There are now some images to share for the Peace compilation, featuring new, exclusive, rare, and old music from 34 friends of Jon Whitney and Brainwashed. Images can be seen at


The "mix CD" is being made in honor of Marilyn Whitney with songs chosen for their relevance or recorded especially for this collection. It is the fifth release in the Brainwashed Handmade Series. Orders are now being taken at Brainwashed Commerce. Proceeds will be donated to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Complete tracklist follows.


disc a

 1. A Place to Bury Strangers, "Sunbeam"
 2. Antony and the Johnsons, "You Are My Sister"
 3. Aranos, "Fall's Golden Whispers"
 4. Jessica Bailiff, "Fly High"
 5. Little Annie Bandez and Paul Wallfisch, "Smile"
 6. Boduf Songs, "Little Song for Jon"
 7. Boy In Static, "Stay Awake"
 8. Caribou, "Hummingbird"
 9. Carter Tutti, "Woven Clouds" (alternate version)
 10. Current 93, "All the Pretty Little Horses"
 11. Fridge, "Five Four Child Voice"
 12. Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin, "Walla Mashalla"
 13. His Name Is Alive, "This World Is Not My Home"
 14. Ida, "See the Stars" (acoustic)
 15. The Paula Kelley Orchestra, "Life for Life"
 16. Kinski, "Waka Nusa"
 17. The Legendary Pink Dots, "We Bring the Day" (edit)

disc b

 1. Andrew Liles, "The Comfortable Illusion of Meaning"
 2. Matmos, "Staircase"
 3. Monster Movie, "Vanishing Act"
 4. Marissa Nadler, "Stallions"
 5. Nudge, "Greener"
 6. Amanda Palmer, "I'll Follow You Into the Dark"
 7. Pantaleimon, "Idumaea"
 8. Sandro Perri, "Family Tree"
 9. Rivulets, "You Sail On"
 10. Ulrich Schnauss, "Wherever You Are"
 11. The 17th Pygmy, "I Know My Train's A Coming"
 12. Stars of the Lid, "Requiem"
 13. Sybarite, "Mochi Swt"
 14. 27, "Windows and Glass"
 15. Volcano the Bear, "Wooden Sailus"
 16. Keith Fullerton Whitman, "Weiter"
 17. Windy & Carl, "I Have Been Waiting to Hear Your Voice"

A: 1 from the Missing You 7" on Vacancy Records; 2 from I Am a Bird
Now, courtesy of Secretly Canadian; 7 from Newborn, courtesy of Alien
Transistor; 8 from 2007 tour EP; 9 alternate take from Feral Vapours
of the Silver Ether; 10 from An Introduction to Suffering, courtesy of
Durtro; 11 from Happiness, courtesy of Brainwashed/Temporary
Residence; 12 alternate take from Hot Buttered Xhol, courtesy of
Streamline/United Durtro; 13 from Raindrops Rainbow, courtesy of
Silver Mountain Media Group; 14 acoustic version from Lovers Prayers;
17 excerpt from Malachai: Shadow Weaver part 2.

B: 3 from All Lost, courtesy of Graveface; 4 from Ballads of Living
and Dying, courtesy of Eclipse; 6 from Black Ships Ate the Sky,
courtesy of Durtro/Jnana; 7 from Tiny Mirrors, courtesy of
Constellation; 8 from You Are My Home, courtesy of Important Records;
9 from Blue Skied An' Clear, courtesy of Domino; 11 alternate take
from The Tired Sounds of...; 12 from Songsforafilm, courtesy of
Temporary Residence; 14 from Holding on for Brighter Days, courtesy of
Relapse; 13 from The 500 Boy Piano, courtesy of United Dairies; 16
from Schoener Flussengel, courtesy of Kranky; 17 from The Dream House,
courtesy of Kranky.

The rest of the songs are exclusive as of March 6, 2008.


This collection is made in her memory, however, it is additionally dedicated to friends Nick, Gil, Andrea, Jon, Keith, Casey, Jono, Joel, Gary, Warn, and Windy, all of whom lost theirmothers way too soon.

It costs $20 (but shipping is free), and will be pressed in a limited quantity of 500 copies. If there's enough demand, like the APTBS CD, perhaps more will be made, but there are no plans at this point to make more.