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With ITN moreso than Coiland Greater Than One, I'm mildly aggrivated when I mention them tosomebody and get a response like, "oh are they still around?"
It's theplight of the post-WaxTrax! artists who still exist like Legendary PinkDots or even Meat Beat Manifesto. WaxTrax! was so important in its timethat when everything fell apart, when the bands ran to dry land, all ofa sudden the listeners seemed to stop listening. It's truly a shame asin all cases, the bands have amazingly progressed, breaking new groundsand maintained their innovation and pride. In The Nursery has beenreleasing at least one album every year since those days of beingdistributed by those post-industrial alleged coke fiends from Chicago.The music has ineed developed and flourished, including many works forfilm and other professional services. 2000's offering, Groundloop seesthe Humberstone twins Nigel and Klive creating a fully vocal lushbreathtaking album - film music before the film as they're consideringit. The vocals provided by Dolores Marguerite can be captivating andcomplimentary to the music, but unfortunately the word choices strikemy own personal tastes in an uncomfortable way. I would (as it seemsmost of the time) prefer a more instrumental album, at least with thegrand scale of "Groundloop". ITN have not lost their affinity forstrings and various other orchestral instruments, the occasionaldabbling of electronics nor the love of the war-like drums.