cover imageProbably the Italian trio’s longest release, while still clocking in at under a half hour, this 12" EP brings some excellently grimy punky rock music, with a good helping of bizarre tape loop noises and electric outbursts. With a familiar, but fresh sound, the worst thing is it simply is too short.

Brave Mysteries

"Dead Mice" begins bluntly enough with dirty bass and pounding drums cutting in violently, with heavily effected and double tracked vocals coming in.With the rapid, thrashy pace and snarling voice, there are shades of Psalm 69 era Ministry without the sampling and metal clichés.However, there is soon a drastic shift into a slower, prog rock vibe complete with flutes and strings.The slower, more elegant sound and complexity is the polar opposite of the balls out rocking first half, and shows clearly how much this trio can mix up their sound."Eat Sons" goes back to the opening of the previous track, a sparse, but effective punky piece of noisy repetition.

The other sprawling track, "Zum," begins on a foundation of sparse, ghostly loops and simple basslines before a rather delicate guitar line comes in, building the song up more and more into a robotic, kraut-ish groove that is just as quickly dispatched with a noisy outburst.The components come together again, locking into a rather conventional, but extremely effective hard rock tinged rhythm.The expansive, driving rhythm stretches out for the remainder of the track, with a lot of electronic experimentation and loops going on all around, making a great counterpoint to the head nodding metallic chug.

The biggest limitation to me is that there are just three tracks on here, with a lot of variation and diversity packed into them.His Electro Blue Voice manage to rock out very well, but without adhering to boring clichés, and also manage to play around with a lot of experimental effects and sounds while still staying grounded.This is the type of project that is simply screaming for a full-length album, which I would personally love to hear.