A collection of hand-picked pre-Happiness material from Fridge (ie the music on the RIP label Ouput) has been compiled and remastered by the trio for a CD release on Temporary Residence. Early Output 1996-1998 is a single CD collection, featuring six unreleased tracks, due officially on March 15th and Temporary Residence is taking orders now.


from Temporary Residence: 

Before Fridge shared a label with Portishead - and subsequently settled on their current home here with us - they released two albums and a half dozen singles on the famed Output Recordings label in the UK (later home to LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture). When Output folded years back, those Fridge became increasingly rare and difficult to find. After years of efforts, we're so excited to finally have many of their best songs from that era - including six previously unreleased tracks - collected onto one jam-packed CD. Remastered by the band, and featuring new liner notes from the band and a host of collaborators from that era, Early Output 1996-1998 is a shining example of just how and why this band became one of the most celebrated experimental rock bands of the past decade. This will ship on or around March 15.