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Giuseppi Ielasi, "Tools"

cover imageThe title and content of this EP could be interpreted many different ways. For one, the seven short tracks were all built using a single household implement, such as a rubber band or metal pan. Second, the sparse, short pieces are prime sampling material for DJs and other artists, making the disc a "tool" for recycling. Regardless of its potential uses, the material makes for a compelling example of Ielasi’s ability to turn the mundane into the extremely listenable.


Tools - Giuseppe Ielasi

Although a simple premise, Ielasi needs only the most basic of editing to coax complex, rhythmic tones and textures out of his slew of non-musical instruments.For "Rubber Band," the simple plucks we’ve all played around with whilst bored at school or work are transformed into a snappy bass sequence that could be gleaned from a classic synth."Cooking Pan" develops into a deep, muffled, nautical beat that could be pulled off an old Monolake album, and "Aluminum Foil" utilizes the tiniest bits of metallic noises, panned around and cut into frail snare drum sounds, to rival some of the best glitch artists.

The final two tracks especially sound the most fully fleshed out, with layers of sound that ape real instruments very well."Tin Can" focuses on deep, echoed clinks to make the kick drum rhythm, but other sounds are nicely molded into reverberated snare hits."Paper Lamp" develops an organic, bassy percussion sound onto which high pitched echoes and squelchy sound effects are put atop.How this is all sourced from a paper lamp is a head scratcher, but I have no reason to doubt the artist's honesty.

It is rare that such an intentional concept piece such as this can make for a purely pleasurable listening experience, but Ielasi manages.Without any knowledge of how this was created, one would think it was a subtle, but complex suite of rhythmic electronic music.Knowledge of how the sounds were created simply adds to the pleasure and appreciation of listening, but is surprisingly unnecessary.