The only hope that remains for this piece of twisted wreckage that we used to call civilization is that, as globalization and homogenization increase, the counter-cultural and transgressive elements of humanity will increase in direct proportion. Judging from historical social paradigms, this seems a forgone conclusion, but in this age of political puppetry, consumerist plasticity and televised humiliation, the situation can at times seem almost hopeless. Richard Metzger created Disinformation in 1996 as a hex against corporate-owned media conglomerates, a source of alternative news reports and a hub for new science and the counter-culture. Disinformation's publishing arm has delivered on this mission statement, publishing a handful of impressive volumes of essays including You Are Being Lied To and Book of Lies, collecting the works of disparate underground journalists, philosophers, occultists and outsiders under the broad banner of alternative media. The unparalleled popularity of this unique enterprise eventually led to a Disinformation TV series on the BBC, hosted by Metzger himself. Containing segments on such various taboo topics as transsexuality, extreme underground pornography, Satanism and mind-control conspiracy theory, the show also featured profiles of underground figures such as Joe Coleman, Paul Laffoley and Genesis P-Orridge. In an absurd scheduling strategy, the Disinformation series was placed in a prime-time programming slot directly following Ally McBeal. It lasted only four episodes, but was soon purchased by the Sci-Fi Channel for broadcast in the United States. Apparently, the network execs realized too late that the show they had purchased was too obscene, bizarre and transgressive to ever actually air, and the series was promptly shelved. This 2-DVD set compiles the four complete episodes of the series, along with some unaired segments and a bonus DVD of footage from the 2001 Disinfo.Con held in New York City. The series itself is ridiculously entertaining and often riotously funny, a postmodern redux of the prime-time news magazine format, moving rapidly from the insane misanthropic ramblings of Brother Theodore; to footage of a real family lighting their drunken, passed-out uncle on fire (from the cult underground video Uncle Goddamn); to an in-depth investigation of the inter-dimensional, time-travelling homoerotic conspiracies of the so-called Montauk Project. It's all delivered by Metzger in a mischievous, cocked-eyebrow tone that leaves you wondering if any of it can be taken seriously. This DVD is a marvelous opportunity to take an objective look at the forbidden science of Radionics, followed by an extended interview with cultural theorist Howard Bloom, right after Songs in the Key of Z author Irwin Chusid introduces the video for "In Canada" by the flamboyantly awful outsider artist B.J. Snowden. The second disc contains a series of live speeches and interviews from Disinformation heroes like Adam Parfrey, Kenneth Anger and Robert Anton Wilson, appearing on stage at the Disinfo.Con. The speakers discuss the current state of culture and media, and their various explanations, solutions and provocations for maintaining a grasp on individualism and expression in the new aeon. Along with Robert Anton Wilson's Maybe Logic, I would recommend this as essential viewing for anyone interested in moving beyond the borders imposed on all of us by the all-pervasive meta-programming of modern media.