The Beatles "Rubber Soul" blared over the PA in Austin, just prior to Chris Connelly taking the stage to open the Pigface show. Chris played "July" segueing into "The Peepshow Ghosts", two of his more rockin' solo tunes as the rest of the band played with colored flashlights behind white screens. The screens came down to reveal all those on stage: Martin Atkins and Dickless on drums, Curse Mackey on keys, Chris Haskett on guitar, Krztoff on guitar, Charles Levi on bass, Seibold, and later, Meg Lee Chin on vocals and Bob Dog on guitar (and Paul Barker mingled in the crowd and at the bar). The set was in celebration of 10 years of Pigface and related endeavors, including these songs: Broadcasting (The Damage Manual), Think, Sunset Gun (The Damage Manual), Stateless (The Damage Manual), Damage Addict (The Damage Manual), Divebomber, Murder Inc. (Murder Inc.), Heavy Scene (Meg Lee Chin), Autohag, Nutopia, Weightless, Hips/Tits/Lips/Power, Suck, Supernaut (Black Sabbath), Pigface in Your Area and Fuck It Up. I've seen Pigface many times over the past decade and this was the heavest and loudest unit I've experienced. It was really great to have Connelly back at the helm and Meg Lee and Mackey also handled the vocal task with style. Everyone was smiling by the end, on and off stage. The tour continues throughout the U.S. ending up in Chicago on the 22nd. See invisiblerecords.com for dates and more info.