A humble compendium of guitar music from across nine separate compilations & regional issues, including pieces from the Tu M'p3 web-series, the E • A • D • G • B • E disc on 12k (along with an earlier, shorter version of the same), the 2nd Early Monolith business-card disc on Twisted Knister (available briefly in a cigarette vending machine in Bremen ca. 2005), the Brainwaves compilation on Brainwashed, the I Don't Think The Dirt Belongs To The Grass boxed set on Carbon, the Idioscapes on Idiosyncratics (plus a completely different alternate take), an unrealized Bodies of Water Arts & Crafts fundraiser-set, the Fabrique disc on Room40 (plus an alternate, separate piece recorded at the same time, never issued), and finally the Beaterblocker #2 compilation.

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