Wire have just announced on their official Web site and through a newsletter that they are picking up the Read & Burn series with volume 03, due November 12th. It features four all new songs which total over 25 minutes.

from the newsletter: 

Read & Burn 03 - is on its way!
Yes, you read it here first! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, "Read & Burn 03" - the latest in Wire's series of  "research & development"  vehicles - is finished, mastered, designed  and in production for a November 12th UK release. Featuring four new  tracks - 23 Years Too Late/Our Time/No Warning Given/Desert Driving -  and with a total running time of over 25 minutes, "Read & Burn 03" is  both a substantial chunk of audio and significant signposting in the third reactivation of Wire as a recording and live entity.

We will, of course, let you know as soon as we can offer pre-order through Posteverything (http://www.posteverything.com/wire Meanwhile, we would be happy if you spread the word that Wire is most definitely back! Please note: unlike previous "read & burns", this release is  intended as a complete standalone entity. NONE of the tracks will be  included on the next full length album, so there will be no excuses not  to buy it!

The Gigography - Wire live
Firstly, thanks to everyone who has written in via the Pinkflag.com feedback form (http://www.pinkflag.com/contact.php) to fill in the blanks in our gigography (http://www.pinkflag.com/read/gigography.php). We're getting  there, but we still need more information - especially about the  1978-1987 period. If you've ever seen Wire live and remember when and  where it was, please take a look at the gigography to check if it  accords with your experience. Thanks also to all those who've written  in asking Wire will next play in your town. Playing live is  definitely part of the step-by-step plan, but we are too early in  this story to talk about definite dates.

YouTube: the Wire page
The Wire YouTube page (http://www.youtube.com/wirehq) has received a modest  makeover during the last month. We've added "Mr. Marx's Table" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L83NHmMHEw4) from "The Scottish Play" (http://www.posteverything.com/releases/9170) and replaced the video  to "In The Art of Stopping" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl15Xzbg8FY)  from "Send" (http://www.posteverything.com/releases/3102), which stopped  working at some point. If you've never seen either of these you owe  it to yourself to check them out!

News from the site
Here's some news from the site you might have missed.

CBGB's Wire photos on show in New York from the 19th - 12th Sept
Eugene Merinov the photographer, who took photos of Wire at CBGB's in 1978 included in the gallery (http://www.pinkflag.com/look.php), and who has been described as "the ultimate and sharpest visual recorder of the  emerging & amazing post-punk scene" by Jack Rabid of Big Takeover  (http://www.bigtakeover.com), has a show of work entitled "Press the Eject  and Give Me the Film: The Photography of Eugene Merinov, 1977-1981"  opening at Etheria (http://www.ethereaonline.com) in Manhattan on September  19th. The show runs until December 12th and also features images of  Bauhaus, Gang of Four, X, XTC, New Order, Monochrome Set, The  Contortions, The Voidoids, Suicide, Pere Ubu, Lydia Lunch, Only Ones,  Bush Tetras, the Ramones and many more. (http://www.eugenemerinov.com)

Graham Coxon performs Sand In My Joints at V Festival - 10th Sept
Wire's favourite ex-Blur member Graham Coxon performed Sand In My Joints (originally on Chairs Missing (http://www.pinkflag.com/read/discography/chairs-missing.php) as an encore during his set at this  
year's V Festival. Footage has been posted on YouTube  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OPLMtH1q44). While on the subject of  YouTube, a video clip has been located with an impromptu although  somewhat literal reading of Two People In a Room (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOV-MRDsrCQ). It's, as you might imagine, two people, in a room...

And finally
This newsletter and the website are complimentary resources. To keep abreast of Wire and and all its doings, we recommend checking Pinkflag.com regularly as well as being signed up to this mailing list.

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