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Stephin Merritt, "Eban & Charly"

If you've always wondered what it would be like for the madman behindMagnetic Fields to score a dramatic gay independent feature film,here's your answer. However, if you're looking for the new MagneticFields album, this isn't it.
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Gordon Mumma, "Live-Electronic Music"

Most people reading this haven't had much exposure to Gordon Mumma, ifany. I can't exactly blame them however as very few recordings are inprint or easy to come by. However, a full article has surfaced in TheWire recently and Tzadik has just released this collection ofrecordings from 1963-1985.
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Ida, "Shhh..."

This release can be somewhat confusing. It's not quite a full-lengthalbum of new stuff, it features altered versions of some older songs, acouple unreleased things and quite a lot of versions of their songs"Shrug" and "Shotgun" from 'Will You Find Me'.
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The Church, "After Everything Now This"

Some bands never give up. Last year marked the 20th anniversary fromthe very first Church release and after a number of lineup changes,solo records, big time hits and big time bombs, they haven't quit.
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"Wave Two - Unbearable Heroes"

The second CD compilation to emerge from Unbearable Recordingshighlights recordings from Cursor Miner, Goodiepal and Nish. Anybodyfamiliar with the music of Nordic wonder, Goodiepal knows there isabsolutely no predictability.
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Meat Beat Manifesto / Jack Dangers Remix Collection

I was living in NYC in 1991 when a co-worker's roommate had asked me togo down to where he worked for something. He was working for MTV andwas on a team putting together a new show called "The Real World" andwanted me to audition. I picked up the entry form, filled it out, butwas kinda revolted and reluctant and turned around and left (with theentry form in hand!) One of the things they asked was to name some ofyour favorite bands. Funny thing is, five years later I would neverhave guessed I'd be hosting web sites for nearly all of them. (Thenagain in 1991, a graphic internet was barely even conceptual anyhow.)Regardless, Meat Beat Manifesto was on that list.
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Static, "Eject Your Mind"

The sky is grey and dismal on a cold, rainy winter day. You're alone ina room, looking up at the ceiling, with piles of things to do and noenthusiasm to do them. All is not bleak, however. As fate has it, thereare excellent albums like this one to keep you company, painting abright picture on an aural canvas.
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Troum, "Tjukurrpa (Part Two: Drones)"

While I had always enjoyed what I've heard from Troum and Maeror Tri,it was the first part in their 'Trilogy' ('Harmonies') which made mefall in love. Be warned, however, as the second part in the trilogy isnot nearly as gentle as part one. Ironically, 'Drones' is not 100%drones, a characteristic of a number of their other releases.
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Sugar Plant, "Dryfruit"

Was it worth paying the expensive amounts for shipping from Japan? No.Does this album deserve a worldwide release? Yes. Sugar Plant is one ofthe world's premiere technologically-friendly dream pop combos.
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"Unbearable Candies"

The first CD from the London-based Unbearable Recordings label is acollection of music which previously only existed on a series of 7"records.
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"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Twisted Nerve But Were Afraid to Ask"

Following that palpitating heart over Misty Dixon last week, someresearch was actually conducted. Turns out Misty's not a person, but aquartet from Manchester. I can't find any albums yet but there is atrack on this compilation, "Misty Dixon and some other less-significantfriends or something" (don't believe what the record label tells you).
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"The Legendary Pink Box"

While I have always loved the music on the Pink Box, I have always hadissues with the CD version.
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Coil, "Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)"

Most fans have probably collected each one of the seasonal Solstice& Equinox singles back when they were released in 1998. Now thatthey're long out of print, a reasonably priced collection takes theirplace.
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James Plotkin's Atomsmasher

I honestly think this disc's been out for quite a while, but it's beenquite a bitch to find around Boston. My personal theory suggests thatsince the label's based out of Boston, most local stores are afraid tocarry it. grrrrrrr. James Plotkin and DJ Speedranch are the farthestthing from local, however.
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Colourbox, "Best of 82/87"

I doubt there is one person reading this who doesn't know "Pump Up TheVolume," but how many know the history of Colourbox up until thatmoment, possibly 4AD's biggest worldwide smash in their entireexistence?
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Charles Atlas, "Felt Cover"

The cover of the third album from this San Franciscan duo somewhatbaffles me, and eerily provides hints about the contents. I have alwaysloved their albums but there's always something rather conceptuallymissing.
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"If I Was Prince"

I have very mixed feelings about tribute albums. If a group of friends decide to all record some songs because they're all influenced by an artist or group, it's somewhat acceptable. Meanwhile, when labels like Cleopatra make a career out of coordinating a bunch of bands related to their label, (Leatherstrip seem to always say yes, too) and tossing together a collection of "ironic" versions, it's nauseating. This collection is sort of hard to pin down, and is somewhat predictable in its unpredictability.
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Nobukazu Takemura, "Sign"

Making its way to the shops this week is the CD issue of the nowlegendary 12" single originally released (and reviewed) back inDecember of 2000. "Sign" has got to be one of my favorite 12" singlereleases in the last few years, with a B-side that clocks in over 36minutes.
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Legendary Pink Dots, "Chemical Playschool 11, 12 & 13"

This is definitely one of the most ambitious releases in months and isquite possibly the most ambitious LPD release to date. This three CDset is composed of nearly all unreleased music, with the exception oftwo tracks from the LP edition of 'Nemesis Online' ("10th Shade," and"Schatten").
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"Bip-Hop Generation V.3 & V.4"

Possibly the most consistently good series of electronic musiccompilations over the last two years has been the Bip Hop series out ofFrance. Each disc features musical contributions from six electronicartists from all over the world. The accompanying booklet gives a briefbio, selected discography and website/contact information. Thistechnique is arguably far more effective in introducing new acts thanreleasing something to the effect of a triple CD set with one song fromeach contributor and fuckall for background information.
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