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I really had no idea what to expect when I put this disc on, and was quickly blown (okay, washed) away.5WM are Windy and Carl of, well, Windy And Carl fame, along withpal Greg, AKA Violet Glass Oracle. Starting points may be W&C's"Antarctica" Ep, "Occasional Light" by September Plateau, or maybe evenan ADD-fueled Main. Carl Hultgren's trademark post-Reilly guitar sheetsbillow from end to end, both in fore and background, with electronicice floes disrupting any sense of total tranquility. Fractured beatsand rusty machines (the last breath of a 404, out-of-focus Moogs)occasionally bob to the surface, only to be washed over again bycascading waves of endlessly delayed feedback. "The Devils And AngelsAre The Same" could have been an out-take from "Selected Ambient WorksVol.2"; both versions of "Sleeping To Technology" have a very aquaticfeel to them, thanks to the depth charge bass and soothing repetitiousflow. Close your eyes, and picture the sea anemones lazily floating by.Transcendental? More like otherworldly.