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Ferran Fages, "Pèl Nord"

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Using only the sound of manipulated AM radios, Fages creates washes of slow, seemingly unchanging studies of frigid sound. Not unlike the asceticism of Eleh, these deliberately static pieces require intensive listening to fully unravel.

Bocian Records

"P" is the harsher of the pair here, drawing out a high pitched, painfully shrill electronic tone that immediately begins and never stops.A slight warbling appears, and subtle flickering and fluttering noises seem to arise due to the clipping of the admittedly loud mix.While it’s grating at times, the subtlety that can be heard is fascinating.

On the flip side, "N" works within the same realm of sustained, constant tones exhumed from AM radio waves, but the result isn’t as shrill and therefore not as tinnitus inducing.Instead, there is an underlying tension that doesn't relent:I always expected something else to happen, but the haunting, spectral sounds emit only the most minuscule of changes.There is a slight climax with a dramatic swell-up at the end, but it doesn't reduce the tension at all.

Considering this 7" is a pair of sparse, often times painful, tones that barely change, it isn't the most pleasant record I've heard all year, but it excels conceptually and artistically.Shades of Eleh are here in the staunch minimalism and focus on sparse frequencies, but there feels like a little bit more of grime here, which adds to the variation that can be heard.