David Tibet of Current 93 has announced the demise of durtro.com and the opening of copticcat.com. Along with the rebranding and new site launch is news of forthcoming Current 93 performances and details of music in the works.


from the news updates: 

Current 93: 28 & 29 May 2010! Two spectacular shows in London to celebrate David’s birthday as well as 25 years of Current 93

C93 PLAY LONDON ON FRIDAY 28 MAY AND SATURDAY 29 MAY, 2010. We have just received confirmation of two special and spectacular events by Current 93 and friends to celebrate 25 years of C93 and David Tibet’s 50th birthday. More information will be announced, with further details, in the next update. There will be also be a Hallucinatory Mountain Storm of new items whose release date will be on 28 May, the first day of the show.

Current 93: the haunting, haunted and hunted new album whose cipher is ‘BS:SO’

Details of the new C93 album, which is unlike anything C93 have ever manifested before, will be released on the next update. Also published in the same update will be details of a special subscriber’s edition. The album is released on the first day of C93’s London shows.

Current 93 play Moscow on 4 March 2010

C93 play Moscow’s IKRA Club on 4 March, and David and other members return home on David’s birthday, 5 March. Please bring David thousands of birthday presents! Special guests will be Baby Dee with Alex Neilson. This is our last show anywhere before our two major London concerts on 28 and 29 May.