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If you don't want reviewers to reminisce about the good old days of your band, then don't put out inferior crapola.
  Gus Gus debuted with the incredible"Polydistortion." Last year's follow-up "This is Normal" had a coupleof okay pop tunes but was way too bland overall. "Gus Gus vs. T-World"continues the downward slide with a seven-song collection of boring,colorless, and thorougly pointless mixes. Despite the many sleepyremixes of "Purple" populating years' worth of prior Gus Gus singles,the song gets hauled out here for yet another listless overhaul. Thisdisc is brainless, predictable, and flat - a complete 180 from thebrilliance and excitement of "Polydistortion." I continue to hold outhope for a phenomenal Gus Gus disc to rival that first album. Sadly,the future keeps looking more and more bleak.