Peter Christopherson of Coil has announced some forthcoming items at, including Form Goes Rampant, a CD/DVD of The Threshold Houseboys Choir "under the direction of Peter Christopherson," featuring videos and music previously shown in St. Petersburg and the Brainwaves festival, as well as an LP edition of The Ape of Naples to be released by Important Records.


from the announcement: 

Threshold House is very excited to confirm the imminent release of a combined CD/DVD package from The Threshold HouseBoys Choir, "under the direction of Peter Christopherson." The work in five parts is called "Form Goes Rampant"

This two disc set will be available in the next few weeks, and features documentary footage from Thailand's Gin Che (Vegetarian) Festival, as well as original music written and conducted by Peter Christopherson.

We are releasing the work in COMBINED dvd and cd form, as it is NOT every occasion that the dvd is suited to (- Viewer discretion IS advised! -) but the CD can be played anywhere (except possibly while operating heavy machinery... or driving a motor vehicle... :-)

Viewers of Sleazy's shows last year in St Petersburg and at the Brainwaves Festival have already had a sneak preview of this material, which is both viscerally intense, and at the same time, strangely gentle and moving. As a result of great interest and demand, he has now polished the work for a wider, authorised release.

Shortly thereafter we plan to re-release new editions of both Moon's Milk (now in Six Phases including the original bonus CD-R and additional materials as well as a folio of Jhonn's paintings) AND a revised and expanded double CD edition of Time Machines, including an hour of new material, based on the latest molecules.

The extra Two Phases of Moon's Milk will also be available to buy separately.

March will see the appearance of an 'affordable' vinyl edition of The Ape of Naples in a four disc, slip cased edition, in collaboration with Important Records of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

As soon as we receive stock of these items, news will be flashed to the website, as well as to