"hello badness" (the coil bit)

A good five minutes or so devoted to Coil. Some of it was for them to help explain Crowley, but presenter Matthew Collings did talk about their records and activities/interests. They were pictured playing with their modular synths on jagged rocks by the sea (!! I kid you not) and had footage from the Octoberish show I saw, when they released the _Constant Shallowness_ CD. Also had "How To Destroy Angels" as incidental music at an earlier point in the programme (talking about Crowley I think). The interview took place in their house.
The tone of the programme is very light-hearted and educational, and Coil seemed happy to be interviewed talking very broadly about bad guys in art, without going into too much depth about it. "Coil" in this incarnation was Sleazy, Balance, and (I think) Thighpaulsandra. TPS didn't say much.
I felt Coil didn't get much opportunity to speak articulately about their own ideas, but they were portrayed positively, and got a lot of screen time. Regardless of my own feelings about how good they are, I thought that, from an outsider's perspective, they did very well for themselves getting a significant mention on a programme otherwise only about Byron, Burroughs, Crowley, the Marquis de Sade, Manson (Charles and Marilyn [they had more time than CM and MM]), Jerry Lee Lewis, and Mick Jagger. I mean, _we_ may know they are culturally significant but you don't normally see them mentioned in the same breath as those people!