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Inch-Time, "As the Moon Draws Water"

IDM mutated when Four Tet took over and turned some of the cold energy related to that genre into warm, fuzzy, sunshine-born tones. Now I know that cold minimalism still thrives in some corners of the world, but there's really no reason to settle for extremes when nice mediums like this exist.


Static Caravan

Inch-Time is the project of Stefan Panczak. His music will be familiar to anyone that listened to the likes of Arovane or Autechre years ago because, to some degree, he mimics the strange beauty they pulled from their computers and sound banks (at least, before Autechre abandoned melodic beauty for sheer technical sprawl). Added to the rich, beat-centric vibrations of this classic approach is all the warmth and softness of laying in the grass on a lazy afternoon. Panczak's music blends natural instruments with the cricket programming that comes with the territory. The blend is lovely, if obviously derivative.

When I say that Four Tet changed the landscape of this genre, I mean that he took what was a very technical and perhaps over-saturated musical approach and made it inviting to everyone with a brain and a soft spot for playful music. His technique was different enough to cause others to take a second look. Inch-Time is the first example of how that approach has been disseminated into other musician's minds. The result is sugar sweet, but it reminds me too much of its parents. At one point a certain melody and a certain instrument immediately reminded me of another group.

It's enough to disappoint me, but not enough to keep from saying this is a fine record of decent music. I only wish Inch-Time could separate itself from its influences. Instead of tempting me towards albums I haven't heard in awhile, it should be making me want to listen to it again and again. Unfortunately I already have some other discs in my hand am ready to get my satisfaction straight from the source.