer says his piece It's Not a Skill, it’s a Curse is "a handful of ideas," but this casual inference belies his gift for distilling abstraction into disarming emotion.

"I usually try not to talk too much about my own music. I feel like it has a face value and everything else drawn from it is reflection. It has personal meanings, but in a way that is abstracted and singular." Theodore Cale Schafer

Judith Hamann

Cellist, performer and composer Judith Hamann has worked with the likes of Eliane Radigue, La Monte Young and Alvin Lucier, and similarly these artists all invite great a curiosity and compulsion in their works. The fascinating Hinterhof is a recording of the porous spaces around Hamann's Berlin apartment. Hamann interacts with her space, creating a kind of collectivity within the reduced environment.

"I had been thinking about the idea of collapse in relation to sound fields…days into days, different kind of spaces and weather and time into each other, and whether that can create a new imaginary listening space…can you consider yourself part of a community that is framed only by a shared listening experience?" -Judith Hamann

r beny
we grow in a gleam

Finally, r beny is the project for Northern California's Austin Cairns, finding resonance for his work in the idea of nature as an imagined entity and not just part of the physical world. We Grow In A Gleam has a patient, sustaining measure that mirrors this sense of escape.

"This piece of music is a map. Tones, textures and echoes representative of a geography and a time." -r beny

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