Otology: A Compilation of 7" Singles

Brainwashed began on April 16, 1996 as a repository of information on
various bands with little in common.  In 1998 it was decided to start
giving something back to the fans and supporters as the entire Brainwashed
staff are big music fans to begin with, so a 7" single was made, then
another, and another.  Records are fun, collectible, come in colors, and
are nice to frame.  I, Jon Whitney, am growing increasingly jaded towards
CDs.  They're becoming disposable, mass manufacturable, easily obtainable,
and pretty much anybody can make a CD and send it to you (ask me some time
to see the pile of stuff that comes in daily to review).  The upside is
the portability and scratchless sound and it's much quicker to import them
into your iWhatever. So, we're offering a free CD-R compilation with no
packaging, no printing, no information anywhere.  The CD-R will contain
the music from BRAIN001, BRAIN002, BRAIN003, BRAIN005, BRAIN006, and

The only way to get it is by ordering the next round of 3 7" singles, all
due for release on Brainwashed's 9th birthday, April 16, 2005.

BRAIN005 - Sybarite, "Dolorous Echo"/"The Mast"
Two instrumental songs from Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Xian
Hawkins.  As Sybarite, he's released full-length albums on labels like
Temporary Residence and 4AD and has had a number of singles and
compilation tracks from labels all over the world.  It's upbeat, amazingly
well crafted and never wears out its welcome. www.brainwashed.com/sybarite
for more info on this painfully underlooked genius.

BRAIN006 - Jessica Bailiff live on VPRO radio, Amsterdam
Four songs from Jessica including "Shadow," only released on the Brain in
the Wire compilation (I'm beginning to think this really is my song or
something!), the haunting "Mary" from her self-titled third release on
Kranky, "Beautiful Soul," which dates back to her 1998 debut on Kranky,
Even in Silence, and an exclusive song, "Come and Close My Eyes," a Flying
Saucer Attack cover. All recordings are obviously exclusive.  Jessica
arrived at Kranky by way of Low, having her first two albums produced by
Alan Sparhawk at 20 Below in Minneapolis.  She has gone on to record more
solo singles and albums and has appeared on record with bands Rivulets,
Saturday Looks Good to Me, Flashpapr, and Red Morning Chorus, and makes up
part of the core nucleus of bands Clear Horizon, Northern Song Dynasty,
and Eau Claire.  www.brainwashed.com/jb for more images and sounds from

BRAIN007 - Aranos, "No Religion"/"Spitting Revivalist Dreams of
Everlasting Poison"
Most people will recognize his name from appearing on albums by Nurse With
Wound, but this Czech-born Bohemian Irish resident has a musical blood
that runs deep into the heart of gypsy folk, jazz, and rock music.  "No
Religion" is most certainly a statement a statement of Aranos' own
personal dismay with violence and abhorrent behavior conducted in the name
of religion while "Spitting Revivalist Dreams" is perhaps one of the most
excrutiating noise tracks I have ever witnessed.  This is the first of a
number of 7" singles to be released by Aranos this year, and expect to see
him live in Europe earlier this year with a North American string of dates
being worked out for later in the year.  He's a fantastic musician and a
charismatic performer.  Videos and sounds and bio are available at

All 7" singles are retailing for $6.00 USD (which is an astoundingly cheap
4.61 Euros or 3.21 Pound Sterling!) and there will only be 500 copies
pressed.  The CD-R will once again only be issued to people who order all
three.  Additionally, a 7" of BRAIN003 will be tossed in (since most
people missed it first time around) while supplies last.

Sound samples and the beautiful cover images (thanks to Jim Siegel and
once again Ben Palmer) are available at www.brainwashed.com/recordings.
Orders can be made at the Brainwashed commerce site -

An email list is now set up for future releases and event information.
Future 7" singles have been discussed (no official concrete news or plans
yet) for Nurse With Wound, The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden,
Thighpaulsandra, Volcano the Bear, Little Annie w/Antony, and Mimir.
There is no guarantee on any of these coming out and we'll keep news
posted online if there is any to report.  Due to finances, future 7"
singles will also be limited.  Sign up for the brainwashed announcement
list at: http://www.hollyfeld.org/mailman/listinfo/brainwashed