Expect three new releases from Steven Stapleton's end of the universe between now and the end of November including a reissue of his classic album with Tony Wakeford, Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish, the long-awaited homage to truly cosmic sounds, Space Music, and Paranoia in Hi-Fi, a brand new Nurse With Wound album that is literally selling for pennies. ***UPDATE: Cargo Distribution has confirmed that Forced Exposure will be distributing Paranoia in Hi-Fi to stores across North America however there is no confirmation as to what the price will be at the stores in the US or Canada.


This month, Nurse With Wound fans can again enjoy Stephen Stapleton's collaboration with Tony Wakeford. After spending many years out of print, Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish is now available from Robot Records as a special expanded edition including a second CD of unreleased sessions and new mixes.

cover image Originally released by Tursa (UK) in 1992, "Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish" was the first, full-length collaboration between Steven Stapleton and Tony Wakeford. Consisting of an eerie, yet beautiful, combination of songs and surreal locales, "Shellfish" remains a unique landmark with qualities not easily found in either Nurse With Wound or Sol Invictus discography. Evoking a strong sense of narrative, such as Wakeford's vocals on "Lucifer Before Sunrise" and the perpetual, tape-music panorama of Stapleton's "The Frightened City", the listener is transported to ominous and quite unexpected destinations. Accordingly, these compositions often blur the line between distant dreams and foreboding reality. This new deluxe edition includes fully restored original artwork by Babs Santini, plus new visual flourishes and remastered audio by Matt Waldron. Also, included is a bonus disc with previously unreleased mixes by Steven Stapleton from the original "Shellfish" sessions, along with new mixes by Tony Wakeford, irr.app.(ext.), Andrew Liles, and Brian Conniffe. All packaged in a sturdy mini-lp, gatefold jacket with 6-panel full color booklet.

Disc 1 - Original Album Remastered
1. Falling From Heaven
2. Amoeba
3. Amphimixis
4. Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish
5. Walk The White Ghost
6. Lucifer Before Sunrise
7. Flower Dream Song
8. Our Lady Of The Wild Flowers
9. The Frightened City
10. Melancholy Of The Street

Disc 2 - Bonus Disc
1. irr. app. (ext.) - The Frightened City (Nameless Dread Mix)
2. Steven Stapleton - Whelk (unused mix from original sessions)
3. Steven Stapleton - Mussel (unused mix from original sessions)
4. Steven Stapleton - Sea Slug (unused mix from original sessions)
5. Brian Conniffe - Oyster Sauce Remix
6. Tony Wakeford - Slower Dream Fong (new mix)
7. Tony Wakeford - Our Lady of the Bile Flowers (new mix)
8. Andrew Liles - The Frightened City (Clubbed to Death Mix)

cover image On November 2nd, Beta-Lactam Ring Records will release Space Music, one of two new Nurse With Wound albums to be released this month. Three stellar pieces from the outer bounds of our solar system, this celestial CD is bound to spin your ears into orbit.

Tears for spheres. Be warned: the sounds you are hearing are NOT marmots eating your tweeters, though you are best advised to apply volume lightly at first. Stapleton’s astral weeks have been spent distilling sounds into sipping moonshine. LITERAL moonshine. After a viscerally present launch cycle, the Voyager Nurse Module is designed to be piloted by the out-of-body listener. With Lilith-like subtlety, the concrete powered craft makes its way ever closer to the edge of the galaxy. Which one? Who knows? Whichever it is, Vaclav Helhybel (Outer Space: Music) and Frank Perry (Deep Peace) are there, waiting to celebrate the space escapade with chilled cocktails and green friends.

Along with pandas, rhinos and the Chinese river dolphin, record stores are on the endangered species list. Nurse With Wound are doing their best to help with Paranoia in Hi-Fi on Dirter Promotions. A collection of remixes, unreleased pieces and "unexpected tracks," this new album is priced at a measly 99p and is only available from your local record store in the UK. ***UPDATE: Cargo Distribution has confirmed that Forced Exposure will be distributing it to stores across North America however there is no confirmation as to what the price will be at the stores in the US or Canada. So give your postman a rest, take a walk down to your nearest bricks and mortar store on November 30th and tell them Steve Stapleton sent you.

cover image Paranoia in Hi-Fi collects 30 years of Nurse With Wound recordings in one easy to swallow CD. This CD confirms what all Nurse With Wound followers have known for many years, and will open the ears for new listeners to the fact that Nurse With Wound have always been an outstandingly innovative and ceaselessly creative force. Never staying still NWW are unpredictable, disconcerting, humorous and always original. With a flagrant disregard and disinterest in musical styles, cliques or fashions the uniquely independent and autonomous NWW have made over 50 albums with no regard and no interest in their critical or commercial reception. Mixing the sublime with the ridiculous Steven Stapleton and NWW uncompromisingly carve their own distinct style that has a musical language and visual landscape entirely of its own. Drawing inspiration from far flung corners including DaDa, Perez Prado, Surrealism, Krautrock and whole cascade of other ideas NWW have created a diverse back catalogue of material from ambient classics (Soliloquy for Lillith) to the disturbed (Homotopy to Marie) and many other easy listening nightmares. NWW is an idyllic and fascinating tropical island way out there on a limb, the visitors who make it to their shores seldom ever want to leave. Paranoia in Hi-Fi covers almost all of NWW's wild and eclectic sinister whimsy and shows that in Steven Stapleton’s world everything is possible...possible, possible.