Available now is a brand new Brainwashed released 7" single from Graham Lewis' new project He Said 27#11. The record is orange vinyl and is limited to 500 copies. Orders are now being taken in the Commerce section.


Everybody knows Graham as the brooding bass vocalist and guitarist in in Wire but he's also had a number of records as He Said, and has been in plenty of ensembles with other Wire member Bruce Gilbert. The two tracks are probably the poppiest tracks Brainwashed Recordings has ever issued. They're fun, catchy, strikingly similar, and should be an indication on how the group's debut full-length release will sound like next year.


Oh How To Do Now / Show Me How

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available 27/11/06

27th November, 2006
US 7" Brainwashed brain011
  1. Oh How To Do Now? - [MP3]
  2. Show Me How - [MP3]

Earl Edvard Gray Lewis
Thomas 'Two Dots' Öberg
"Marvellous" Markus Turnkey