Peter Christopherson Photography,255,255&extension=.JPG&imageSource=im/articles/slzregularcouv.jpg&largeurOrigin=708&hauteurOrigin=850&largeur=250&hauteur=300Published by Timeless - 2014 - France
27 x 33,5 cm - 284 pages - Hardcover

The legendary unpublished photographic work of Peter Christopherson from Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Hypgnosis.

The b/w photos featured in the book run the gamut from personal fetishes to social commentary on 1970s UK, portraits of bands , friends and strangers.
There are both snapshots and highly staged scenarios.

Approximately 95% of this material is published here for the first time ever.

Foreword & short personal reminiscence by Thighpaulsandra.

Regular edition of 500 copies

a video preview is available here: