New music is due this week from Stereolab, The Bug, and Pigeons as well as old music from Current 93, Jesu, Pan American, and Robert Wyatt.


Autoclav1.1, "All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon" (Tympanik Audio) CD
Bachelorette, "Isolation Loops" (Drag City) LP
Bachelorette, "The End of Things" (Drag City) EP
Born Ruffians, "Plinky Plonk" (Warp) EP
The Bug, "Infected" (Ninja Tune) EP
C.H. District, "Conclusion" (Tympanik Audio) CD
* Current 93, "When the May Rain Comes" (Rotorelief) 12''
Deerhoof / Physical Forms, "Hoofdriver" (Polyvinyl) 7"
D'Eon, "Palinopsia" (Hippos in Tanks) 12"
Dreamtime, "Double Trouble" (Reel) 2xCD+DVD
Expo '70, "Sonic Messenger" (Beta-Lactam Ring) 2xLP
Famine, "Nature's Twin Tendencies" (Tympanik Audio) CD
Faun Fables, "Light of a Vaster Dark" (Drag City) CD/LP
Gregory and the Hawk, "Leche" (FatCat) CD
IVardensphere, "Bloodwater" (Synthetic Sounds) CD
Japandroids, "Heavenward Grand Prix" (Polyvinyl) 7"
* Jesu, "Heart Ache & Dethroned" (Hydra Head) 2xCD/2xLP
Joan Of Arc, "Meaningful Work…" (Polyvinyl) 7"
Rev. Johnny Lee "Hurricane" Jones, "Hurricane" (Dust To Digital) CD
Edward Ka-Spel / Armchair Migraine Journey, "Transmit Acoustique Abstraction Two" (Beta-Lactam Ring) LP
Jodey Kendrick, "Plus Ten" (Rephlex) 12"
Kollektiv Turmstrasse, "Rebellion Der Träumer" (Connaisseur) CD
Leaether Strip, "Dark passages" / "Seasons Change - I Don't" (Alfa Matrix) 2xCD
Le Futur Pompiste, untitled (Shelflife) CD
Legendary Pink Dots, "French Collection" (Beta-Lactam Ring) 4xLP
Monolith, "Volume 1" (Rephlex) 12"
*Pan American, "For Waiting, For Chasing" (Kranky) CD/LP
Pigeons, "Liasons" (Soft Abuse) CD/LP
Raggedy Angry, "How I Learned To…" (Synthetic Sounds) CD
Russian Futurists, "The Weight's on the Wheels" (Upper Class) CD
Shipping News, "One Less Heartless to Fear" (Karate Body) LP/CD
Starfucker, "Julius" (Polyvinyl) 7"
Stereolab, "Not Music" (Drag City) 2xLP/CD
Tapage & Meander, "Etched In Salt" (Tympanik Audio) CD
Terror Danjah, "Undeniable" (Hyperdub) CD
Bj√∏rn Torske, "Kokning" (Smalltown Supersound) CD/LP
Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, "Some of Us Are in This Together" (Don't Stop Believin') 2xLP
Sharon Van Etten, "I'm Giving Up On You" (Polyvinyl) 7"
* Robert Wyatt "EPs" (Domino) CD
* Robert Wyatt "Schleep" (Domino) LP/CD
* Robert Wyatt "Cuckooland" (Domino) LP/CD
* Robert Wyatt "Theatre Royal Drury Lane" (Domino) LP/CD
[V/A], "Baby, How Can It Be? (Songs of Love, Lust & Contempt from the 1920s & 30s)" (Dust To Digital) 3xCD
[V/A], "Different" (Boxer) 2xCD
[V/A], "Fünf" (Ostgut Ton) CD
[V/A], "Jon Savage Presents Black Hole Californian Punk 1977-1980" (Domino) CD

Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit, "Twist of Fate" (Monotype) CD + DVD