1. en-tact / the shamen
2. dubnobasswithmyheadman / underworld
3. subliminal sandwich / meat beat manifesto
4. chill out / klf
5. fear of a black planet / public enemy
6. the low end theory / a tribe called quest
7. hat full of hollow / the smiths
8. red house painters / red house painters (i'm cheating here, i know. if pressed, i'd say 'rollercoaster')
9. rio / duran duran
10. illinois / sufjan stevens

todd greco
portland, or, usa
let me say that this is wicked hard to do... finding 10 albums that i always come back to means that quite a few newer ones didn't make the cut -- simply because they haven't been subjected to the ravages of time. ask me again in 10 years, and i hope that this list will be quite different.

(and i say this while i have "railroad" by pariah on repeat in my headphones, which was one of my faves from last year).